Martina Navratilova

Social Activist, Cancer Survivor, Author, One of the Most Accomplished Tennis Players Ever

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Martina Navratilova Speaker Biography

Tennis Legend, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Social Activist

A champion on and off the court, Martina Navratilova is not only a tennis legend, but an inspirational leader and sports speaker who demonstrates wit, candor, and sheer motivation. Arguably the best tennis player ever to play the game, Navratilova has amassed an unmatched number of professional records during a career that spanned an amazing four decades, while proving herself to be one of the most intriguing, outspoken, and respected figures of the 20th century – and now the 21st century. Through her television appearances, speaking engagements, and tennis commentaries, Martina Navratilova has become as popular for her humor and forthrightness and determination. Through her television appearances, speaking engagements, and tennis commentaries, Martina Navratilova has become as popular for her humor and forthrightness and determination.

Career Highlights

Martina Navratilova has won an astonishing 59 Grand Slam titles, and beyond this, a total of 167 singles titles and 179 doubles titles, all-time records for tennis players, male or female. She won the Wimbledon women’s singles title a record 9 times and has been described by many as “the greatest singles, doubles, and mixed doubles player who’s ever lived”.

Social Issues and Overcoming Obstacles

Her involvement with various charities and staunch support of many social issues, such as women’s issues, gay rights, ethical treatment of animals, underprivileged children, environmental protection, and AIDS research, have made her a powerful keynote speaker as well. The same determination which helped bring her such remarkable achievements on court has most recently helped her through her latest battle, against breast cancer, diagnosed in early 2010. She had an operation to remove cancerous tissue and two weeks later took part in a triathlon. In 2022, she had noticed an enlarged lymph node in her neck while attending the season-ending WTA Finals in Fort Worth, Texas, in November and that a biopsy showed early stage throat cancer. While Navratilova was undergoing tests on her throat, she said, the unrelated early-stage breast cancer was discovered. By 2023, she has been declared cancer-free yet again.


In addition, she is an accomplished writer of both fiction and non-fiction. In 1985 Martina released an autobiography, co-written with New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey, entitled Martina in the US and Being Myself in the rest of the world. She had earlier co-written a tennis instruction book with Mary Carillo in 1982 entitled Tennis My Way. She later wrote three mystery novels with Liz Nickles: The Total Zone (1994); Breaking Point (1996); and Killer Instinct (1997). Her most recent book, Shape Your Self, is a guide to personal fitness and healthy living.

Martina Navratilova Speaking Topics

What it Takes to Become a Champion

Are you ready to discover the secrets of a champion? Join Martina Navratilova, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, as she shares the mindset, discipline, and dedication it takes to reach the top. With her unmatched experience and incredible track record of success, Martina will inspire and motivate you to pursue your own dreams with the same passion and determination that brought her to the pinnacle of her sport. Don't miss this chance to learn from a true champion, winner of 18 Grand Slams.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Get ready to set and achieve your biggest goals with the help of one of the most successful athletes in history! In this talk, tennis superstar Martina Navratilova will share the strategies and techniques she used to achieve greatness on the tennis court and beyond. From setting clear, actionable goals to developing a plan of attack and staying motivated through challenges, Martina will provide the tools and inspiration you need to conquer your own aspirations. Whether you're looking to excel in your career, improve your health, or achieve any other personal or professional goal, this talk is a must-see.

Overcoming Adversity

Join Martina Navratilova, one of the greatest athletes of all time, as she shares her journey of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness. From facing challenges on the tennis court to dealing with personal struggles, Martina knows firsthand the importance of resilience and perseverance. In this talk, she will inspire and motivate you to overcome any obstacle and come out on top. Get ready to overcome all personal challenges, improve your resilience, and get a lot of inspiration to keep going.

Human Rights and Equality

As a champion athlete and social activist, Martina Navratilova has a unique perspective on the fight for human rights and equality. In this talk, she will share her personal journey and the lessons she has learned as a LGBTQ+ advocate and champion for social justice. From her own experiences with discrimination to her work with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, Martina will inspire and motivate you to stand up for what you believe in and make a difference in the world.

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