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Co-Creator of Twitter and Author of 140 Characters

In 2006 Dominic Sagolla changed the future of online communication when he helped create Twitter. Three years later he released his first book 140 CHARACTERS: Style Guide for Short Form. Sagolla took Hemingway’s simple prose to the next level, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-written short sentences in the digital age. We can see evidence of  the power of this short form throughout internet social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Co-creator of Twitter, Dom Sagolla has also contributed to Macromedia Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, and many influential apps such as the Official Obama ’08 iPhone App. Co-founder of the world’s most prolific hackathon, iOSDevCamp, Dom has advised mega-hits like GetAround, FoodSpotting, Tapulous (now Disney), Small Society (now Wal-Mart Labs), and Square.


Dr. Sagolla was first recognized as an International Genius by the City of Amsterdam for his career and leadership in the technology industry. Based in San Francisco, he operates the agile software studio DollarApp and advises businesses of all sizes on product development, marketing, and launch strategy.


Dom’s first book, 140 CHARACTERS, includes a foreword by Jack Dorsey, Creator and Chairman of Twitter, Inc. The book was released simultaneously as an interactive iPhone application (with full text) and in print & e-book form by John Wiley & Sons.


A graduate of Swarthmore College and Harvard University, Dr. Sagolla earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a minor in Computer Science, a Master of Education in Cognitive Science, as well as a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Becker College.

Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain is Reshaping Information Society

Even if you have not been paying attention to events in the blockchain space, it is clear that a revolution is taking place. Volatility in the markets aside, blockchain is not just a disruption—it is a foundational technology. Of course, the financial industry is reforming, but which sector will be next? Energy, logistics, healthcare, real estate, packaging, gaming, social networks, take your pick: there is a decentralized, anonymized, indelible, and more trustworthy future of that industry using blockchain. Cofounder of the venture studio Kryptonic and cofounder of the open source community Developer Camp, Dom Sagolla is both a maker and a leader in the blockchain space. This lecture delivers lessons on startup governance, product design, privacy, and identity on the blockchain. Come prepared to have your business model re-imagined as the ground shifts beneath us.

Mindfulness on the Frontier of Technology and Youth

Combine ancient mindfulness practices, modern neuroscience, and lessons learned from the tech world to prepare family or classroom for the adoption of devices. Deepen your own inner wisdom and compassion as you learn how to counter the tricks of software developers who hold our attention. Learn specific practices that help us raise emotionally intelligent children and teach them self-control. Develop strong boundaries and guidelines for children and students, especially around the conscious use of new tools that feel like toys. How to mindfully engage with technology is one of the dilemmas of our modern world, and we as adults must respond as examples of presence, clarity, and wisdom. As a builder of many tools and apps that have enabled the current software revolution, Dr. Dom Sagolla brings lessons from decades of work as an educator and father of three boys.

Culture of Innovation: Creating a Marketplace of Ideas

Twitter started out as a podcasting company but is now the world's fastest text communications channel. Blogger began as project management software and is now one of the most popular publication tools in history. Google began with a search box, and is now the world's largest advertising network, changing its identity almost yearly. Adobe started out shipping printer drivers and is now producing the standard in professional content creation tools. Dom Sagolla has been a part of some of the world's most renown innovation pipelines. From HP Laboratories to the MIT Media Lab, from Harvard Law, Medical, and Education schools to Adobe Labs, Sagolla noticed some common patterns. When absent these patterns and processes, innovation fails to emerge, and ideas are squandered. Sagolla believes that any company, no matter what size, can foster the kind of innovation that drives the most aggressive startup. Sagolla maintains that innovation lives in small teams operating as independently as possible, listening to customers, providing a unique experience, and actually creating demand where there was none. Using case studies from Apple and other American companies –both large and small- Sagolla explores the truth behind Brian K. Smith’s famous quotation," On a good day, we fail in a really interesting way."

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140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form
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It was fantastic...great crowds and Dom was terrific.

- Participant | Idea Festival

Dom was a huge success!

- Participant | SMLatan (Mexico)

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140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form
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