Kelly McDonald

Expert on Marketing and Consumer Trends and Bestselling Author

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Colorado, United States

Expert on Marketing and Consumer Trends
and Bestselling Author

Kelly McDonald is a marketing and advertising specialist and considered one of the nation’s top experts in consumer trends, generational differences and leveraging the customer experience.  She is the founder of McDonald Marketing, which has twice been named one of the “Top Ad Agencies in the U.S.” by Advertising Age magazine and ranked as one of the fastest-growing independently-owned companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine.

Multicultural Marketing

Kelly McDonald provides you with the tools to grow your business and effectively engage consumers through tailored messaging and culturally relevant marketing efforts. As a master of multicultural marketing, Kelly emphasizes the benefits of segmentation as a path to establishing stronger customer ties and cultivating long-term loyalty.


She has been featured on CNBC, in Forbes Magazine, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, on and on SiriusXM Radio.


Her client experience includes iconic brands such as Toyota, State Farm, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Miller-Coors and Sherwin-Williams.


In addition to her extensive public speaking experience, she is also the author of three bestselling books. Her first, How to Market to People Not Like You, was #7 on the list of Bestselling Business Books of 2011. Her second book, Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You, was #5 on the list of Bestselling Business Books of 2013. Her latest book is How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You: Practical Solutions for Today’s Diverse Workplace.

Kelly is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  She now lives in Denver, Colorado.  When she’s not speaking and traveling for business, she enjoys hiking in the mountains and being outside.  And shopping for high heels.

How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You

Every business and organization wants to do better and be better. A proven way to accomplish this is to have employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, because they are able to serve different customers and clients in meaningful ways. But our differences can often create friction. Different people may not see eye-to-eye on an issue. Their communication styles may be very different. Their comfort in working with technology may be miles apart. Cultural backgrounds and norms can differ. Even men and women can see situations differently. How do you work alongside someone who may be quite different from you, respect those differences and be effective in your role? “How to Work With & Lead People Not Like You” shows how to navigate a complex work environment, build trust and solve problems, no matter how different people are from one another. The result is business growth, higher profits and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to Market to People Who Are Not Like You: The New Market Segmentation

If you could grow your business simply by marketing to your existing clients and raking in more referrals, making money would be a cakewalk. But to generate new revenue, you have to win over the customers and prospects you’re not getting, but could be. And typically, the customers you’re not getting are ones who are “not like you”. You know how to sell. You know how to communicate effectively with your customers. But how do you form a connection with people who are very different from one another? When working with different clients and prospects, you need to be able to break through barriers to connect in a meaningful way, build trust and tap into values. You need tactics that are crafted specifically for diverse groups of people and their cultural preferences. People spend money on what they value. Show all of your customers and prospects how you fit into what they value, and they’ll show you the money. Using consumer insights and real-world, relatable examples, “How to Market to, Sell to & Serve People Not Like You” shows you how to grow your business with simple, effective, and proven tactics that don’t cost a dime or take weeks to get off the ground.

Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

Your industry is going through tremendous change: technology is changing how business is done and what customers expect. More and more, businesses must differentiate themselves on the experience that customers have, in addition to the products and services offered. The way to stand apart from your competition and grow business is about offering a customer experience like no other. And don’t let the word “customer” limit your thinking. We all have customers – even if your customer is your boss. Whether the “customer” is external (customers and prospects) or internal (your associates, suppliers, your supervisor or your team), each of us is responsible for satisfying our customer constituencies. This fun and engaging, high content session will cover key methods of how companies, brands and products struggling to differentiate themselves in the “sea of sameness” can foster long-term loyalty and brand preference with exceptional and customized customer experiences. A "one-size fits all" approach to the customer experience is no longer viable. Using real world examples and best practices from successful organizations, you’ll learn how catering to customers’ differences can differentiate you from your competitors and give you the edge in a business that demands more from you than ever before.

Eight Macro Trends and How to Leverage Them NOW

The economic, demographic, lifestyle, communication and social shifts that are occurring in the U.S. are startling and profound. For business, these shifts and trends must be understood – and leveraged. Economic pressure on consumers is altering how they spend money and make choices on a daily basis. Quality brands win as consumers adopt a “bigger, better, fewer” mindset, meaning that it’s not worth skimping on splurges or desires. Instead, the consumers mindset now is “make it count”. “Little luxuries” are how consumers “reward” themselves now and therefore, the customer experience creates a greater value factor when it comes to fostering value and loyalty. Additionally, recruiting new talent on an ongoing basis, especially with younger workers is a challenge, but trends have emerged on what works – and what doesn’t. For both Millennials and Gen Z, the good that their companies do – and their role in driving that - is now the cool thing to brag about. Tailoring customer interactions with cultural insights is tremendously powerful – and valuable. It’s imperative that you understand these new shifts, the way that people live and work today and what’s important to them. Your business growth depends on it. This presentation will focus on the eight biggest macro trends that affect your business today - and tomorrow.

All Kelly McDonald Books

Crafting the Customer Experience For People Not Like You: How to Delight and Engage the Customers Your Competitors Don’t Understand
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How to Market to People Not Like You: “Know It or Blow It” Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers
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How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You: Practical Solutions for Today’s Diverse Workplace
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Kelly opened the audience’s eyes to concepts that most people had never considered, and they were surprised but very pleased with her intimate knowledge of the subject matter. Kelly is a brilliant communicator, and I really enjoyed her animated style of delivery.

- Automotive Service Association |

Kelly’s reviews were excellent. Lots of attendees stayed after with questions, which is always a good sign. Kelly is a pleasure to work with; she is always prepared and enthusiastic.

- World Shoe Association |

Kelly did an outstanding job presenting to our delegates at the 2006 Missouri Governor’s Conference on tourism. Her presentation was powerful, engaging, motivating and most of all, timely! I know our delegates learned a great deal. It was a pleasure working with Kelly, and I look forward to calling on her expertise again in the future.

- Missouri Division of Tourism |

Kelly is the ultimate professional and just right on it! Also bonus- her camera is great and background it awesome (important in the virtual world)!

- Signia USA |

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Recent Books

Crafting the Customer Experience For People Not Like You: How to Delight and Engage the Customers Your Competitors Don’t Understand
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How to Market to People Not Like You: “Know It or Blow It” Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers
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