John Beltzer

Founder of Non-Profit "Songs of Love Foundation" and Inspirational Speaker

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Founder of Non-Profit “Songs of Love Foundation”
and Inspirational Speaker

For over 16 years, John Beltzer has provided captivating moments of joy and hope for audiences all across the country. His non-profit organization founded in 1996, the “Songs of Love Foundation”, sends unique and heartfelt songs to kids confronting medical difficulties.

Beltzer’s efforts have received extensive media attention over the years. He has been featured on multiple news networks, including CNN, CBS, and NBC; reporting programs such as 60 Minutes and the Today Show; and in publications such as People and The New York Times.

In his one-of-a-kind presentation, Beltzer involves the audience in the complete production of an individualized song for an ill child living in the local area. The recording is done live, and audiences are called on to raise their voices in unison for choruses.

An Unforgettable Experience

John’s presentation is an experience unlike any other. It unites people in a common goal, sharing in the creation of a gift of love for a struggling child. Beltzer is an inspirational speaker who will encourage and draw out audiences to participate and engage in the creative process.

During the presentation, Beltzer shares his own tragic and uplifting story about how he overcame the loss of his fraternal brother Julio, who committed suicide when he was just 24 years old. They learn that “Songs of Love” was a song Julio composed a mere 2 months before his passing, revealing how personal tragedy can be transformed into an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

At the end of the presentation, everyone walks away enlightened and elevated. The child and his or her family receive a CD filled with the compassion of a mass of unified voices. Audiences receive a free mp3 recording of their song, as well as the unforgettable joy and wonder of bringing light to the eyes of a suffering soul.

There is no event quite like this for building unity and energy in a team. Beltzer has been hired to unify and motivate many corporate teams such as Hasbro and Mass Mutual, as well as organizations such as Million Dollar Round table and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Choose Beltzer as an inspirational speaker for your next event and see the difference his moving and motivating message can make in the lives and work of your team.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Family
  • Mental Health
  • Inspiring Lives
  • Youth
  • Family & Children’s Issues
  • Volunteerism

The Songs of Love Experience

Unlike any other team building activities, The Songs of Love Experience™ engages the audience in the live recording of a fully produced personalized song for a local sick child. During the presentation, a recording is made for a child who is battling a serious illness. The music and presentation allow the audience to lift the spirit of the child, and it brings a palpable feeling of unity into the room. Together, the entire crowd raises their voices in music, which creates a truly heartwarming experience. John leads the group in the recording, and he makes it a fun and inspiring experience. There are no requirements for audience members to have a musical background, because the voices blend together as the group sings together.

The Songs of Love Experience Songwriting Program

Unlike any other team building activities, The Songs of Love Experience™ Songwriting Program engages the audience in writing, producing and recording of personalized song for a local sick child. The audience will get to be hands on as they all help to create the lyrics and the melody of an original personalized "song of love" for a local sick child. All the parts from bass, drums, guitar and synthesizers will be utilized as the song is built bit by bit. The entire song wil be created from scratch and at the end of the session select members will be able to sing on the lead of the song and the rest will sing the chorus. This is a 3 hour program.

Transcending Tragedy

Your organization has never had an experience like this before. John will change the lives of your team by engaging them in the full production of a song for an ailing child. John takes your team from the tragic experience that inspired him to found “Songs of Love” to the live recording of a piece of music that will put a smile on a local child’s face. John will inspire hope and a sense of possibility in your team, improve their outlook on life, and motivate them to do great things together.

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Your presentation is unique and moving, and you have a gift for engaging everyone in the audience. What a thrill to hear 1700 people singing Katrina’s “song of love: in unison! We all came away inspired!

- Diana Ruddick | VP Communications for Mass Mutual

The Million Dollar Round Table meeting is over but its greatness will not be forgotten. Steve and I believe this meeting will be remembered as one of the finest ever held by the MDRT. Thank you for your outstanding presentation and for making the program such a success!

- Stephen Rothschild | Divisional Vice President, MDRT

I just finished listening to our “song of love” to Patti Munoz. Hearing it nearly inspired me as much as when we recorded it in San Antonio. For my team of nearly 1000 people, the whole experience equaled the inspiration they felt when they sang a “song of love” to Izzy Vigil at last year’s meeting in Orlando. I am delighted that our South Central team has been able to bring such happiness to two wonderful children. I can assure you that we benefited as much from believing that we could be of help to them.

- Michael McClintock | Vice President South Central Business Group for Merck & Co.

Songs of Love set the tone for the entire weekend. As we expected, the program was a home run and fit nicely with the culture of Hunt Brothers Pizza. Songs of Love presents a wonderful opportunity for companies to reinforce core values while making a significant impact on the spirit of the child. It is powerful and one of the events that stays with you for the rest of your life.

- Scott Hunt | CEO Hunt Brothers Pizza

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