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Olympian, Author, Leadership & Transformation Expert

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Olympian, Author, Leadership & Transformation Expert

Jeremiah Brown, Olympic silver medalist is an inspirational & motivational speaker who help people find deeper resilience & the determination to combat challenges in change. Jeremiah Brown is known for his deep insights into the psychology of high performance and human transformation, both from an individual and leadership perspective.


Jeremiah Brown won an Olympic silver medal as a member of the Canadian men’s eight rowing team at the London 2012 Olympic Games. A young father with a big dream, Jeremiah Brown is one of the few Olympians ever to have started learning his sport only four years before winning a medal at the Olympics. eremiah Brown went on to lead the Canadian Olympic Committee’s athlete wellness and transition programs for 3000 Olympic, Paralympic, and national team athletes. After the 2012 Olympics, Jeremiah Brown was selected by the Canadian Olympic Committee to lead the development and implementation of Game Plan, a program supporting the transition of over 3,000 elite athletes into their next life phase. He established partnerships with leading Canadian universities and top companies, as well as secured over $11 million in scholarships through Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.


Jeremiah began his career in business as a commercial banker with TD Bank, managing the lending risk for an $80 million portfolio of loans to SME businesses on Vancouver Island. Whether supporting elite athletes reinvent themselves, or helping organizations adapt to change, Jeremiah Brown is known for his deep insights into the psychology of high performance and human transformation, both from an individual and leadership perspective.


Jeremiah’s memoir, The 4-Year Olympian, spent five weeks as the #1 bestselling sports memoir in Canada. His story has been featured on CBC, CTV, Roger’s Sportsnet, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and USA Today. A top keynote speaker, Jeremiah has helped thousands of people find the courage to reach their goals and overcome the psychological traps and emotional pitfalls that lie hidden along the way.

Keynote Speaker

Redefining the power of enduring uncertainty and trusting others, Jeremiah Brown uses his story to inspire audiences around the world to rethink what is possible for themselves in just four years. Through each reinvention, Jeremiah has come to learn that resilience is the skill that underpins them all, and he now passionately helps organizations and people understand how to strengthen their resilience when adapting to change in their own careers and personal lives..

Jeremiah Brown Speaking Topics

Achieve the Impossible: Powering Podium Performance

Inspirational, insightful and powerful. Jeremiah blends memorable storytelling with deep insights into conquering burnout, overwhelm, and fear while adapting to change and achieving your goals. The passion that drives an Olympian is the same passion that drives your people. With his humour, authenticity, and energetic delivery, Jeremiah captivates audiences as he draws parallels between the worlds of Olympic sport and business. Jeremiah takes audiences on an incredible one-of-a-kind journey of personal transformation and team unity. He challenges common notions of what it means to lead and to be led in the pursuit of excellence. He shows how to adapt to forces outside of one’s control and stay the course when the pressure is on, all while encouraging a healthy dose of self-compassion and humility. Using vivid real-life Olympic setbacks, failures, and ultimate success, Jeremiah illuminates the true markers for success in any competitive setting.

Bring Them With You: Leading Others Through Change

You need to find a way to overcome bad days, boost morale, and come together as one team. Your competitive environment is changing, overwhelm abounds, and the pressure is on. When you are launching new initiatives, striving for market leadership, and have reached a pivotal point in your journey, Jeremiah can help you lead with courage and frame your constraints as opportunities. In this Keynote, Jeremiah will compare and contrast the norms, behaviours, and tactics used by sports coaches with common workplace challenges to help you perform at your best while building trust and motivating your teams in the workplace. When you start to see yourself as a coach of human beings first, and a manager second, you will be able to reduce your frustration, increase communication clarity, and improve performance with less residual stress in your life.

Disruption and Change: Compete With Courage

We are all tasked with embracing change, or risk being left behind by disruption and market forces outside of our control. Constant learning and reinvention are the new normal. From the Olympic laboratory to the workplace, Jeremiah uses masterful storytelling to carefully deconstruct how to perform and execute in the face of overwhelming challenges. Known for his deep honesty, humour and relatability, Jeremiah deconstructs common misconceptions between resilience and high performance, vividly illustrates the human side of transformation, and provides actionable steps that individuals and organizations can take to improve one’s performance in times of change and disruption.

Virtual Keynote: Adapt To Change, Accelerate Growth, and Propel Your Team To Podium Performances

A most improbable Olympian, Jeremiah has learned what it takes to reach the podium – in sport, in business, and in life. With lessons from high-pressure Olympic performance environments, Jeremiah shares battle-tested insights into performing under pressure and stress while pursuing big goals. Jeremiah presents each virtual keynote on your platform of choice (Zoom, MS Teams, Google, etc.) from his professional keynote studio featuring professional grade acoustics, lighting, and video.

Jeremiah Brown Books

The 4 Year Olympian: From First Stroke to Olympic Medallist
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Jeremiah Brown Speaker Testimonials

Jeremiah inspired our leadership team to adopt a breakthrough mindset, which is exactly the message we needed to deliver to our team in a rapidly changing business environment.

- Faisal Kazi, President & CEO | Siemens Canada

Jeremiah is a very engaging speaker. I manage a team of five managers who each manage teams of eight people, and they each took different things away from Jeremiah's keynote that they could apply to coaching their own teams in the workplace.

- Randi Nixon | Director, Northbridge Financial Corporation

Jeremiah’s presentation was the top keynote presentation at our three-day conference. His captivating storytelling ability had people going through the same roller coaster of emotions he felt on the road to achieve his dream in 4 years. He provides you with a different perspective on what resilience truly means and shows you how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. He was incredibly captivating, motivating and inspiring. As a man who truly defied statistical odds to succeed, he makes you appreciate and believe that you can too.

- Andrea Jeffs Program Manager | Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia

We wanted to invest in a top virtual keynote speaker and we're glad we did! We received so much positive feedback from our committee, our board, and most importantly our members about both the content and Jeremiah’s great personality and presentation style. Jeremiah was definitely worth the investment and we’re glad we made it!

- Marion Price, Director | Parks & Recreation Ontario

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The 4 Year Olympian: From First Stroke to Olympic Medallist
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