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Digital Pioneer and AI Strategist

Digital Pioneer and A.I. Scientist, advisor to leaders in private and government sectors on how digital transformation can become competitive advantage and societal progress.
Member of the Expert Group at The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), an OECD and G7 initiative.


Inma Martinez is an advisor to leaders in business and government on how to turn digital transformation into competitive advantage and contribute to societal progress. Progressing her previous careers in investment banking and telecommunications towards technology entrepreneurship, she is recognised worldwide as one of the leading entrepreneurs who pioneered the creating and emergence of digital technologies like the mobile internet, music and video streaming, the connected car and smart living. Her unique experience has allowed her to become one of the most sought-after experts in forecasting digital disruptions and revealing the potentiality of A.I. and other transformative technologies.


Since 2001 Inma has provided expert testimonies across various technology boards at the European Union. She has combined her career in innovation with prestigious government appointments in the United Kingdom (at the Trade & Investment agency and at the Innovation Fund of the Department of Sport, Media and Culture) and Spain (State Secretariat for Artificial Intelligence at the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation). She has also advised the Malaysian government’s Sarawak Centre of Performance Excellence on digital transformation strategies for both civil society and government-owned businesses. In March 2021 she was appointed to the GPAI’s Innovation and Commercialisation of A.I. Task Group.


For over ten years she has committed her time to education at various business schools (Imperial College London, University College London, and the University of Loyola Spain) and to the mentorship of innovation at venture-focused acceleration programmes.


She has written two books: The Future of the Automotive Industry and The Fifth Industrial Revolution: How Space Commercialisation will derive the Biggest Industrial Expansion of the 21st Century. Both books focus on digital transformation and radical business models that are paving the way to a new concept of progress, competitive attributes and stakeholders’ values.


FORTUNE and TIME have described her as one of Europe’s top talents in social engagement through technology and FastCompany labelled her a “firestarter”. She was voted the “Best contributor to the formation of strategy” in the section “Driving the Future of Europe’s Digital Economy” at Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s European Leadership Forum: Charting the Economic Future of Europe, a conference for CEOs and government officials.

How A.I. Can Create Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage

Description A.I. is a giant step beyond data analytics and statistics. It allows us to address Big Data at scale and to deal with its enormous complexities. It can not only create the automatization and optimization of processes, but also reduce human errors where it comes to precision and detection. Best of all, A.I. predicts future outcomes. It can perform on-demand and in real-time, as well as run 24/7 as an automated system. It has been trained to deliver what we ask of it. It can also reveal what we are unaware of. This is why it has become the ultimate tool for all sectors and industries. A.I. has not created new human ethics, but it has highlighted the need for them in the 2030 society. Takeaways 1. Understand how A.I. can create positive impacts and benefits in your digitization roadmap 2. Learn in what simple ways an A.I. system can optimize your business operations 3. Become aware of how A.I. tools will help your workforce deliver with reliability, confidence and at scale.

“The future of” Series in the Digital Economy

Description Since 2011, digital technologies and Big Data have become the most powerful competitive attributes in every industry. They have become the agents of radical shifts in business models and forced many sectors to venture into new unchartered territories. Business is no longer “as usual” and disruption is the new norm. Going against the grain, some big and small players have paved the way and showed the markets that digital assets and unbridled creative thinking are the best combination to create innovation and respond to market challenges with agility. Takeaways 1. Learn the specific mindsets and attitudes in management that are driving the innovative approaches of new leaders in a given sector (financial services, retail banking, consumer goods, automotive, manufacturing, energy and others). 2. Understand the radical differences between true innovation and simply improving products (the end of the “Better” society). 3. Future trends and business models that will drive each sector and the roadmaps towards improved competitive advantage.

The Future of Work in the A.I. Automated Society

Description 2020 represents the end of the era of IQ and the evolution of human capital towards EQ. Because we will derive all that is quantifiable and computational to intelligent systems, even our cars, or the energy management of homes, workforces will be challenged to solve problems via creative approaches, creative thinking, and blue-skies imagination. The future is one where human factors and ergonomics will force businesses to take human centric approaches, and these can only be generated by neotenic human minds. In the next ten years, the old paradigms of fixed working hours, job titles and linear career paths will be abandoned in favor of flexible schedules, goal-oriented participations and lateral career moves within the same organizations. Takeaways 1. Man + machine collaborations: diversification of tasks and responsibilities between humans and their A.I. tools. 2. Towards an EQ workplace: how to untap creative thinking in a digitally transformed company. 3. Neoteny: the human super-power that will derive the splendor of the next civilization. 4. The jobs of the future will no longer be jobs but roadmaps towards tacit knowledge.

Hacking A.I. Digital Marketing

Description How do you deliver “human experiences” when you sell products and services to the masses? Digital is an intangible abstract environment, yet it offers unique opportunities for the personalization of products and services, with deeper emotional connections than some analogue contexts can offer. Takeaways 1. Learn how to create “exceptional experiences” in digital environments 2. Take the human centric ergonomics towards creating a sense of wonder and delight in your websites and mobile applications 3. Realize how piecing the “digital data puzzle” will allow you to create innovative 1:1 products and services.

Transforming SMEs with AI and Big Data

Description Digital transformation and the rise of Big Data are beginning to be adopted by small and medium sized enterprises as part of their digital transformation roadmaps. In order to stay competitive, SMEs need to become aware of the potential that AI can bring to their organizations, even when they do not process Big Data. Takeaways 1. Learn what elements of the digital and A.I. adoption roadmaps would help your SME’s operations, products and services. 2. Understand the five pillars of A.I.-driven innovation: detection, precision, optimization, automatization and prediction of outcomes at scale. 3. Grasp the subtleties of the data-sharing economy and how it is not just about “Big” data but about “Relevant”, Real World Evidence data.

5G and Edge & Cloud Computing: The Internet of Everything Revolution

Description Edge and Cloud computing infrastructures are the pillars of the next technological advances. Thanks to them, the development of the Smart Society will derive a complete upgrade of sectors such as healthcare, urban development, automotive, energy, financial services and many more. When the informational value of everything that exists around us is made available to us thanks to sensors, edge computing will gather and process this data allowing us to detect, predict, optimize and automate many tasks. Takeaways 1. Discover the Internet of Everything spectrum and the value of the connected society. 2. Learn how your organization can become part of the 5G ecosystem

All Inma Martinez Books

The Future of the Automotive Industry: The Disruptive Forces of AI, Data Analytics, and Digitization
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Blown away by Inma Martinez’s keynote. The most wide ranging insightful provocation on the power of tech and neuroscience to forge a new human renaissance.

- Sacha Romanovitch, CEO | Grant Thornton

Inma has been able to convey a vision of the future for our sector in such an engaging manner, connecting to our various client territories, UK, Spain and Italy, where their feedback was extraordinary.

- Marco Prada, Managing Director Central & Southern Europe | ASSURANT

Very impressed with her particular way to deliver her discourse, mixing visionary materials and a very pleasant and engaging articulation which allows the audience to understand and picture in their minds the meaning of her messages.

- Jeff Rogers, Principal, Learning & Facilitation | Singularity University

Fantastic contribution to this year’s New Mobility World and IAA Conference in Frankfurt. We are thrilled that you played an active role in shaping this important network and dialogue around the future of mobility.

- Dirk Evensong, CEO | Evensong (organisers of New Mobility World and IAA Conference)

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The Future of the Automotive Industry: The Disruptive Forces of AI, Data Analytics, and Digitization
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