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Life-Balance Expert, CEO and Founder of First30Days

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Ariane de Bonvoisin Speaker Biography

Life Balance Expert, CEO and Founder of First30Days

Ariane de Bonvoisin is the CEO and founder of First30Days, a New York City-based media company focused on guiding people through all types of changes, both personal and professional and social or global. The company currently features 60 life change subjects, including those relevant to our times such as losing a job, selling a home, starting a business, dealing with depression, smart investing, reducing debt and living frugally.


With a degree in economics and international relations from the London School of Economics, de Bonvoisin began her professional career at The Boston Consulting Group and worked in over a dozen countries during her tenure. After receiving an MBA from Stanford University, she moved to New York, working with media companies Bertelsmann and Sony.

Time Warner

In 2000, she joined Time Warner as the managing director of a new $500 million digital-media venture fund. The Fund’s mission was to take equity stakes in early-stage, potentially strategic, technology companies.

A Day in the Life of Africa

Prior to her launch of First30Days and time at Charlie Rose Productions, de Bonvoisin spent a year as a senior advisor on a Humanitarian Project, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AFRICA. The project involved the top 100 photojournalists placed in the 53 countries of Africa on a single day.


De Bonvoisin has a monthly column in Redbook magazine and AdAge, is MSN’s Life Change Expert, a contributing editor to, a Life Balance expert for Health Magazine and has appeared on dozens of TV and radio shows, including NBC’s Today, the CBS Early Show, Fox and Friends, CNN Radio and ABC News Now. She is a Huffington Post contributor and has written articles for media outlets including Town & Country, the New York Daily News, Reader’s Digest, Women’s Health and Media Bistro, among others.

Public Speaker

De Bonvoisin speaks frequently around the country and abroad on issues of change. She spoke at events including Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference, the Pennsylvania’s Governors Conference, the Houston and Boston Women’s Conferences, the Health Conference in NYC and international conferences.


De Bonvoisin ‘s book entitled, The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier was published by Harper Collins in May 2008. De Bonvoisin embarked on a national media and speaking tour for the book. A Spanish edition was published in December 2008 by Spanish by Rayo, a division of Harper Collins and the paperback edition of First30Days was released in May 2009.


She is also an accomplished athlete, having been a competitive swimmer, a ski instructor, and a runner in a series of marathons and triathlons. She also reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2001 and accompanied a group of students to Antarctica in December 2002.


De Bonvoisin currently serves on the advisory boards of the following companies she is passionate about: Smart is Cool (an organization dedicated to empowering young girls) and Call and Response (an organization committed to ending child slavery around the world).

Ariane de Bonvoisin Speaking Topics

The 9 Principles of Change

Change is the most important life skill and survival tool for the next decade. After interviewing thousands, Ariane de Bonvoisin reveals the 9 habits of people who successfully navigate change, whether it is personal or professional. In a lively, and engaging manner, de Bonvoisin gets her audience to look at change differently, to evaluate their own ′change quotient′, how to handle emotions such as fear, doubt and impatience and multiple ways to strengthen their ′change muscle′. She discusses what makes the difference in people and companies who can handle any change. Companies are inspired to look at how good they and their employees are at navigating change and how this is rapidly becoming a core competency. She leaves her audiences with optimism, practical tools and ways of making any change easier.

Living Healthier - How to Transform the Health of Your Employees and Your Company

Tough times inevitably lead to bad habits and health challenges. Having healthy employees is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage and a core value for companies. Founder and CEO of the First 30 Days, Ariane de Bonvoisin helps de-clutter all the information about health, offering a dozen steps that really make a difference. She shares information from over 50 health experts she met and interviewed, from traditional doctors from Harvard to the Dalai Lama′s physician. Audiences will learn tips not often talked about, from food combining, to acid/alkali balances in the body, to cleansing, to building the body′s natural immunity. She is bold, bright and funny when it comes to discussing her research on health leaving audiences laughing, being amazed, and motivated by a sense of possibility based on real facts and simple daily changes to incorporate into their lives.

A Foot in Both Worlds - Combining Business and Spirituality

For so many, ambition and living spiritually, money and meaning, don’t go together. They require a difficult choice. Companies can’t do good, contribute and be profitable. Individuals can’t live spiritually, have a corporate job and a great relationship. Ariane shows us the misconception of this either/or framework so many companies/people have and inspires us to consider a new model. She reveals a new lens for us to look through in how we make important choices, what it means to live consciously in everything from relationships, to work to how we treat our health. She gives practical examples of how to combine the material and spiritual calling in day to day choices and how to live in this ′real′ world. In a world where more people and companies are wanting to live consciously and have a sense of meaning, Ariane′s discussion will leave anyone with a sense of possibility, inspiration and clarity.

Ariane de Bonvoisin Books

The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Change (and Loving Your Life More)
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Ariane de Bonvoisin Speaker Testimonials

"Ariane is a breath of fresh air, talking on a subject that is relevant to us all right now - change! She did an amazing job in demystifying and inspiring our staff to embrace the concept, not fear it. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all businesses who value their staff and are committed to helping them all navigate change, whether personal or professional. Business is dynamic, and change inevitable, so lets face it and learn from it."

- John Brown Media | Rebecca Smeda, General Manager

At O, The Oprah Magazine's recent O You! event our magazine hosted 5,400 people, and Ariane de Bonvoisin was one of the three speakers we had lined up, with Oprah Winfrey herself, headlining. I'd heard Ariane speak before but she really brought something so special to our event. I believe her words resonated with every woman in the room because what she had to say came from her inherent authenticity, and her desire to always speak her truth. She inspired me, personally, before I took to the stage, with her mantra, ‘You are pure potential.’ It’s a message every woman, from every walk of life, needs to channel, believe and execute. We will always be thankful for her message of hope.

- O, The Oprah Magazine, SA | Samantha Page, editor in chief

Ariane inspired us to think about how we can apply the 9 principles of change to any aspect of our lives. We had a jam-packed room, thought provoking questions and meaningful answers. We can all learn a thing or two about change from Ariane.

- Google | Rachael O’Meara

The First 30 Days has the opportunity of reaching millions of people in a short amount of time and can help people change their lives.

- Time Warner | Richard Parsons, CEO

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The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Change (and Loving Your Life More)
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