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Bestselling Author, and Change, Leadership, & Life Balance Expert

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Change, Leadership, and Life Balance Expert

Eileen McDargh is founder and CEO of the consulting firm, The Resiliency Group (a division of McDargh Communications). Organizations like Cisco, Novartis, Oracle, and Procter & Gamble hire her firm to teach them ways of building resilient leadership teams and workplaces.

Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence magazine, which ranks top thought leaders in management and leadership, continually names Eileen to its top 50 Leadership list. Following a survey of 22,000 business professionals, the research firm, Global Gurus, named her to its list of the World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals. Along with her work as an organizational resiliency consultant, Eileen speaks and writes about resiliency in business, in life, and in relationships.

Keynote Speaker

As a platform speaker, she has given thousands of keynotes for organizations and associations in dozens of fields, including aerospace, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, public agencies, real estate, retail, technology, utilities, and women’s leadership.


She is a member of the National Speakers Association (and has served on its Board of Directors), was awarded by Speakers Platform a Top 5 Speaker designation in Teamwork / Leadership two years in a row, was elected into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and was given by her peers the Legend of the Platform Award.

Books and Publications

As an author, Eileen has written seven books, including The Resilient Spirit: Heart Talk for Surviving in An Upside Down World and Work for a Living and Still be Free to Live! In 2008, the Independent Book Publishers Association awarded her book, Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truth’s for Life’s Complexities, a Benjamin Franklin Gold Award. Her other books include My Get Up and Go… Got Up and Went, 40 Tips For Speaking Up, Speaking Out, And Being Heard and Talk Ain’t Cheap… It’s Priceless. Her latest is Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters. Her articles are found in thousands of publications both on-line and off-line.


Eileen is also a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Sloan Work and Family Researcher Network, an organization of interdisciplinary researchers and scholars studying work-life issues.


Before starting her own consultancy, Eileen was the Director of Communications for a national healthcare company, served as senior manager on a U.S. Navy installation project, and taught school in Nassau County, Florida, where she was elected “Educator of the Year.”

Cultivating Radical Resiliency

Radically turbulent times demand professional and personal responses that transcend our regular work and life patterns. It’s not about happy faces on mirrors and mantras on coffee mugs. It’s not about hanging on while holding back. It’s about times when you feel someone ate your cheese, drained the swamp, and went from great to less-than-good. How can professionals cope with change while staying focused on their jobs and organization goals? The answer is resiliency - the ability to find the inner strength to grow through a set-back, challenge or opportunity. Radical resilience requires the courage to challenge, commit, and contribute in ways that positively impact both today as well as many tomorrows. Based upon the length of the presentation, participants will: • Discover how to grow the skills of adaptability, agility, laugh-ability, and alignment for producing results that put YOU in control of your ship. • Learn a four-part model for methodically tackling the tough issues you currently face. • Explore what great leaders do to inspire teams to stay in the game and thrive. (And it has NOTHING to do with money!) Get them energized, actualized, authorized, and gratified. • Develop a personal legacy leadership goal that defies downturns and disappointments

Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resiliency to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters

In May 2019, the World Health Organization declared burnout as a global occupational hazard with specific symptoms and warnings. Enter COVID 19 and an upside-down world. Burnout has become even stronger and insidious. Remote workforces, physical distancing, and dependency on virtual communication provide their own potential for burnout. This presentation affords a way to step back and identify what burnout is, how it is triggered, how to break out of dysfunctional patterns (both personal and within the organization), and how to breakthrough to cultivate resilience through four critical connection/energy points. You’ll discover why “balance” is baloney and a better metaphor for moving through disruptive times. You’ll experience why Eileen has also been called a HOPE merchant, filling minds with positivity, laugh-ability and DO-ability.

The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life: The Secret to Resiliency!

