Ron Black

Business Management and Leadership Expert, Author of "Complete Idiot's Guide to Project Management"

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$5,000 to $10,000
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Oregon, United States

Business Management and Leadership Expert, Author of
“Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management”

Ron Black delivers ideas that energize and skills that transform achievement in our challenging global economy of complexity and change. Ron speaks on topics like sales and  marketing,  change management, project management, time management, and teamwork  leadership.

Four-Time Turnaround Executive

In his management consulting firm The Mentor Group (established in 1988), he has advised and assisted in the launch of literally scores of companies, products, and services. As the founder of nine businesses, a four-time turnaround executive, and Fortune 500 marketing VP, Ron’s approach was forged hands-on. He knows what it takes to lead people and organizations through growth, turbulence, and change – and with limited resources.


He’s advised over 250 start-up businesses, authored two books on project management including the popular Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management, and created the DVD program Acrobatics for Overachievers – Control-Point Time Management for Today’s Ultra-Busy Professional.

Professional Speaker

He has delivered over 1500 keynote, seminar, and workshop programs in 47 states, throughout Canada and Australia, in Columbia, S.A. and Moscow, Russia.


Ron helps business leaders and professionals in such notable organizations as Intel, UCLA, Boeing, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Eaton, ADT Tyco, U.S. Army Special Forces Command, E.P.A., Thermo-Fisher Scientific, and many others to focus on their imperatives, work with what they have, and harvest the wisdom of their teams…transforming intentions into lasting results.

Trust Your CAPE™--Unleash Your Everday Super Powers – Clarity, Attitude, People, and Engagement – for Business and Life

In today’s world the challenges are many and the risks are real, but for those willing to make the leap, opportunities abound! This interactive program reveals four “ordinary super powers” that transforms good intentions into meaningful results, both in business and in life. Learn how to tap into your superhero, harvest the wisdom of those around you, utilize what you have, and find the traction to move forward. Build your CAPE with clarity, attitude, people, and engagement – and take your results from ordinary to extraordinary!

BLACK OPS for CHANGE--Secrets, Strategies, and Tactics of a Veteran Change Agent

Seize opportunities, boost performance, and create meaningful change with the principles, strategies, and tactics forged from this seasoned change agent’s front-line experience. GET IN Plan change initiatives with a better perspective using four archetypes of change: Steer; Escalate; Replace; Pioneer. Target key objectives, gather better intelligence, recon the risks and uncover hidden issues before committing your resources or reputation. GET DONE Deploy an e_x001e_ffective strategy. Avoid false starts, dead ends, and time wasters. Deliver timely change with Ron’s straight-forward Tune it Up; Shake it Up; or Break it Up principles. Know when (and when not) to use each approach and what to expect when you do. Rally your team, build momentum, and transform action into meaningful results. GET OUT Anchor change with systems, process, and culture to secure your advances. Create on-going agility, resiliency, and strength to grow your business and expand your professional horizons. For those who can lead change, opportunity abounds!

Acrobatics for Overachievers--Productivity and Life Balance for Today’s Ultra-Busy Professionals

Today’s top achievers are plagued with churning priorities, competing deadlines, and long hours. This novel control-point technique combines what we know about high-performance, project management, and life-balance to improve productivity, job satisfaction, and our overall sense of well-being. Participants learn how to get in control of results that count, how to reduce stress and lead a healthier, more productive work-life balance. This upbeat program delivers a novel control-point management technique, practical strategies, tactics and techniques that can be quickly learned and applied.

Leadership in Turbulent Times Transforming Comfort Zones into Achievement Zones

This seasoned turn-around consultant reveals the essentials for leading in a world of relentless change. Work with what you have, focus on imperatives, build momentum, and deliver results. The nuts and bolts of leading transformational change.

Unstoppable Sales and Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Growing Your Business

Zero in on three business success imperatives: worthy markets, effective process, and persuasive communications. This program reveals a seasoned start-up and turn-around consultant's secrets for building profits, market strength, and sales growth-while working with what you have. Focus your sales and marketing resources where they really count.

Championship Teams Harvesting the Wisdom of G.R.E.A.T. Teams

Today's successful organizations are resilient and agile - rapidly bringing together talent, focusing on imperatives, and delivering timely results. Transform your orgnization's agility with the power of G.R.E.A.T. teams: Goals, Roles, Environment, Attitudes, and Trust. Transform your organization's agility and achievement.

All Ron Black Books

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management, 3rd Edition
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"His leadership message really resonated with me. I feel I can take it and use it at my work with my direct reports, contractors, and those I need to influence."

- | Rockwell Automation

"We chose to bring back Ron Black. He's a very dynamic speaker and he tailors his programs for us."

- | US Bank

"Absolutely fantastic–not only entertaining, but informative, well put together, and engaged the audience. Really one of the best speeches I think I've ever, ever, seen."

- | Robert Half Technology

"I just wanted to thank Ron for a great way to start the day!"

- | Merge Healthcare

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management, 3rd Edition
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