Kim Blue

Chief People Office of OpenExchange, Former Global Head of People Experience Partners for Zoom, and Senior HR Manager for Microsoft

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$10,001 to $20,000
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Georgia, United States

Chief People Office of OpenExchange, Former Global Head of People Experience Partners for Zoom, and Senior HR Manager for Microsoft

With keen insights and a strategic perspective, Kim Blue helps people align their passions, talents, and values for success.

Global Head of People Experience Partners

She has created and executed organizational blueprints for top-flight organizations including ESPN and Microsoft. In October 2020, she joined Zoom as the Global Head of People Experience Partners, where she leads the company’s worldwide team of HR business partners.

Diversity and Inclusion

Over her career, she has earned a reputation as a trusted adviser who is able to motivate leaders to embrace growth, change, diversity, and inclusion to improve themselves and their organizations. Leading Diversity and Inclusion efforts at some of today’s top brands, she built a collective understanding that inclusion allows for all perspectives to have a place at the table that is not conditioned by agreement or being like-minded. It’s a skill she developed in her early career as a personal trainer and honed as she has risen through the ranks as an HR professional. Whether she’s consulting one-on-one or leading a training for a room full of people, she is still a coach at her core. Kim believes when diversity and inclusion are part of the culture of any organization, there is the opportunity for them to step beyond the shore of diversity and really explore the ocean that is inclusion. That ocean is filled with so much possibility if we are willing to be vulnerable, humble, and explore.


Leading Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Speaker Kim Blue is a graduate of East Carolina University and Queens University of Charlotte and lives in Atlanta. She is an Executive Board Member at The Black in HR and is active in other not for profit organizations. In her spare time, you’ll usually find her cheering for her son, Avery Ross, from the sideline of a sporting event.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Through Your Values

People are every team’s most valuable resource. They are at the heart of company culture, enacting leadership’s vision and living the values established by their workplace environment. There are pieces to the corporate culture puzzle that must be put in place before any impactful culture can be built and embodied. In this keynote, Kime Blue will explain how alignment of values and boundary setting are the cornerstone of a strong company culture. When your team stands firm on their values, a brand identity emerges and these uncompromising truths begin to attract and retain people who align. Find out how you can create a culture that holds values and attracts top talent.

Redesigning Hybrid Work Through Agility and Innovation

Now more than ever, we are in a unique position to reinvent the way we work. What feels like the problem of uncertainty and unknowing in remote work, is actually our biggest asset. This novelty around the idea opens the door to leading through innovation and agility. In this keynote speech, Kim Blue will help you shed your fear around change and use it to your advantage as a vehicle for innovation. Through an agile mindset, you can create a new future for your team and your industry. Bring Blue to your next event to understand how to reshape the hybrid work environment.

Corporate Culture-Zoom and the Changing Nature of Work and the Workplace

So by now, everyone has heard of Zoom. It has become a buzzword and is included in many of the latest pop culture sayings. Where would we be without “Zoom Bombs”? Underneath the funny sayings are hard questions about what a healthy and inclusive remote corporate culture looks like. How do you establish and maintain it? What does a future office look like? How can you take care of your employees even if they are not physically present? Global Head of Experience Partners at Zoom, Kim Blue, will discuss the impact Zoom has had during the pandemic, best practices for building and maintaining corporate culture whether it is virtual or in person, and some of the things that Zoom plans to do in the future to continue to be a good & inclusive corporate citizen.

The Power of Mindful Leadership

Global leaders today struggle with how to make decisions that are just and equitable for all employees in the company. How can you balance the need to profit while being mindful of individual needs? And do those two need to be in conflict with each other? In this keynote Kim Blue, the Global Head of People Experience Partners at Zoom reveals how the current climate today necessitates all leaders to practice mindful leadership. Blue will not only give you a definition and examples of how this is the most needed version of leadership but also actionable takeaways for how anyone can be a more mindful leader.

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Kim is an absolute joy to work with and makes everyone around her better. Kim is passionate, creative, thoughtful and a natural leader, at times vocally, but always in her actions.

- Google |

Terrific. Kim delivered as promised with power, impact and sincerity. One of our top Keynotes over the last couple of years.

- Navex Global |

Expert, poised, focused and very open to our direction regarding the make of the audience to be addressed. Ms. Blue delivered a compelling, informative keynote.

- Navex Global, Inc. |

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