How can you work smart and live happier? Is it even possible to have work/life balance in this fast-paced, frantic world? From senior executives to front line employees, this issue is key to the changing nature of America's workforce and today's world. We hear about the need to balance personal and work priorities, but how do you go from burned out to fired up? How can we juggle the many responsibilities and demands on our busy lives? In this insightful and interactive program you will: • Understand why traditional models of balance no longer work in these times of change. • Discover how to conduct your own “CAT” scan of life. • Acquire the skills to “sail” within the five critical areas of living. • Create your own action plan for juggling the demands of your fast-paced life. • Develop personal strategies for creating “a life by design, not be default”. • Learn at least three methods for effective self-management and self-improvement that you can put to work immediately

The Power of Engagement: Crafting Connections That Count For People Who Matter

It’s time to START talking and get back to work! Create a competitive edge in engaging and retaining talented employees and customers on the most human of playing fields: conversation. Without that connection, there is no energy of engagement. Discover the secret of viewing points, orange batons and Little David's in creating teams and fostering loyalty. The latest report from DDI reports that more than 40% of leaders crave soft skills that can help them work better with others. The results will be: • Clear understanding of what energizes employees and what depletes. • Connected and cohesive stakeholders. • Candid conversations that can generate a renewed commitment.

Surviving and Thriving With Difficult People For Resilient Relationships

This session focuses on improving relationships at work through successfully dealing with people. Using humor and examples, Eileen will guide participants through the process of learning how to defuse anger in themselves and others. They will discover how to identify and understand problem behavior and how to use systematic methods for handling such behaviors. Participants will also: • Understand techniques for “scripting” and creating rapport • Identify the behavior of difficult people and personal responses to such behaviors • Focus on effective responses to the hostile-aggressive trio • Discover the 4-step model for handling anger on and off the phone • Learn the difference between difficult people and people within a difficult situation • Identify self-management tools for developing rapport and maintaining inner calm and integrity under pressure

Leveraging Your Career To Fit YOUR Authentic Self

A good career fit is not like squeezing into Spanx. Nope! It means thinking, listening, and sensing where, when and how to craft actions that bring you from good work to great work! The result: you feel GREAT and you stop the busywork and start the work that matters. It begins from the inside out. In this session, you will: • Discover the difference between UGH work, Good Work and GREAT work. • Explore through exercises how to identify what is uniquely YOUR authentic work. • Learn how to ask for what you want and three possible steps to leverage you into your GREAT/Authentic work. • Understand the difference between a mentor and a sponsor. • Explore the six qualities of charisma and how to develop these qualities so that you attract people to you and your authentic work.

All Eileen McDargh Books

Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters
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Work for a Living and Still Be Free to Live: Revised for the New Millennium
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Your Resiliency GPS: A Guide for Growing through Life and Work
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The Resilient Spirit
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Off The Chart Results for Organizational Development
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Work for a Living and Still be Free to Live
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“It's great when so many people want to take credit for selecting the speaker. You were a smashing success...your presentation left your leadership team with plenty to think about during the remaining days to the conference."

- American Airlines | Vice President, Operations

"We had the pleasure of having Eileen McDargh present “Cultivating Radical Resiliency: Leadership Skills for Changing Times” to our healthcare leaders. It’s rare to find someone with her amazing energy, engaging presentation skills and highly relevant content. From the first interaction to the end of the day, Eileen worked closely with us to provide just the right content, customized to the needs of our leaders, and delivered in a way that was engaging, humorous and highly applicable."

- | St Joseph Health, Sonoma

"Your keen insight and outside perspective helped us uncover the issues related to trust. You kept our management retreat focused and on task. I'm receiving accolades that this was time well spent. We look forward to working with you on Phase II of the project!"

- | 3M

Eileen's presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference for our global leadership team. Within the short amount of time we had for her on the agenda she was able to give our team tools to use when dealing with organizational change. The leadership team is already adopting some of her language and tool that help identify ways of thinking that either support or impede change adoption. Feedback from the program was overwhelming positive and in fact the highest rating general session of our two and a half day meeting. It is rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Eileen has done just that. We plan to use her again with our larger IT organization to reinforce the messages and methodologies she shared with the leadership team.

- | Cisco Systems Worldwide

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Recent Books

Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters
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Work for a Living and Still Be Free to Live: Revised for the New Millennium
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