John Paling

Emmy Award-winning wildlife filmmaker and environmentalist, he compares the worlds of nature and business.

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$5,000 to $10,000
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Florida, United States

John Paling is an environmental speaker and business consultant who transforms environmental responsibilities into business profits and discover practical solutions to today’s environmental challenges and tomorrow’s future.

British business speaker and consultant, Dr. John Paling, has helped hundreds of businesses transform environmental responsibilities into bottom line profits and competitive strengths and has demonstrated to associations and civic groups at all levels the win-win world of "Being True To Your Nature." John Paling is an infectiously enthusiastic keynote environmental speaker and author. Dr Paling is a former professor at Oxford University’s Department of Biology in England and is currently on staff at the University of Florida Center for Environmental Toxicology.

John Paling is a producer and photographer of Emmy award winning programs for National Geographic Society, Nova & the BBC. John is an effective and entertaining presenter with over two decades of experience with high profile organizations. As a environmental speaker, John is an exceptional communicator with ability to share insightful perspectives for running win-win programs with people at all levels in corporations in associations Internationally published author

A sophisticated, yet light-hearted communicator, John Paling is the environmental consultant and speaker resource executives need to establish a reasonable balance between bottom-line economic goals and commitment to protecting our natural resources. John Paling’s environmental consulting brings global environmental issues into perspective, he provides audiences with information with a non-adversarial manner and enhanced viewpoint they need to make sound decisions both financially and socially.

"Up to Your Armpits in Alligators?"

John presents five key strategies to conquer risks and take back control of your life. He shows how to use the "Paling Perspective Scale©" to put real risks into perspective so that you can focus on what really matters for success.

"It's a Jungle Out There!" Lessons from nature on how to succeed with change.

Dr. John Paling draws on his experiences as a National Geographic Society, Emmy-Awarded wildlife photographer and an Oxford University Professor of Biology to offer fresh perspectives to all those who feel "It's a Jungle Out There!"

Positive Environmentalism: Business vs. the environment--two worlds, one planet; win/win solutions.

John Paling founded the Risk Communication and Environmental Institute, an organization dedicated to supporting win-win solutions for long term environmental success. He developed the patented Good Earth Keeping© Seal to give recognition and encouragement to businesses that take pioneering steps to help the environment.

The Good Earthkeeping Project

John takes the powerful reality that “Every little helps” and energizes it with a tool for encouraging businesses to show their concern to support environmental sustainability. John has been described as “the preeminent positive environmentalist” because he seeks to influence by using “carrots” and not “sticks”. He puts together community partnerships involving youth, environmentalists,the media and businesses to stimulate baby steps towards stepping more lightly on our planet.

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Up to Your Armpits in Alligators?: How to Sort Out What Risks Are Worth Worrying About!
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Up to Your Armpits in Alligators?: How to Sort Out What Risks Are Worth Worrying About!
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