Dirk Beveridge

Leading Expert on Sales and Customer-Focused Strategies

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Dirk Beveridge Speaker Biography

Leading Expert on Sales and Customer-Focused Strategies

Dirk Beveridge is one of the nation’s foremost business speakers, delivering messages that help organizations and individuals unleash their true potential. He works with firms to bring their strategy to life through keynotes, summits, and workshops as well as through his consulting firm, 4th Generation Systems.

President and CEO

As president and chief executive officer of 4th Generation Systems, Dirk and his team help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and services firms become more competitive and provide deeper value to customers.

We Do Care

In addition to being a tireless entrepreneur and in-demand professional speaker, he also runs the non-profit organization We Do Care, which provides tangible support for our men and women in uniform, veterans and military families. When he has a chance to catch his breath, you’ll find him either training for his next Ironman competition, writing his next book or enjoying time with his family. He also was a U.S. congressional candidate.


Dirk has helped transform the potential within many leading firms, such as Time Warner, Andersen Windows, IBM, Novartis, and Avaya. He also has supported top-performing midmarket companies, such as Berlin Packaging, Port Supply, and Performance Distribution Group. For more than 25 years, he has worked with over 3,000 organizations.

Keynote Speaker

An in-demand speaker, Dirk provides timely, pertinent information to organizations on growth oriented topics, such as Leadership, Sales, Customer Centricity, Transformative Change, and Personal Potential. He is a passionate, energetic, and entertaining presenter who’s been featured on international speaking tours addressing groups on six continents.


His presentations are often followed by workshops and learning systems to build more long-term team commitment to a company’s vision and customer focus, which is how 4th Generation Systems was founded. He’s authored two best-selling books on sales management and leadership to help organizations make their strategy stick and “drive sales beyond.”


Dirk’s personal mission is to make a real difference for his clients, employees, stakeholders, and community. In addition to We Do Care, he founded The LEO Foundation, a charitable organization committed to helping adolescents make the right choices to become positive contributors to society. Dirk has a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University, Macomb.

Dirk Beveridge Speaking Topics

The Path to Winning in the Age of Rapid Change

Companies must acknowledge and honor the past, but the path to winning requires looking, learning, and strategically innovating forward. Market dynamics are changing how business is done, and leadership’s mindset, ambition, and propensity to innovate will determine the organization’s future relevancy. In this optimistic and energizing presentation Dirk will detail: The pull of legacy all businesses face The fog of uncertainty created by the age of rapid change The significant inflection points business leaders must address today The decision point leaders are at that will define their organization’s future The innovative mindset that is imperative in this age of rapid change The spectrum of businesses and future relevancy of each

INNOVATE! How to Create Relevancy in the Age of Rapid Change

Most businesses agree that they must reinvent their business before someone else does. But as you continue to operate the business for today, how can you unleash the spirit of innovation to build a relevant, stronger, and more profitable future? In this inspiring keynote, you will explore The Innovative Business™ framework that provides a practical model for creating transformative and innovative change. In this research-based and passionate presentation, Dirk will detail: How all innovation begins by envisioning a future reality How to create a culture of innovation How to put an obsession with the customer at the core of your value proposition How to rethink your business model How leaders can tap a fury of the status quo to lead change, transformation, and innovation

The Innovative Mindset: 8 Mindsets of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Embarking on an innovation journey is no easy task. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Determining whether you have an innovative mindset—and if not, what you need to do to get there—is the first step. Through Dirk’s research of some of the world’s most innovative large and mid-market businesses, he has identified eight mindsets that innovative businesses and their leaders share and that have driven their success. In this inspiring and motivational presentation Dirk will detail the eight mindsets and the philosophy behind them, along with case studies you’ll immediately learn from. Each attendee will have the ability to take an online Innovative Mindset Assessment before or after Dirk’s presentation to enhance their learning and identify their individual innovative mindset score.

Leading Change in Disruptive Times

We are living in disruptive times. In fact 76% of business leaders surveyed believe we are living in an environment we could call the age of disruption. Leaders are challenged by the constant pressures that come at them from all directions. The pressures could be competitive from the marketplace, or come as a result of new government regulations, shifting demographics, the accelerating pace of technology, and more. Navigating these big shifts to create a sustainable and relevant business has become the new mandate. Today’s transformative leaders will seize the moment by making sense of the disruptive forces and crafting a narrative and strategies that unite their organization around the why, how, and what of change. In this keynote presentation, Dirk Beveridge will outline the new rules, models, and tools leaders must adopt in disruptive times. Among The Lessons Shared: The disruptive wheel of change and what transformative leaders must do to control their organization’s destiny. Why and how transformative leaders develop a “Peering Into The Future” disposition as they compete for the future. How a well crafted vision becomes a unifying force that drives change. What transformative leaders do to root out mediocrity and foster a culture of excellence.

How the World’s Top-Performing Salespeople Outperform the Market

The world’s top-performing salespeople are not interested in “getting my fair share.” They are laser-focused on EARNING more than their fair share. They have the mindset, skill sets, and execution capabilities to take more from the market than the market is willing to provide. They EARN more than their fair share through an integrated sequence of interactions with the customers they strategically choose to invest in as a Sustaining Resource. In this session Dirk will detail exactly how these top performers position themselves in their territory and within their strategic accounts. You will leave with an understanding and a roadmap of the five critical success factors of outperforming the market. Customer obsession through needs analysis Run to problems with urgency Market-integrated solutions to improve the customer’s business Recognize the customer’s changing needs Deliver on the customer’s desired business outcomes

Lift & Shift™ Workshop – An Option to Add to Each Keynote

Dirk will lead you through a proven framework that will help you identify your “biggest, baddest, boldest” idea from his keynote to lift and shift this “game changer” into your business. You’ll identify your desired end result, the critical importance of your idea, the obstacles to execution, a plan for obliterating those obstacles, and then a specific path for moving forward. You’ll return inspired to innovate and create change with momentum and commitment on your side.

Dirk Beveridge Books

Anything is Possible: Using the Power of Vision to Drive Innovation in Distribution
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Driving Distributor Sales Beyond: Best Practices For Outselling Your Competitors
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Sales Management: Why the Best are Better
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Dirk Beveridge Speaker Testimonials

"We would like to thank you for your presentation at our recent conferences sponsored for our distributors. The content was outstanding and right on target!"

- | Hewlett Packard

We were looking for a resource to relay the appropriate message; without a doubt we found the right organization in Beveridge.

- | Motorola

It seems that every time you speak to our group I feel the need to express my appreciation for the "outstanding" contribution you made. We agreed that the ultimate goal was to have our participants leave enthused, inspired, and focused as to steps they could take the following Monday morning to improve their management process. Iâm happy to say, you delivered!

- | Zee Medical, Inc. McKesson Corp

It has been nearly two months since youâve addressed our National Sales Meeting, and the impact is still being felt. The tremendous job you did has left a resounding impression on all of our District Sales Managers. In my 25 plus years as a sales professional, I have never listened to such a captivating speaker.

- | U.S. Tsubaki

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Recent Books

Anything is Possible: Using the Power of Vision to Drive Innovation in Distribution
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Driving Distributor Sales Beyond: Best Practices For Outselling Your Competitors
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