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Top Sports Psychologist, TV Personality, and Author

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Top Sports Psychologist, TV Personality, and Author

Hailed by Golf Digest as one of the sports’ great masterminds, Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a world-renowned expert on human performance. He has authored numerous books on topics from golf psychology to parenting, to his newest release, Full-throttle, which motivates readers to supercharge their energy and performance at work. Dr. Gregg is a multitasker who speaks all around the globe, appears on television, works as a performance coach and is a award winning professor.

It all started when Gregg was a young lad competing in southern California in the local tennis tournaments. He realized then that the best players had a handle on their emotions and could rebound from bad breaks. However, the ones who played their worst did not have enough emotional control. From that realization, he went on to study performance psychology at U.C. Santa Barbara and then went to Florida State University for his Masters. He attended the University of Florida for his Doctorate in human performance.

Dr. Gregg has studied human performance for the past 25 years and has discovered a basic principle that is consistent across sport, academics and business: when you master your emotions you master your world.

Dr. Gregg not only shares his philosophy to audiences across the globe, but also gives hands-on tools that help those who hear him lead a more productive and happier life.

Dr. Gregg communicates to his audience through heartfelt stories. He weaves stories that are riveting yet life-changing. Corporations, associations, schools and even 8 year old golfers have all indicated that Dr. Gregg is a unique and gifted speaker. According to their feedback, his uniqueness stems from:

  • Being a unique and masterful story teller – He has many unique stories with world-class athletes and top-executives whom he has coached to excellence and he shares these heartfelt stories with the audience. Their uniqueness keeps the audience engaged and entertained.
  • Providing hands-on tools – Dr. Gregg does more than just give his philosophy and tell stories, he gives his audience essential hands-on tools to improve their lives. The feedback from audiences is how employees’ lives have been changed because of the knowledge they learned.

Gregg Steinberg Speaking Topics

Full Throttle: How to supercharge your energy and performance at work

Do you want to be charged up everyday? Do you want to be focused for every meeting? Do you want greater health, balance and happiness? Facing a continual barrage of tasks coupled with a tough economy, many people feel completely drained by day’s end. To stay ahead of the game, you need to capitalize on your energy-to go full-throttle when needed. From his years of experience in the personal development field, Dr. Gregg has developed an energy management system comprised of 5 key emotional strengths. When you learn to master these strengths, you will thrive on the inside, regardless of what is happening on the outside. Filled with incredible stories, real realistic examples, topical insights and a lot of laughter, This is one of Gregg’s most versatile presentations.

Full Throttle Leadership: How to supercharge your employees everyday

Do some of your employees lack the necessary drive to excel? Have some of your staff lost their passion for their job? Has the workplace attitude soured in the past months? To help your company stay ahead of the game, you need to supercharge the energy of your employees. Inspiring others, however, is extremely difficult. Dr. Gregg has found a solution to the energy problem at work. When you help your employees master the 5 key emotional strengths, the energy level at the workplace will become supercharged. In this incomparable presentation, Dr. Gregg uses an organization’s own background and current culture to create an immediate and lasting increase in your production.

Full Throttle Team Building: The strategies of the world’s greatest sport teams and their team building secrets are revealed

All great teams have one goal in mind, to be the best. Some teams do that better than others. Dr. Gregg claims we've complicated our pursuit of what it really takes to become a great team. In this groundbreaking presentation, the audience learns that building a great team is accessible to everyone. He will help you take your team to the highest level.

Stress for Success: how to turn pressure into your advantage!

Stress can make us jump higher, see clearly and even think better, if we harness it’s power-this is a rarely understood principle. In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Gregg proves how our businesses, our relationships, and our health can prosper when we use the power of stress as a positive. He showcases this principle so that you can turn stress into your advantage.

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Mental Rules for Golf Revised Edition : 65 Innovative Strategies for Unleashing your Golf Potential
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Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work
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Recent Books

Mental Rules for Golf Revised Edition : 65 Innovative Strategies for Unleashing your Golf Potential
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Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work
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