Mike Rayburn

The World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso

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Nevada, United States

Mike Rayburn Speaker Biography

Award-Winning Motivational Speaker, Entertainer,
and World-Class Guitarist

As a Hall of Fame international keynote speaker, author, comedian, and world-class guitarist, Mike Rayburn is an inspirational thought leader and one of the most in- demand and un-conventional keynote artists in the world. Drawing from his success as an entrepreneur as well as a Carnegie Hall headliner, Mike is a master at increasing profitability and impact by inspiring your team to become possibility thinkers and virtuoso performers… all by daring you to ask the question, “What if…?” 

Peak Performance

The “What If…?” Experience is Mike’s transformational, hilarious keynote presentation. In it Mike uses his amazing guitar work and hilarious comedy as a metaphor, to illustrate three tools designed to turn your team into an army of innovators with the peak performance skills to transcend the status quo to stop managing change, and lead by creating change. Oh… and they’ll laugh so hard it hurts!


The measure of any speaker is the results they produce. Mike is consistently cited as “the hit of the conference,” and “what we needed and didn’t even know it.” More and breakout session content.  Also, in the same way a great song gets stuck in your head, Mike’s “What if…?” message gets repeated over and over, imprinting his most powerful tool in their memories and affecting immediate results and permanent improvement.

Keynote Speaker

Always on the cutting edge, international keynote speaker Mike Rayburn is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Hall of Fame speaker (CPAE),  two-time TEDx presenter, has performed more than 4,000 presentations and his comedy remains in heavy rotation on Sirius/XM radio. Mike has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Billboard, American Entertainment, Gig, and Successful Meetings magazines.

Mike Rayburn Speaking Topics

“Become a Virtuoso!… How to Get to YOUR Carnegie Hall”

Discover What it Takes to Become a High Achiever and Get to the Top 1 Percent of Your Field. Mike Rayburn has an amazing new, high content, high energy breakout session called “Become a Virtuoso! …How To Get To YOUR Carnegie Hall.” You and your attendees will discover how to get to the top one percent of your field, the secrets of MASTERY and PEAK PERFORMANCE. There are very specific habits, choices philosophies and attitudes that top performers have and others don’t. You will discover not just what these are but how to apply them to your life and career. While this session is fun and engaging, it is also high content, about how to live a life of excellence, to develop the habit of greatness, to demonstrate mastery… to become a VIRTUOSO!

Write Music You Can’t Play… Unique Secrets of Goal Setting and Achievement

Uncover the Secrets for How to Reach Your Goals. This is a hands-on, results-oriented workshop. In 60 minutes you and your attendees will not only discover how to set empowering goals, you’ll actually do it. We will start by designing the perfect life: What if your life was perfect in all areas… your relationships, career, finances, possessions, etc? Then you will set/identify three life-goals, ten yearly goals and most importantly do the two steps most forget: 1. Make a plan; 2. Commit it to the calendar. Then, you will learn seven secrets of goal achievement practiced only by top achievers.

What If?

In his hilarious, musically amazing,motivational keynote, "What If...?" Mike Rayburn does what no other presenter can do. Not only is Mike a world-class guitarist and stand-up comedian, he is an authority on personal development and human potential. In this energetic presentation Mike uses his guitar and comedy to teach three simple, powerful tools attendees can use immediately and forever to access their unrealized potential, to look at old things in a new way, and to leap beyond their perceived limitations. These are the tools which took Mike from playing for seven people in a bar in Virginia to standing ovations at Carnegie Hall. They work. For anyone. And everyone. Always.

Mike Rayburn Books

What If? Dare to Do More, Be More, and Reach Farther
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Mike Rayburn Speaker Testimonials

"Mike was a huge hit. I only wish we could have had him the last day of the meeting, instead of the first. Our executive said it was hard to follow an act like that."

- | Walmart

"I've worked with a great many performers over the last 20 years of doing this; some with much greater marquee value, but the ease of integration into the meeting, the quality of performance and Mike's comfortable, easy style made this one of the best talent experiences I've ever had. Great work!"

- | Discover Card

"As we search out and secure speakers/entertainers for our dealer EXPO's, we are continually challenged with determining the right message for our diverse attendees. Finding that right person and message to challenge both the intellect and emotions can be difficult at best. Mike Rayburn did just that. His incredible talent, humorous delivery, stage presence and ability to connect with the group kept us all engaged and entertained. I cannot remember the last time one of our speakers concluded to a thunderous standing ovation like Mike did. I continue to receive "thank you" calls from our attendees on Mike's behalf."

- | Purina Mills

"Mike was the best entertainer I have ever booked! This is the first time I have ever had unanimous approval from all 280 plus attendees. Mike is truly an entertainer for everyone. I am happy to endorse this A+ entertainer!"


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What If? Dare to Do More, Be More, and Reach Farther
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