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Founder and CEO of the largest marketing agency in America, Jack Sims is one of those rare people who started his business education at the age of eleven, by working in his parents Mom & Pop store in England. That’s where he first learned the importance of customers and treating them correctly. This awareness of looking after your customers, keeping your promises and developing a brand that people will go out of their way to get, and pay a premium price for, has stood the test of time and enabled him to create the the largest marketing agency in America.

Starting in the embryonic Promotional Marketing industry he quickly realized that to attain substantial business growth that forward thinking companies are looking for, they must make sure that their marketing, branding and business basics are on track. This is the same thinking he used when he started his first company in the UK, and it worked, it became consistently ranked as one of the top creative groups in the country.

He came to America and opened his marketing agency out of his apartment in White Plains, New York. It quickly started gaining some brand awareness, which led to gaining clients who are some of the biggest and best brands on the planet, companies like Polaroid, British Airways, Burger King, Lever, General Foods, Nestle signed on as retainer clients. His company won the promotional marketing industries highest awards, not once but twice, on the way to becoming the #1 ranked and largest marketing agency in the country, and it retained that position two years in a row.

Why did this happen? Because Jack’s vision is all about moving the business, brand or market share growth needle, and this comes through in every project he works on.

After selling his business to Wall Street, Jack wrote his first book, Growing Small Businesses into Big Brands, which explains the whole process of how to build a successful brand, and it is now in its third printing. He has since written You can’t see your Backswing — How to Win at Business & Golf, which is based on his experiences as a professional golfer and combined with his lifelong experiences of growing businesses. He has been a marketing consultant for major fast moving companies who are serious about attaining sustainable business growth and has achieved some amazing success. He has worked his magic with small companies too, one of companies he consulted for, managed to gain a whopping 35% compounded growth for seven years and became the brand leader in the category too.

Jack still consults, between appearing on TV and radio shows as a business growth expert and speaks to corporations and associations who are looking to improve their business bottom line through marketing, branding and the business basics. Just a few of the corporations he speaks for are Harley-Davidson, Novartis, LexisNexis, Washington Group International and he also speaks for associations as diverse as American Perfume Society, Industrial Fabrics Association, American Locksmith’s, National Frame Building Association and dozens more.

Attainable, Sustainable BUSINESS GROWTH!Business growth for the long haul!

Profit… it’s the purpose of business. And numbers are how we keep score. It’s always about the numbers. Knowing the numbers is the easy part. The tough part is in achieving the numbers and then growing them for the long haul.What does it take to run great numbers for the long haul? Developing a successful business strategy is not easy. The problem is in the execution of the plan. Jack Sims will show you how as he shares his business experiences and knowledge to help you realize “attainable, sustainable business growth”.
-Find out what your biggest business asset is, and make it even bigger and better.
-Learn what is imperative to understand to get sustainable growth for your business.
-Discover the very core of successful marketing communications.
-Know the top 3 growth tools that will positively affect sustainable businesses growth.
-Learn the number one thing you need to know to become a huge business success.

Attainable Sustainable MARKET GROWTH: Most Marketing Stinks, but yours can smell like money!

Most people that start businesses are usually very good at what they do. But it doesn’t mean that they are good at business. The truth is that 50% of all start-up’s fail in the first two years because they don’t know how to market their business. In this session Jack covers many of the real world experiences that have enabled him to grow two successful businesses of his own and some of the best businesses in the world. Jack get’s down and dirty on the things that work and more importantly don’t work in the world we compete in.
-Learn the “Top Ten” marketing mistakes that most companies make!
-Discover what great leaders do to give their businesses the best chance of success.
-Find the big secret of what the top companies do to maintain their leadership status.
-Learn the answer to the biggest question on attaining, sustainable business growth.
-How your customers can help you skyrocket your business.

Attainable, Sustainable BRAND GROWTH: More brand share, more brand equity and more bucks to the bottom line!

There is always a brand leader and brand leaders make more money than their competition. They get better customers, hire better employees, and charge a premium price. Reality check; your brand is probably the biggest financial asset you have. Do you know what it stands for; do you have a brand plan of action? Growing a successful brand is not just for the Apple Computers, Nike, Toyota’s etc of this world, every business, indeed, every person has a brand, and that’s what makes us stand out in a crowd and customers pay a premium price to do business with us. What you will take away:
-Learn the 6 key components of BRAND BUILDING Jack has used to help grow some of the biggest brands in the world.
-How you can get your customers to grow your business and your BRAND.
-How to positively impact short and long term BRAND growth for your business?
-Why a down market is a huge opportunity for you to get sustainable business and incremental brand share.
-Discover the biggest brand building mistakes that companies make, so that you don’t have to!

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Growing Small Businesses into Big Brands
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How to Win at Business and Golf
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Growing Small Businesses into Big Brands
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How to Win at Business and Golf
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