Todd Mitchem

Former Tech CEO, Future of Work Expert, and Best-Selling Author of YOU DISRUPTED

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Todd Mitchem Speaker Biography

Former Tech CEO, Future of Work Expert, and Best-Selling Author of YOU DISRUPTED

Todd Mitchem has been called a “Future of Work” expert and visionary. He is a former tech CEO who discovered firsthand how our over-customizing of technology was and is damaging our relationships, which was the subject of his TED talk. He has also been recognized for building communication programs that stand the test of time, regardless of available technological tools. Todd is always looking into the future and helping clients navigate today’s ever-changing transformative landscape of work.


On top of this, Todd is an accomplished author on the topic of Disruption and a business leader who has worked with some of the top companies at the upper level of the fortune 100. His book, YOU DISRUPTED (Random House) helps leaders and individuals understand the importance of intentional self-disruption. As a keynote presenter, virtual or in-person, Todd Mitchem makes your event or conference something amazing by exceeding expectations with excitement, energy, and a powerful professional, entertaining style. It’s no wonder why people call him a master presenter.

Keynote Speaker

As a speaker he has conducted over 2000 presentations in countries around the world. IN his work as a leadership advisor and coach Todd has worked with thousands of leaders in his career building their skills for a new future of work.


Sticking to the same old routine may be comforting, but it gets most people nowhere. Inspirational speaker and recognized expert in leadership and government affairs, Todd Mitchem dares you to step outside your comfort zone to disrupt everything you take for granted. He calls this willingness to take a risk the “Disruption Effect.” In this inspiring book, he shows you how to realize your full potential by intentionally disrupting yourself, no matter what career path or life journey you choose. Using compelling stories from his own life, Todd vividly highlights the key lessons he has learned from both his successes and failures. He then demonstrates how you can apply these lessons to your own circumstances.

Todd Mitchem Speaking Topics

Step In and Step Up

A call to action for men and women in the future of work. In this compelling and thoughtful presentation discussion, Todd Mitchem helps both women and men transform with a powerful message of evolution and skill. Todd guides women and men equally with two messages wrapped into one based on his upcoming book of the same title. Women have been working over the last two decades to become more of an equal force in the work world, but they become their own worst enemy by stopping just short of stepping into their power. Mitchem talks about what he discovered from his robust client base, who are primarily female. He illustrates what holds women back from stepping into their most powerful selves. Simultaneously, he helps men understand that while women have evolved wonderfully fast, men have started to fall behind in development. Todd helps men learn to step up with tools he practiced in his evolution from a passive-aggressive individual who felt the world was out to get him professionally to a confident evolving man seeking to conquer his unconscious fear of professional annihilation. This is a must-have presentation for any organization looking to help both men and women navigate the future of work together.

FUTUREOFWORK: The Future of Work and Communication

The end of e-mail, death of resumes, working remotely as a way of life, demands on corporations to find talent instead of talent finding them, more emphasis on metaverse interactions, virtual reality, and, ultimately, a completely augmented work reality in the business world; these are only a few of the changes coming to our global work in the next few years. The question is, are you and your team ready for a cascade of changes unlike any you have ever witnessed? In this presentation, Todd will help you understand the research he and his team at AMP have conducted around massive changes coming to our work worlds. Mitchem will reveal what he learned from his own children and friends about how they see work after college and the pandemic. Will GenZ like being in an office? Will they demand old systems be wiped out? Will they expect to communicate how we do now or only leverage short video conversations for context? This game-changing, engaging, and transformative presentation will answer these questions and more.


After a near-fatal car crash, Todd was told his career as a speaker, learning developer, and leader was most likely over. His own doctor stated to him, "You may want to start accepting the fact that you won't be able to do that again." But after over a year of hard work, constantly pushing himself, and deciding not to listen to that advice, Mitchem Got back on stage and began to rebuild his career with new learning in his mind. In his own words, "But that Disruption in my life made me realize a significant truth: we will all be disrupted by the circumstance of this human existence. The question is, what will we do with that Disruption? Do we let fear, doubt, and other opinions sway our reaction, or do we go into a new path of hope and growth?" In this presentation, Todd will explore the impact of calculated self-disruption with your participants while giving your group powerful tools to grow from any obstacle. (From his book YOU DISRUPTED). Your participants will enjoy personal stories of Todd's own life and pragmatic as well as deeply relevant lessons to help them take ownership over their results.

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You, Disrupted: Seizing the Life You Want by Shaking, Breaking, and Challenging Everything
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You, Disrupted: Seizing the Life You Want by Shaking, Breaking, and Challenging Everything
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