Yossi Ghinsberg

Adventurer, Amazon Survivor, Eco-Entrepreneur and Inspiration for Major Motion Picture "Jungle" (2017) Starring Daniel Radcliffe

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Adventurer, Amazon Survivor, Eco-Entrepreneur and Inspiration for Major Motion Picture “Jungle” (2017) Starring Daniel Radcliffe

Yossi Ghinsberg’s business adventures include: a tech entrepreneur in the heart of Silicon Valley, VP of a groundbreaking medical corporation and the visionary behind Chalalan the most celebrated eco-resort in the Bolivian Amazon. A world explorer and epic storyteller, he is a graduate of philosophy and business administration from Tel Aviv University.


His book Jungle  has sold millions of copies globally, aired as a docudrama on Discovery Channel and has been produced as a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe, entitled Jungle.

Survival Skills

Yossi has met with world leaders, bringing his Amazon survival skills to institutes and organizations worldwide. He knows survival like no one else, and he knows why it is important for businesses to learn and embed these survival principles. Yossi advises leaders and teams worldwide on how to awaken their ‘Day to Day Hero,’ following a set of natural survival skills we have all forgotten that we possess. His unique insights are counter-intuitive, mind-bending and nothing short of transformational for individuals and organizations today.


Yossi knows that the old Darwinian approach is wrong, limiting and dated, and yet so prevalent. There is a new way of thinking about leadership and business with new science behind it. Fascinating and enlightening, Yossi is an epic storyteller who has shared the stage with luminaries such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Wayne Dyer.

Bringing Amazon Survival Skills to Business

“Adversity is part of life; being a victim is a matter of choice.” An international best selling author, Yossi Ghinsberg’s amazing true story of survival in the Amazon is the basis for the major motion picture, Jungle, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Yossi speaks globally, bringing his Amazon survival skills to organizations looking to inspire and motivate their people to achieve greater success despite unrelenting change, adversity or unfavourable conditions. Challenging old stagnant paradigms, Yossi’s unique insights on natural survival are counterintuitive and thought-provoking. He challenges the Darwinistic principles of survival and their business relevance, shedding new light on competition, advantage and niche market domination. Yossi’s ‘Amazon Survival Skills for Business’ is a mesmerizing storytelling session that keeps audiences riveted to the edge of their seats. This total absorption facilitates a deep learning experience. Yossi expands horizons, opens new dimensions and facilitates new possibilities.

Sailing the Seas of Change

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change," Charles Darwin once wrote. A real-life example of this tenet, speaker Yossi Ghinsberg offers a keynote that delivers a journey, not just a lecture. He takes his audiences away from their everyday realities, offering them a different perspective on what change really is - and how to use it. Accepting change as a natural phenomenon is the basis of sanity; knowing how to flow with the change is the greatest of virtues. This is the most basic and relevant wisdom that can help us better manage our work and our lives. Ghinsberg explains how surrendering to the power of change doesn't mean one is helpless or powerless. Individuals and organizations will always be faced with change. His insights help everyone see change in a positive way - not as an obstacle to be overcome, but an opportunity to be grasped.

The Laws of the Jungle

A master practitioner of corporate spirituality, speaker Yossi Ghinsberg introduces this pioneering work of incorporating principles and guidelines from nature, the natural world, the planet as a whole, and the cosmos into the management of our personal and professional lives. Audiences are intrigued by this unique cutting-edge thinking that provokes and challenges the conventional, suggesting an alternative outlook on life and a new path of action toward wellness and success. Empowering and encouraging, Ghinsberg's "Laws of the Jungle" teaches us that we are the co-creators of this life; that assuming responsibility yields power; that what we resist persists; and that casting our vision upon the future forms a new path.

The Power to Survive

"Adversity is part of life; being a victim is a matter of choice," speaker Yossi Ghinsberg says. His amazing true story of survival is a timeless metaphor for how to face up to the challenges and uncertainties of everyday life. After being separated from his friends, Ghinsberg wandered lost and alone for three weeks in the heart of the Amazon. He somehow managed to survive without food or weapons and during what was the worst rainy season in decades, until he was miraculously saved. His message of fortitude and survival is always timely and always appropriate for any group, anywhere. He speaks to what it means to be human and shows us how we all possess the power to survive, even in the most extreme situations. His message is inspiring and hopeful, leaving his audiences uplifted and empowered.

All Yossi Ghinsberg Books

Lost in the Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival
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Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival
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You gave everything and more than I could have hoped for in your speech, your demeanor and in graciousness. Many people have commented to me how moved they were by your amazing story, by your honesty, humility and the courage you showed us by sharing the impact your journey had on you as a human being. I am honored to have met you and to have had the privilege of creating, through you, a profound experience for the audience. I am also glad that you felt welcomed by Steve, me and the entire group. Thank you for being so generous with your time and joining us for the evening events. That made the whole experience even more wonderful for us.

- Anne Manson, VP, Strategic Business Development | CI Investments

Yossi Ghinsberg spoke at the Leadership Conference of the Aditya Birla Group on 11th December 2010. Narrating his experiences of fighting nature’s wrath all by himself while lost in the depths of the Amazon left each one of us awestruck. Strength, a positive bent of mind and the hunger to survive is what Yossi exudes, all equally important qualities for survival in the Corporate world. His simplicity in recounting his Amazon tales sans a fraction of fear, speaking straight from his heart left everyone humbled for this great gift bestowed on us called ‘life’. The Aditya Birla Group is grateful to Yossi Ghinsberg for having eloquently shared his survival experiences from the Amazon and thereby making a positive difference to each individual present that day, in encouraging them to treasure their special life. He was truly moving and yet inspirational.

- Dr. Santrupt B Misra, CEO | Carbon Black Business

We had the great privilege of engaging Yossi Ginsberg as the keynote speaker for a week-long strategic off-site meeting with the entire leadership team. The meeting represented a critical milestone for the company and we needed to find the right person to inspire our attendees. We probably evaluated about 400 speakers before settling on Yossi. From the moment we made contact, we were impressed by his energy, creativity, and commitment to our objectives. He worked closely with the team developing the content for the meeting and tailored his message to fit perfectly with our corporate objectives. He is a phenomenal storyteller. His experience and his ability to enthrall an audience is unparalleled. During his talk, you could hear a pin drop – the audience was hanging on his every word. He talks from the heart and does not present a pre-packaged or canned message. He told his own story, but included so many life and professional lessons that our team was talking about the speech for days during and after the event. His preparation ensured that the speech not only enraptured the audience but hit many of the major themes of our strategic off-site. If you are looking for someone who can help you move your organization to a new perspective, I could not recommend him more highly.

- Scott Lochridge, Founding Partner | Deckers Outdoor Corporation

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Recent Books

Lost in the Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival
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Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival
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