Orvel Ray Wilson

Standing-ovation speaker on sales, marketing and negotiation and co-author of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series.

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$10,001 to $20,000
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Colorado, United States

Orvel Ray Wilson Speaker Biography

Voted one of America’s TOP 5 Sales Speakers

Orvel Ray Wilson has shown sales teams How to Sell More at Higher Prices. He speaks to sales meetings, dealer meetings, trade shows, association conventions and small-business groups about unconventional sales and marketing tactics that build business. His programs draw standing ovations and rave reviews from audiences worldwide. He was recently voted one of the Top5 Sales and Marketing Speakers in America for 2010, and nominated a second time for 2011.


He taught Management Development Programs for the University of Colorado and the University of Denver, and created innovative business courses for Harbridge House, the University of Toledo, the Spring Institute for International Studies, and Australia’s Canberra College of Advanced Education. He even pioneered workshops on capitalism for the Tyumen School of Management in the Russian Republic. He has been a guest lecturer for the Norman Newman Center for Entrepreneurship at Dalhousie University. In 1986 he became one of CareerTrack’s top touring speakers, leading full-day sales and management seminars all over the US and Europe.

Best-Selling Author

His first book, Guerrilla Selling, published in 1991, became a best-selling classic, and made his name as an innovator in sales and marketing. As Senior Partner in The Guerrilla Group, his team built a multi-million dollar seminar company and conducted hundreds of public and private training programs for clients all over the US, Europe, and Australia.

Together with co-authors Mark S A Smith and Jay Conrad Levinson, they expanded the Guerrilla Marketing franchise to include Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, Guerrilla Negotiating, and Guerrilla Retailing, and numerous audio and video programs distributed worldwide.

Soon he was in demand as a keynote speaker for conferences and conventions.

"Our deposits are up more than 12 MILLION dollars in the past 12 months, more than 24 percent growth since we completed your training." Arrowhead Credit Union.

Award Winning Presenter

A full-time professional speaker since 1980, Orvel Ray has led more than a thousand large-audience seminars, custom training events and on-site workshops including "Guerrilla Selling," "Guerrilla Marketing," "Guerrilla Trade Show Selling," "Guerrilla TeleSelling," "Guerrilla Negotiating," "Guerrilla Retailing," "Customer Service Excellence," "Guerrilla Presentation Skills" and "Managing Multiple Demands."

He holds the highest earned certification conferred by the speaking industry: Certified Speaking Professional. Only 435 professional speakers worldwide have earned this distinction to date.

In 2001 he was honored as "Speaker of the Year" by Meeting Professionals International, San Diego.

Mr. Wilson is one of the most amazing speakers and trainers I have worked with. I have hired him on several occasions for two fortune 500 companies. I have brought him in for management, front line sales and franchisee owners- all with equal success. When Mr. Wilson works with your team you can count on three things. You will close more deals. You will close deals faster and you will drive more top line revenue from your existing accounts. His fee is half what it should be- but lets keep that between us." — Bill Todd, VP Sales, Choice Hotels International

In more than 30 years on the platform, Orvel Ray has worked in a wide range of industries, including: Travel, Hotel, Computer, Software, Electronics, Telecommunications, Real-Estate, Photography, Textiles, Manufacturing, Airline, Health Care, Retail, Technology, Military, and Insurance.Clients hire him because of his deep insight into a broad range of industries. His client list has grown to include many industry leaders including IBM, United Airlines, Marriott Hotels, and Microsoft. He has been a featured speaker at the prestigious Inc. Small Business Forums, and has appeared as a topical expert on CNN. His work has been quoted in INC., The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and dozens of trade journals in a dozen languages.

