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Legendary Comedy Touring Company

For over 50 years, The Second City has been finding humor in the conventions of politics, culture, and social institutions. Its legendary touring company performs sketch comedy and improvisation in shows that are fast, loose, clever, provocative and above all, funny. Time magazine has called The Second City “brilliant.” Over the years the troupe has honed such talents as Bill Murray, Joan Rivers, Jim Belushi, Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, Tina Fey, and Rachel Dratch to name a few. Its current performers are destined to be the superstars of the next millennium. For those who believe that laughter is the best medicine, an evening with The Second City is a prescription for a fun-filled, unforgettable experience.

Communications Experts

Second City Communications is a creative services company that helps clients communicate better – with customers and with themselves. The Second City has taught people how to perform, persuade, present, listen, entertain, improvise and build tight ensembles for over 40 years, and they’ve birthed hundreds of stars on the stage and in film and television.

Show Biz to Help Your Biz

Show business and your business have more in common than you think, and Second City can help you find your voice on your stage. We help you communicate your message with clarity, impact and a little zip. In other words, they use show biz to help you excel in your biz.

Corporate Entertainment

All over North America, Second City Communications has been bringing humor to thousands of corporate events. Using The Second City’s unique brand of improvisational humor, SCC’s crack comedy ensemble can customize material for your next project. You can use our programs to reinvigorate hardworking troops, thank loyal customers, launch new products, support internal marketing messages and add impact to any range of events and ideas.

Live Messaging

Want to add a unique element to your meeting or event? Let Second City help you really make an impact with our live messaging capabilities. Use our custom scenes in a variety of ways.


Business, like life, is improvisational. You can plan all you want, but in the end, business is often about building relationships and adjusting to change as fast as it happens. As the world’s premier improvisational theatre, we know a little about that. You can learn how to become a better communicator, build a stronger team, create a more positive work environment, and stimulate creativity.

Second City Communications has taught tens of thousands of students to achieve results by applying improvisational techniques in the work place. In short, they’re part theatre, part communications consultancy, and part creative wellspring. They’re everything you want, but nothing like you’d expect.

The Second City Speaking Topics


Second City Communications brings its trademark humor, energy and spontaneaty to YOUR organization in its irreverent take on life both in and out of the office: Core Incompetency. Five Second City actors will perform a jam-packed, hour-long sketch comedy and improv extravaganza, combining the very best sketches from The Second City’s nearly fifty year history, interactive improv and original sketches written just for you. Original sketches? That’s right. Second City Communications’ professional writers, producers and directors will work with you to create original sketches for your show – to be used once and only at YOUR event - drawing on details provided by you about what makes your organization, event, or industry unique! Afraid you have a “tough audience”? Don’t worry - they’ve got your back. Second City Communications performs over 300 corporate events a year all over the world and has worked with nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies, so we understand your business, your issues and how to make your audience laugh while always remaining “corporate friendly.”

The Second City’s All Improv Show

Our best actors come together for this 30-minute improvisational comedy show, taking suggestions from your audience to create an original set that is entirely unique, exciting and completely interactive! And because the scenes are inspired by the audience’s input, this show tends to be hilariously reflective of your business and its culture.

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The Second City Speaker Testimonials

"Thank you so much for all of your help in bringing The Second City. The two shows were huge successes with great attendance and good media coverage. Audience members ranged in age from senior citizens to teens and every group in between. Judging by the boisterous laughter both during and after the performances, our audience was absolutely thrilled with the show."

- Ronda Billerbeck, Cultural Programs Manager | Kent Parks, Recreation and Community Services

"Just wanted you to know, it went just great. Those guys were just fantastic, exceeding all expectations. It was a huge hit. Everyone loved it. Everything went off flawlessly. It was just really, really great. Greg was just outstanding, as were all the other actors. I just can’t say enough good things. It was really, really fun. People had tears rolling down their cheeks, they were laughing so hard. If you ever need me for a reference or anything, just let me know." - Jon Flint, Polaris Venture Partners

- Jon Flint | Polaris Venture Partners

"I hope that we have the opportunity to work together in the near future and in the meantime, I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my colleagues at DaimlerChrysler and beyond."

- Victoria Taylor | Global communications Strategy, DaimlerChrysler

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