Shawn Amos

Founder and CEO, Freshwire; Chief Innovation Officer, ContentWorks; and Digital Content Expert

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Founder and CEO, Freshwire; Chief Innovation Officer, ContentWorks; and Digital Content Expert

Shawn Amos, founder and CEO of the digital content studio Freshwire and chief innovation officer of FleishmanHillard’s ContentWorks (both part of marketing giant Omnicom), wears many hats: executive, philanthropist, Grammy-nominated producer and noted blues singer.

A&R Rep

Previously, Shawn was an artists-and-repertoire executive at Rhino Entertainment, where he produced the Grammy nominated historical box set Rhapsodies in Black: Music and Words from the Harlem Renaissance, and Vice President of A&R at Shout! Factory. He produced broadcast, DVD and audio titles for legacy artists ranging from Heart to Quincy Jones, for whom Shawn later ran the Listen Up Foundation.

Famous Amos

Shawn is the son of Wally Amos, founder of the Famous Amos brand and the first African-American talent agent for the William Morris Agency. Growing up in the colorful Hollywood landscape inspired Shawn to pursue a career in film (he attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts), then music and digital media. Shawn has also written a book, a memoir titled Cookies & Milk: Scenes From a ’70s Hollywood Childhood.


Shawn was included in Forbes magazine’s list of “Up and Comers,” in 2012 and he is a regular contributor on Bloomberg West TV, where he discusses brand marketing.

Public Speaking

A frequently sought-after speaker, Shawn shared his thoughts on content and corporate culture during a 2013 TEDxEast presentation. At the 2014 Thread Summit in Colorado, Shawn spoke about the need for “content mindfulness,” encouraging brands to opt out of the 24/7 real-time race for relevancy and focus on delivering strategic and thoughtful content that helps to tell the brand’s story. He believes the future of consumer engagement is about value, not volume.


Shawn sits on the Board of Trustees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as well as the Board of Directors of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. Shawn digs doughnuts and moonlights as blues singer, The Reverend Shawn Amos.

Media Content Mindfulness

In a world where social media has become over saturated; brands and consumers have found themselves addicted to sharing, manically and mindlessly. Companies are in 24/7 real time rush to be relevant. Marketers are mimicking the “always plugged in” behavior of consumers. A tipping point has been reached, both consumers and marketers have killed content marketing. In it’s place, an era of content mindfulness had been birthed. What do you want people to know about your company? What do your customers care about? Do your customer and company values translate into compelling?

Living with Authenticity

Is all of me showing up? Am I being as authentic as possible? These are the questions Shawn asked when he found himself on a life changing journey to a castle in Northern Italy. A trip to the other side of the world forced him to reconnect to the family history he forgot and denied, and hold himself accountable for not following his own advice about authenticity. Walk with Shawn through the infamous streets of Hollywood to the boardrooms of corporate America. Find out how these events opened his eyes to feeling more authentic, and gave him the keys to being fully present on a daily in all aspects of life.

Mental Health is a Family Matter

Mental illness is not contagious; however, its ripple effect extends beyond the person afflicted. Unfortunately, there is little light shined on friends and family impacted by those with mental illness. Shawn Amos understands the ripple effect well: His mother committed suicide after years of battling a schizoaffective disorder, his wife battles anxiety, and his teenage daughter lives with obsessive-compulsive disorder. “Mental Health Is a Family Matter” is a lecture and workshop that is heartfelt and will challenge you with an unexpected humor in the face of a daunting affliction. It’s filled with colorful, candid anecdotes stemming from Shawn’s personal journey through blast zones that can be created by mental illness. Shawn’s aim is to remove the stigma that shames and wounds not only those with mental illness but the community that supports them and each other.

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"Shawn is a provocateur who subscribes to fresh thinking. He is hip and practical. He is creative and always a step or two ahead of the pack. He challenges the status quo and audiences gravitate to him.”

- Founder and President | Westmeath Global Communications

“Shawn Amos is always on the top of the list of speakers for the Milken Institute Global Conference. Shawn’s unique style, diverse experience, and distinctive perspective make him an audience favorite and an informative and engaging speaker.”

- Program Consultant | Milken Institute

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