Gregg Fraley

Thought Leader in Corporate Innovation and Creative Problem Solving, Author of "Jack's Notebook"

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Thought Leader in Corporate Innovation and Creative Problem Solving, Author of “Jack’s Notebook”

Gregg’s diverse business background includes everything from founding and managing high-flying software technology companies to working as an interactive television producer. He’s the author of the first ever business fable about creative problem solving, “Jack’s Notebook,” and he’s a thought leader in corporate innovation. Now, he’s the founder of a start-up, KILN, which provides fresh approaches to innovation process, including a unique innovation subscription service called IdeaKeg.

Creativity and Innovation Expert

Those who hire Gregg as a speaker comment on his expertise, energy, and humor – his “excellent balance of wit and knowledge.” He speaks with passion about creativity and innovation —  and leaves audiences inspired with ideas and tools to improve.


As a consultant, his “whole-brained” approach focuses on results. He is an effective innovation process guide and a dynamic idea generation facilitator — and his sessions often achieve those elusive breakthrough ideas. He’s been involved with the development of several market-leading consumer products and patented process innovations.

Interactive Media Pioneer

A pioneer in the development of interactive television, Gregg worked with Warner Cable’s QUBE project in the early 80s, where he designed and produced entertainment programming. While there, he won an Emmy award and a cable ACE award for Innovation.

Information Technology

Gregg helped develop the first wireless prescription writing system for doctors (SmartScripts, a patented product), as well as numerous computer applications in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and field service. Gregg is a founder of three software firms, and now an innovation services company. His management experience includes marketing, branding, sales, research, and technical development.


Gregg has been quoted as an expert in the following publications: Successful Meetings, Skyline News, Redbook, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago’s Daily Herald, Forbes, and US News and World Report. He has spoken at conferences around the globe and his top 50 blog is widely read in the innovation world.

Professional Speaker

He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association in the USA.

The Creative Choice

This keynote is Gregg’s signature speech and he’s inspired audiences around the world to make more creative, more innovative choices in life. The Objective: Expose audience to creative thinking and innovative behavior fundamentals and motivate them to adopt the behaviors and fundamentals into their business and personal lives. This is an upbeat presentation that’s spiced with success stories, humor, and group participation. The mood is buoyant, but “The Creative Choice” delivers tons of practical, valuable information for any person or group seeking greater innovation.

Doing the Innovation Mash-Up

Gregg Fraley is a hands-on innovation practitioner who has created unique products and companies. He’s learned how to do concept blends (aka Mash-Ups) in a very deliberate way that can have individuals and teams thinking very differently. If you’re tired of incremental innovation and want something truly new and different, try this technique. This talk is the result of 20 years of hands-on innovation experience and consulting. It’s backed up by current research and solid business results. If you want disruptive, breakthrough, or out-of-the-box thinking — in other words innovative results — this is how it’s done.

Deliberate Innovation Using CPS (Creative Problem Solving)

Innovation benefits from a clear organization-wide approach — a deliberate process everyone knows and understands. Once this fundamental process in place, teams can accelerate their efforts in developing new products, services, and process improvements. This keynote shows a straight-forward, powerful, time-tested approach to innovation, the Osborn-Parnes model of Creative Problem Solving – “CPS”. It’s remarkable that in many organizations innovation process is either non-existent, or restrictively complex. CPS strikes a powerful balance, allowing for divergence and imagination while focusing efforts on implementing solutions to complex challenges.


This keynote is entertaining and useful. It shows audiences how to unleash more spontaneous thinking even while they analyze. Audiences will learn how to leverage both structured problem solving methods and spontaneous thinking improv games. Innovisation can be delivered as a keynote with limited audience interaction or a longer format workshop with a high level of audience interaction. It can be done by Gregg alone or with his pod casting partner and co-Innovisation inventor Doug Stevenson.

Creative Selling

In this keynote Gregg explores an untapped area in improving sales productivity – creativity. Good sales people are creative and have always been, but many sales people under produce because they don’t use creative thinking to solve their sales challenges. This workshop is designed for salespeople and sales management teams to expand the conventional wisdom of what sales is. Drawing on theories of deliberate creative process, Gregg relates the new tools to established sales theory. The participant will create authentic ideas that will help them to reach specific solutions to real challenges. Participants in this speech or workshop should bring a sales relationship or challenge they would like to move forward.

Eight Things Innovation Experts Never Talk About

This is a deliberately provocative keynote. Many innovation speakers avoid these topics because they are not politically correct. Innovation is difficult enough without ignoring elephants in the room — they’ll squash innovation efforts if not made visible. Gregg raises awareness and provides solutions in this edgy, tough-love, fun, honest, and ultimately helpful keynote.

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"Gregg provides more useful ideas in two hours than most university professors deliver in a semester.”

- | Verizon

“Gregg Fraley rocked the house when he presented at Capitol Creativity Network. His session was filled with intelligent content and dynamic, lively experiences. He completely engaged particpants and we received nothing but positive feedback. He’s clearly a seasoned practitioner who has a deep understanding of creative process. I highly recommend him!”

- Founder | Capital Creativity Network

“I loved the presentation, it was both fun and inspirational and even got someone like me enthusiastic about thinking differently. I’m looking forward to reading Gregg’s book.”

- | Institute for Cultural Research

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