Harry Freedman

Corporate Put-on Comedian and Emcee

In-Person Fee Range
$5,000 to $10,000
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Travels From
New York, United States

Corporate Put-on Comedian and Emcee

Perhaps the only individual ever to have been profiled in the business sections of The New York Times, Miami Herald, Newsday, and Int’l Herald Tribune, Harry Freedman will create the perfect fake industry expert for your group, that has everyone fooled until they are roaring with laughter!

Corporate Speaker

With nearly three decades of professional comedy experience, from the clubs of Las Vegas to the corporate boardroom, Harry Freedman is a comic you can trust. As a speaker, he has performed for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, and is frequently rated ‘best speaker’ at conferences.

Stand-Up Comedian

As a stand-up comedian, Harry is often opening for Ray Romano; has appeared on “Everybody Loves Raymond;” and was a staff writer for “Caroline’s Comedy Hour.” Harry has also written and directed a short film, “30 Minutes,” which received terrific acclaim at the NY Int’l Independent Film Festival.

Harry’s Video Shorts

In addition, Corporate Audiences enjoy Harry’s video shorts, where he interviews selected attendees (in character), to create a hilarious 8-10 minute piece played following his speech, as well as his humorous videographies of whole conferences. So when you think of finding the right performer to give your people a laugh-fest they will love and thank you for, two key words make all the difference: Harry Freedman!

...Posing as a Business Expert

. "I think I've been asked to speak today in order to help clear up these kinds of issues. After all, I think we've all heard the expression: Those that can do - do. Those that can't do - teach. And those that can't teach - consult. And those that can't consult, recruit those that can do, which I think pretty much should explain the whole thing." • "Hopefully by now you figured out that I'm not actually a consultant to your company, and if you haven't ...you're fired. I'm actually a Stand up comedian from New York and my name is Harry Dilbert Freedman, well, that's my stage name, my real name is Biff Wilson and the reason I'm really here today is to talk to you about Amway products."

...Posing as a Technology Expert/Futurist

• "Strategic planning also means naming your electronic products carefully. Look what happened to Wang for example. Here's a company that would still be thriving if their salesmen didn't have to keep going up to strangers and asking, "Wanna buy a Wang?" • " I can't believe they cloned the monkees. They should've cloned the Beatles instead - they were a lot better group."

...Posing as a Banking/Financial Expert

• "I did some work for Citibank... and improved their service, by helping them get rid of their outdoor ATM cash machines and putting them inside; or in other words, we finally brought crime off the streets and into their bank lobbies where it really belongs."

...Posing as a Health Care Expert

• "Sometimes as a physician I'll be in the middle of an operation and realize, "I don't know what the heck I'm doing." I like to call that 'Exploratory Surgery.'" • "They're inventing crazy stuff for medicine. Somebody recently invented a solar powered pacemaker. So now, when the sun goes down, so do you."

...Posing as a Legal Expert

• "I've had some legal successes I'd like to share. For example, I helped hand-pick the jury that gave 2.9 million to the woman singed by a cup of Mcdonalds coffee, and I am currently suing for 9 million in a similar case involving Chamomile Herbal Tea."

...Posing as a Food Industry Expert

• "Certain foods that are supposedly good for you really aren't - like hot cereal. Ever walk away from a bowl of hot cereal? You come back 20 seconds later - it's like a block of cement. I spackled my house with grits. I think the Mafia throws people in the river with Farina Overcoats."

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"I can see why you are referred to as the "King of the corporate put-on." Believe it or not, following your performance and after you had already divulged the fact that you were a comedian, I had one attendee ask me very seriously exactly what behind the scenes work you were doing for Chevron. The fact that you fooled an audience comprised of almost 100% lawyers is all the more remarkable. I am pleased to report that you received a grade of A+ from your audience."

- Neil J. Fletcher | Senior Counsel/Law Dept., Chevron Products Co.

"Your presentation to our group was accomlished with painstaking research, artfully scripted and adeptly delivered. The skill with which you assimilated the magnitude of information from our interview was amazing. A couple of folks are still not sure if they have been had! A renewed sense of camraderie was delivered to us that exceeded any motivational pretext of our meeting. I would highly recommend you to anyone."

- Stephen K. Park | Raytheon Systems Company

"You had a unique challenge in creating a presentation that appealed to a broad and diverse management group across information services - North America and you hit a home run! Everyone left the meeting feeling good and smiling."

- Frank S. Sowinski | Sr. VP Finance, Dun & Bradstreet

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