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Expert on implementing change, author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance and Why Don't You Want What I Want?

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Rick Maurer, a renowned change management expert, speaker and bestselling author educates audiences on how to get results from major change without headaches, cost overruns, and hidden problems…or Change without Migraines™.

Your audience will be inspired and entertained by Rick’s energy-infused keynote. An engaging and passionate professional consultant and speaker, Rick Maurer delivers insightfully to small and large groups of senior executives, middle managers and staff levels. He has worked with business leaders from a variety of companies throughout the world including major Fortune 500 companies, as well as private companies and nonprofits.

Due to the popularity of Rick Maurer’s books, Why Don’t You Want What
I Want?
, Beyond the Wall of Resistance, and Building Capacity for
Change Sourcebook
, Rick’s opinion has been sought by CNBC, NBC Nightly News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Bottom Line, Investor’s Business Daily, Fortune, USA Today, The Economist, Industry Week, and Nation’s Business.

His expertise helps you identify even deeply hidden resistance, overcome it quickly, and in so doing implement even the most difficult strategic and tactical changes.

Since 1995, Rick Maurer has been speaking to executives, consultant, and managers throughout the world. Often clients ask him to target his presentations to specific types of change such as the challenges of leading change, Lean Six Sigma, organization reorganization, merger integration, improving corporate culture, ERP (enterprise resource planning), quality improvement, – and resistance to change.

Rick is an experienced and powerful speaker on the topic of change.  He brings  warmth, humor and unique experience to each audience he addresses.  Those in attendance leave his presentation with increased energy and new ideas for implementing change and handling resistance.

Associations, industry, healthcare, and financial institutions are a few of the organizations that have benefited from Rick’s expertise.

Rick Maurer Speaking Topics

Why Don't You Want What I Want?

Did you ever come up with a great idea, only to find that the more you talked, the less people liked it? You're not alone. This speech is based on Rick's book by the same name. It will help you see what happens when others don't think your brilliant idea is all that brilliant. Often, it is things that we do quite inadvertently to build a wall between us and the people we want to influence. After a bench-clearing brawl, hockey player, Barry Black, once said "We've only got one person to blame, and that's each other." This speech draws examples from work and home and is based on Rick's book. People will have fun and leave with practical ideas they can apply instantly.

Beyond the Wall of Resistance

Nearly two-thirds of all organizational changes fail. Our inability to work with resistance is the major reason for such poor results. This is an age of reengineering, corporate restructuring, major technological changes, and mergers. Leaders must be skilled at building support for change and handling resistance. This presentation, based on Rick Maurer's book, Beyond the Wall of Resistance: Unconventional Strategies That Build Support for Change . . . • Shows why the conventional ways of dealing with resistance – using power, deal making, force of reason, ignoring it – actually increase opposition • Tells frustrated managers at all levels how to transform the power of resistance into a positive force • Gives practical strategies that build support for change • Provides tools grounded in real-world experience that invite immediate application

Why Changes Fail in Healthcare and What to Do About It

Healthcare is immersed in massive change with no end in sight. Some handle the chaos well, others fail. Based on Beyond the Wall of Resistance, this speech is especially designed for leaders in healthcare. It includes the story of one hospital that faces the same pressures as others in the US – yet, they encounter very little resistance to change. Rick shows you what to do when resistance has already occurred. For example, what to do when doctors don't talk to administrators. Nurses don't trust non-licensed personnel. Payers don't trust the institution. And employees are afraid of being downsized. Rick offers healthcare leaders practical tools they can use to assess their institutions capacity for change and explains strategies that build support for change.

Why Changes Fail in Financial Services and What to Do About It

Once a predictable, steady industry, financial services has become the poster child for massive change. Mergers, new technologies, expanding the range of services can be exciting or debilitating. Based on Beyond the Wall of Resistance, Rick shows you the techniques major financial institutions are using to build support for change. He shows how understanding and using the cycle of change can reduce resistance to change. This speech includes the story of how a bank built support for a merger way before fear had a chance to become deeply embedded. It shows leaders why people fear change and what they can do to get people excited about working in an industry where change is the norm.

Rick Maurer Books

Caught in the Middle: A Leadership Guide for Partnership in the WorkPlace
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The Feedback Toolkit: 16 Tools for Better Communication in the WorkPlace
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Beyond the Wall of Resistance: Unconventional Strategies That Build Support for Change
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Why Don’t You Want What I Want?: How to Win Support for Your Ideas without Hard Sell, Manipulation, or Power Plays
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Rick Maurer Speaker Testimonials

"Your ability to bring all the theory and conceptual thinking down to understandable, practical, everyday application was extraordinary.

- James F. Hunt | Chief Operation Officer, Adcom Communications, Inc

After hearing Rick's presentation, we revamped the entire change management agenda for training leaders in our company.

- Linda Pardo | Shell Deep Water Development

Change is inevitable. Maurer goes beyond the philosophy of Change Management to actually help people identify resistance to change and then teach them tools to overcome it. His tools have been used extensively by Lockheed Martin to drive change successfully across a multitude of processes and products with tangible savings.

- S. K. Gupta | VP Operations, Lockheed Martin

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Recent Books

Caught in the Middle: A Leadership Guide for Partnership in the WorkPlace
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The Feedback Toolkit: 16 Tools for Better Communication in the WorkPlace
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