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Registered Nurse and Motivational Speaker

Kathy Brown, RN, CSP is an international keynote speaker, author, and seminar leader. Her background as a communications coordinator, development and training specialist, registered nurse, corporate health care recruiter, and business owner brings a wealth of information along with real life experiences that have inspired and motivated hundreds of audiences nationwide.

Certified Speaking Professional

Kathy has earned the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation which is the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill. Less than 15% of the National Professional Speakers hold this professional designation.


Her first book, Living Happily Ever Laughter … A Guide To Thinking Funny In A Fast Paced World is a fun motivational cartoon gift book in its third printing. Kathy’s second book, I Only Have A Minute … So Let’s Make It Matter  is about crafting a life that brings more meaning to the moments in your life. You will find tools for living life on purpose with more joy, laughter, peace, and contentment that seem elusive in today’s stress filled world. Kathy is also a contributing author in Chicken Soup For The Nurse’s Soul, Second Dose as well as multiple published articles.


Kathy has humorously inspired, taught, and motivated clients such as 3 M, Miami Children’s Hospital, Sprint, Thomson Delmar Learning, Curves International, Inc., Baptist Hospital- Pensacola, Cornell University, Care Providers, IBM Mid America, Bethel College, Norwest Bank, Medtronic, Wesley Health Care Ministries, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Northwest Airlines, U.S. Army, and Medica.

How to Live Happily Ever Laughter:

This session will help you release the power of laughter from your child within. You will feel the energy in Kathy's enthusiasm as she relates real life stories that illustrate how to go from pain to power on the wings of love and laughter.

The Magic Is YOU!:

This keynote will help you celebrate your personal and professional "Magic." Kathy will share an energetic, music enhanced look at how to learn and affirm your worth today while creating your own tomorrow on the wings of laughter.

The Future Is YOU!:

This keynote provides a realistic approach to facing new challenges and the "security of risk." You will learn ways to harness the genius in others for a successful "lift off" into a future that cries out for better understanding.

Humor Me … I'm the Customer:

You will learn specific guidelines on how to deliver quality service in the land where EVERYONE is a customer. You will discover specific guidelines in dealing with yourself, where service really start, so your brilliant service attitude will outshine the competition. You will then learn how to build relationships with fellow employees, thus building morale and trust to create a more positive work environment. You will discover how to know how your customers feel, what really matters to them, and how to turn an unhappy customer into your greatest advocate.

How to Work With Humans or Laughter IS Good for Business:

This fun session will help you identify your style of working with others. Learn how to build trust and improve morale using creative techniques while helping each other feel like a VIP. Discover what it takes to create a positive energetic work environment while you reduce stress and increase the retention of quality employees. Learn how to be there for one another, have fun, make other people happy, and choose to be positive no matter what others are saying or doing. Experience the positive power that laughter brings to us personally and professionally.

I Only Have a Minute:

This session will put in perspective how "minutes" matter. You will learn how the pressures of life can be turned into catalysts for character development as well as building relationships. Discover skills that will help you age more positively. Learn to prioritize efficiently to maximize your time when you are asked to do more with less so you can "Jest For the Stress of It." Life management skills will be covered for a happier, healthier you because you may only have a "minute."

All Kathy Brown Books

Chicken Soup For The Nurse’s Soul Second Dose
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How To Live Happily Ever Laughter … A Guide To Thinking Funny In A Fast Paced World
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I Only Have a Minute … So Let’s Make It Matter!
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“I’m glad we used you to close the show each day. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to follow you an any agenda. You are the proverbial “tough act to follow.” Beyond that, you were perfect for Curves and for our franchise community. The feedback we’ve had has been universally effusive. It’s not easy to help 3,000 women learn and laugh in the same session, but you did it!”

- Curves International, Inc. | President

“I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation you provided at Carle’s Business Health services’ seminar. That may be an understatement since 100% of participants felt your presentation was very good or excellent. They represented a diverse group of leaders, which makes the survey results even more impressive. Some comments were: Very informative. Materials can be used to teach others at my job. Over the top – doesn’t get much better than this. Superb information – superbly presented!

- Business Health Services | Director

“Your presentation at the recent Serono Symposia Fourteenth International Conference for Nurses and Support Personnel in Reproductive Medicine was phenomenal. This was the first time that we had a speaker such as yourself open and close the conference. Your talk was truly inspirational. As I looked around the room on the days you spoke, I saw nurses crying and laughing almost simultaneously. As the chairperson at this conference you more than exceed my expectations. I consider it invaluable for people to be “in touch” with their feelings. Nurses especially. I heard many nurses say that they had not laughed or cried like that in a long time. Thank you so much for all that you gave to so many people throughout the conference as well as your excellent talks. Thank you for being there and being you!”

- Ottawa Hospital | Clinical Services Manager

“Your ability to both move us to tears and push us to laughter is a gift. We are grateful to have received it and for the pleasure of your company in celebrating the wonderful nurses at the Cambridge Health Alliance. Thank you so much for your patience, humor, encouragement and of course your energy!”

- Cambridge Health Alliance | Senior Director of Public Health Nursing Services

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Recent Books

Chicken Soup For The Nurse’s Soul Second Dose
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How To Live Happily Ever Laughter … A Guide To Thinking Funny In A Fast Paced World
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