From a standing-ovation keynote to an intensive, multi-day workshop, he will arm your people with hundreds of simple, low-cost or no-cost sales and marketing tips, tactics and tricks that return big profits. He will inspire and motivate any audience, but more importantly, he will arm them with unconventional weapons and tactics that they can use right now to win in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

Orvel Ray Wilson Speaking Topics

UPSELL! How to Close More Business at Higher Prices

Dropping your price just to win the deal is business suicide. If you cut your price by just 10%, you have to DOUBLE your unit sales just to make up the difference. If you’re losing business to lower-priced competition, this program will arm you with unconventional weapons and tactics to win the price wars. Featuring award-winning speaker and author Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, this fast-moving one-hour session, will show you what to say when you're asked to cut your price, why you don't want price shoppers as customers, what to do when they really CAN get it cheaper, how to recognize when price objections are a smoke-screen, how to sell at prices HIGHER than the competition, three strategies for getting more profit out of every transaction, a simple technique to justify your price, even when you charge MORE, and 23 situations where customers will gladly pay extra. This program is for anyone in sales or sales management who needs to position their product at a premium price point, overcome price objections or recapture market share lost to low-price competitors.

Guerrilla Marketing with Social Media

Learn how to use LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter, YouTube and dozens of other social media secret weapons to protect your brand, build customer loyalty and drive traffic to your website. Your people will learn why social media aren’t just for kids anymore, the truth about social media as a business tool, five MUST HAVE social media weapons for your business, basics of social media “netiquette”, how to listen in on the conversation people are having about you,where to start and how to keep your content up-to-date, how to automate routine maintenance chores, and how to push your website higher and higher in Google rankings. Nothing has revolutionized sales like the Internet, and nothing has revolutionized the Internet like Social Media Marketing. This fast-moving one-hour program is a MUST for any business, large or small, who wants to stay competitive in today’s virtual marketplace.

Winning Characteristics of a Sales Guerilla

Convenient, Excitement, and Commitment are among the 10 traits that set guerrillas apart. Develop these and blow the competition away. Our most popular keynote.

Guerrilla Negotiating

The quality of your negotiating affects every aspect of your life. We don’t just negotiate with customers and vendors, but with everyone we meet. Just because they’re nice people doesn’t mean that they have your best interests at heart. How to create a fair advantage in an unfair world.

Guerrilla TeleSelling

Salespeople have to cover more accounts and more territory every day. This program shows them how to create a “telepresence” using phone, fax, e-mail, internet, and more.

Guerrilla Trade Show Selling

More than 80% of the money spent by exhibitors at trade shows is wasted. Learn the most common trade show mistakes, how to plan for success, how to get the most leads, insure that every lead is top quality, and close more sales when you get home.

Orvel Ray Wilson Books

Guerrilla Negotiating: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want
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The Obvious Expert
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Guerrilla Retailing: Unconventional Ways to Make Big Profits from Your Retail Business
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Guerrilla Selling: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics for Increasing Your Sales
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Guerrilla Teleselling: New Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Sell When You Can’t Be There in Person
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Guerrilla Trade Show Selling: New Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Meet More People, Get More Leads, and Close More Sales
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Orvel Ray Wilson Videos

Orvel Ray Wilson Speaker Testimonials

"When I see the CSP designation, I recognize it as the hallmark of a speaking professional who has met the impressive and high expectations required to earn the certification. Our audiences have never been disappointed in the powerful, relevant messages delivered in educational sessions conducted by CSPs."

- Nancy A. Woolever | Society of Human Resource Management

"You know CSPs have achieved a certain discipline that puts them in a category all their own; they have passed the test of longevity; they have proven themselves. It makes a difference today and will continue to make a difference in the meetings industry."

- Marolyn Wright | Program Resources

"I always consider the CSP designation the hallmark of professional excellence. The CSPs that we have selected have never disappointed our audiences."

- Barbara S. Sadek | The Society for Human Resources Management

"It's truly an indication that a speaker has achieved a higher level of professionalism. It's something we look for first. I reduce my risk by hiring someone with a CSP."

- William Bess | Mfgrs. Representatives of America

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Recent Books

Guerrilla Negotiating: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want
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The Obvious Expert
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