Scott McKain

Business Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Author of Collapse of Distinction

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Business Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Author of
Collapse of Distinction

Bestselling author and internationally renowned distinction expert and speaker Scott McKain’s captivating presentations and best-selling books clearly reveal how to create more compelling connections between you and your customers, and how to stand out and move up, regardless of the economic climate in your industry.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

McKain understands that in today’s Facebook/Twitter/social media world, a dissatisfied customer now has a platform to broadcast their opinions regarding your organization to the world in an instant. In this volatile environment, it’s never been more important to understand and execute the steps necessary to create the “Ultimate Customer Experience.”

Keynote Speaking Specialist

McKain’s calling is business—and his passion is platform presentations. He blends a unique combination of vast speaking experience with new, cutting-edge information. He is one of about 150 living members of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame; was recently recognized by Social Media Marketing Magazine as one of “the fifty most influential marketing authors on Twitter”; and was dubbed one of the “top 25 people for Gen Y and Millennial leaders to follow on Twitter” by GenJuice, a leading resource for emerging professionals.

Distinction Expert

In his book, Collapse of Distinction, McKain takes a revolutionary approach in clearly showing how organizations and individual professionals create differentiation in the marketplace. Collapse of Distinction was named one of the top 10 business books of the year by The Miami Herald, the Huffington Post, and other major media outlets, and reached the #1 spot on’s list of business bestsellers.


McKain has also authored two other bestsellers: ALL Business Is Show Business! and What Customers REALLY Want. McKain’s latest book, released by publisher McGraw-Hill and titled 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry, provides the specific steps for every employee to create and deliver ultimate customer experiences.


He has appeared multiple times as a commentator on the FOX News Channel and is a member of the Speakers Roundtable, an elite, invitation-only group of 20 business speakers considered by many to be among the best in the world. McKain was selected by Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the speaker for the Great American Workout, held on the White House lawn, with the President in attendance. And, he portrayed the villain in the internationally acclaimed movie Stroszek, directed by legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog. Roger Ebert praised McKain in his review, and named the film one of his “great movies.”

Customer Engagement and Loyatly

McKain’s approach of “The Ultimate Customer Experience” is extraordinarily relevant, no matter your organization’s products or services. Customers do not want organizations to “make it right.” They want you to “GET it right!” Your organization must find a way to transcend transaction, and McKain can show you the techniques for creating enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.

Scott McKain Speaking Topics

Create Distinction: What To Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough To Grow Your Business

How do you stand out from your competition so you become their preferred choice in a volatile marketplace? Scott reveals the elements that pull you back to the pack – and the Four Cornerstones of Distinction it takes to attain remarkable success.

Distinctive Sales: How To Stand Out In a Hyper-Competitive Marketplace

Our research shows that not only are most organizations selling customers and prospects exactly like their competitors, they’re also not emphasizing the differences that will make them the superior choice. In this program, Scott shows the steps required to sell uniquely in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

The Ultimate Customer Experience: The Key To Lifelong Loyalty and Endless Referrals

What is the ultimate experience that a customer could have doing business with your organization? This program will teach your team what it takes to create undying loyalty and endless referrals.

Leading With Distinction: Motivate Enhanced Productivity To Achieve Remarkable Results

If you lead like everyone else, you’ll get the same team delivering the same results as everyone else – and that’s not good enough in today’s world. In this program, Scott teaches leaders how to become more distinctive, in order to expand your team’s ability to deliver extraordinary results.

Developing A Distinctive Culture in a Multi-Generational Marketplace: Enhance Retention and Optimize Outcomes in a Diverse Environment

Your organization’s culture will always trump your organization’s strategy – for culture determines how we execute. Yet, in this time of so many diverse generations and cultures working together in our organization, how do we develop a culture that creates distinction? In this program, Scott helps you develop a game plan that respects our differences – and helps us draw strength from our diversity.

Scott McKain Books

7 Tenets of Taxi Terry: How Every Employee Can Create and Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience
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Collapse of Distinction: Stand out and move up while your competition fails
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What Customers REALLY Want: How to bridge the gap between what your organization offers and your customers crave
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ALL Business is Show Business: Create the Ultimate Customer Experience to Differentiate Your Organization, Amaze Your Clients, and Expand Your Profits
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Scott McKain Speaker Testimonials

"We have never worked with a speaker who prepared so well. He really knew us and had taken the time to learn his audience. He connected fabulously and really did a super job."

- New York Life |

"I don't know how he did it! He sounded exactly like someone who worked for GE!"

- GE |

"As we deal with change, your message was humorous, motivational and very well received. The audience really responded to your presentations. Thanks for making our rallies a success!"

- Ford Motor Company |

"WOW! You are a living, breathing, talking example! Your address was awesome!"

- Associated General Contractors |

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Recent Books

7 Tenets of Taxi Terry: How Every Employee Can Create and Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience
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Collapse of Distinction: Stand out and move up while your competition fails
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