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Best-Selling Author, Global Leadership Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, and CEO Bethel Leadership Institute

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Sheila Murray Bethel Speaker Biography

Best-Selling Author, Global Leadership Expert,
Hall of Fame Speaker, and CEO Bethel Leadership Institute

Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel’s global expertise in leadership and change helps organizations maximize human resources, solve people problems and increase bottom line results. Business savvy and people smart, she understands how to help people be their best and what it takes to make a business work. Sheila is a successful entrepreneur, best selling business author and a hall-of-fame keynote speaker.


The author of five books, Dr. Bethel’s latest book is A New Breed of Leader, 8 Leadership Qualities that Matter Most in the Real World, What Works, What Doesn’t and Why, draws on fifteen years of research and work with her global corporate clients, governments and education systems. She defines the eight qualities leaders need to implement to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


Sheila holds a PhD in Communications and has served on the adjunct faculty of Indiana Purdue University, San Francisco State University, and the University of Southern California. She is a currently a member of the Advisory Council for Amsted University based in Malaysia.

National Public Television

She is creator and host of two National Public Television Specials, Making A Difference, Saving our Kids and a prolific writer with five books translated into many languages. Sheila has also written over 150 articles and 30 audio/video training programs.


Sheila has worked on projects with four U.S. Presidents and was appointed to the Board of Advisors for America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth, by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, who is the Founding Chairman. In 1990, she interfaced with the Bush White House and the Polish Parliament to consult with and train Polish businesses being transformed by privatization. She established the first privately-owned business training center in Eastern Europe, located in Opole, Poland.

Hall of Fame Speaker

Sheila is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and has been recognized as one of the “Twenty-one Top Speakers for the 21st Century,” by Successful Meetings Magazine. With over 3,000 presentations to over two million people in 20 countries, she has shared the platform with former President Gerald Ford, General Colin L. Powell, publisher Katharine Graham, Michael Jordan and Coach Pat Riley, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and Senator Bob Dole, among other luminaries. Her client list reads like a Global Who’s Who of Business, Trade Associations, Education and Government.

Leadership and Change

A master at targeting her presentations for you, Sheila addresses relevant trends and offers powerful, practical guidance for Leadership and Change. She artfully blends content-rich presentations with an entertaining and motivating style. You receive the double benefit of enjoying yourself while learning practical, immediately applicable real-world material for real-world results. She cuts right to the core issues you care about and shows your audience what works, what doesn’t and why.

Sheila has a passion for impacting others. When her gifts on the platform help people, she says, “I’m the messenger; it’s what happens inside of them that makes the real difference – that’s the quiet miracle of personal growth.”

Sheila Murray Bethel Speaking Topics

Inspirational Leadership Makes The Difference!

Have you ever wondered why people will walk through fire for some leaders or follow them anywhere just to see where the heck they are going? What sets these leaders apart? What gives them that special competitive edge? The answer is that they have developed the ability to inspire others to do and be their best. It is about the insight and wisdom to connect with your people in ways that turn a team into a community, accountability into trust, and language into people bridges. It's about giving followers the tools and skills they need to fulfill their inborn desire for achievement and contribution. Dr. Bethel helps clarify and identify the essential 21st century leadership qualities of competence, accountability, openness, language, values, perspective, power and humility. These qualities are a fixed beacon giving direction and purpose to every member of your organization. When you inspire others by leading with these qualities, they are more engaged, productive and committed which, in turn, grows your business, benefits your customers and strengthens your brand. There has never been a time when inspired leaders have been needed more. Leadership is not something conferred upon only the highly educated, the rich or the powerful. You can be an inspired leader who makes a difference.

Leadership Team Building In A Diverse Workforce

Is your organization using all the team-building tools available to chart a course for the future you want? More than any other leadership quality, the art of team building encompasses all of your other talents. It is the catalyst to all you want to accomplish. Times have changed and so has the concept of team building. In a world where people feel increasingly disconnected and isolated, collaboration, trust and camaraderie become more valuable every day. Technology gives us excellent tools as aids for team building. However, in the process of using these tools, we have become technologically excellent and humanly challenged. We must make sure that we continually make those human connections, no matter how far flung we are, across the office or across the world. We all want to be a part of something larger than we are, to feel that we can make a difference. How do you create an environment where teams are born and thrive? The payoffs for great team building are enormous. To build and sustain your team you must concentrate on the five basics of servant-leader team building: directing, motivating, training, delegating and reward and recognition. People want to be led, not managed. As leader, you control the environment where teams are born, nurtured and thrive. Dr. Bethel expands thinking, stirs imaginations and opens minds about being a team builder in our ever expanding diverse workforces.

Unforgettable Customer Service Begins With Great Leadership

What can you learn by examining the shared values and practices of world-class service organizations. Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel has given keynote presentations and conducted seminars for some of the finest service organizations in the world. She carefully explores the compelling evidence of their clear understanding of their reasons for being and their belief in a people-first leadership style. These organizations walk their talk and live an ethic that says "we care as much about our employees as our customers." They understand that excellent customer service is always trickle down – leader to employee to customer. Sheila challenges commonly held myths about who you think your competition is and why a new perspective is so important. You'll explore the three steps to move from customer service to the enduring quality of value-added customer focus: Customer Servicing, the operations part, doing the task well. Customer Relations, the human part, those one-on-one interactions. Customer Development, the sales and retention part that brings true satisfaction to every transaction. Dr. Bethel ties these three concepts together as links in a circular chain that has a single purpose: a satisfied, happy, loyal, referral-generating customer. Sheila offers powerful and practical ideas to help you convert customers into "ambassadors of good will" whose referrals cement your reputation, support your brand and set you apart from your competitors. These three strategic tools open the way for you to join the realm of customer service giants and become a trendsetter, not a follower. Unforgettable customer service always begins with an investment in great servant leadership.

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A New Breed Of Leader: 8 Leadership Qualities That Matter Most In the Real World
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Making A Difference, 12 Qualities That Make You A Leader
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Sheila Murray Bethel Speaker Testimonials

"Your presentation was one of the highlights in what our customers thought was our best conference ever. You've been a highlight of two consecutive conferences!"

- L.B. Wyatt | Office of the General Business Marketing Director, IBM

"You sure did your 'homework' to relate it to our industry and our company. That really made it effective for the management and non-management teams."

- R.D.Beard | Area Vice President, AT&T

"You are truly a special speaker with a message that must be heard by every business organization."

- William Partipilo | Director, JOHNSON & JOHNSON

"Thank you for your complete involvement in the conference, taking the time and making the effort to thoroughly understand the firm, our goals and objectives. Virtually everyone rated your presentation as excellent."

- Thomas Turck | Managing Director, PRICE WATERHOUSE

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A New Breed Of Leader: 8 Leadership Qualities That Matter Most In the Real World
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Making A Difference, 12 Qualities That Make You A Leader
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