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David Goldsmith Speaker Biography

Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Inventor and
Author of Paid to THINK

Over the past 29 years, David Goldsmith, author of the book Paid to THINK and president of the Goldsmith Organization, has captivated audiences with his hard-hitting, innovative, comprehensive and consultative approach to presenting. Goldsmith Organization is a global think tank that affords him the opportunity to develop and strengthen leaders’ skills through consulting, speaking services, educational materials, and new business development opportunities. David also has several patents pending as an inventor.

Early Career

David began his career as an entrepreneur in over nine different industries during which time he received numerous awards and media attention for his accomplishments. In 1999, he sold one of his companies to a 400-franchise operation and transitioned to his passion, consulting work. He also served as an award-winning professor for 13 years at New York University.

Philanthropic Efforts

David also believes in service and has volunteered his time to organizations such as the Veterans Outreach Center, the Citizens Foundation, and the American Management Association’s Operation Enterprise (a branch of AMA that educates young people). Presently, he is working with Intel to distribute over 4 million copies of the content of Paid to THINK to emerging markets around the world.

Speaker and Consultant

Within the speaking industry, David has been recognized as one of Successful Meetings Magazine’s Hottest 26 Speakers. He is also known for founding and operating the fastest-growing speakers’ association in the world. He has served on the board of the International Management Council, and was the telecast host for both the New York National Speakers Association and the IMC. His pre-presentation research translates into fresh, relevant on-stage content that is anything but the same old presentation you’d hear from one venue to the other. David delivers new models, tools, and insights that are innovative, meaty, and transformative which generates new paradigms for listeners. David is direct in his approach and is known for a consultative presentation style that provides solutions universally to decision makers worldwide. As a result, audience members are empowered to take action and effect change immediately after sitting in on his programs.
Most notably, David is the creator of Enterprise Thinking, the practical and comprehensive approach to leading and managing detailed in Paid to THINK. Enterprise Thinking is based on research revealing 12 universal activities that move organizations, careers, and lives forward. Enterprise Thinking contains within it a “toolkit” containing more than 200 proven decision-making tools for leaders in businesses, non-profits, and organizations including military, government, and education.

David Goldsmith Speaking Topics

ENTERPRISE THINKING: An Integrated Approach to Leadership & Management

Speak with any CEO or business owner and they are looking for leadership. Business Week, The New York Times, Fortune and Forbes all recount the need for leadership and better management. Our educational system does not understand it, our business environment tries create it and yet we are falling short continually. ENTERPRISE THINKING takes management through the process of understanding what it takes to grow in management and in leadership and then develops them through a better understanding of the roles the individual play in the organization. The presentation uses real company examples, analysis of corporate needs and a process for understanding the four key elements needed to create first an understanding then action.

The Changing Faces of Leadership: The Secrets of Leaders Past and Present

Our constant search for the better leader may mind that most of what we have learned has been rehashed from years gone by. Work with David to understand the development of leadership over the past 1000 years while embracing current business changes. In addition the presentation helps the audience walk away with real life methods of changing the work environment and empowering employees and them selves to be more productive and get a sense of control over the ever changing global marketplace.

From Dreams to Reality: Achieving Corporate Goals

The Corporate and Personal Goals reaches in between the thin line drawn between work and home. Focusing on corporate planning as well as predictions of future business methodology attendee’s leave with a better understanding of how to reach new heights in their professional lives. The Personal Goal setting workshop systematically and humorously uses stories and real life examples of how to refocus ones life. Participants are challenged and assisted and making real life decisions while at the same time are refocusing their lives to be more in line with a life long objective. Achieving personal goals requires both the understanding of planning and implementing a plan. No company can achieve their goals if the individual is left in the dust.

Ten Commandments: Creating Change through the Individual

An enlightening and powerful message about bringing together the tools of the individual. Ethics, goal setting, achievement, leadership, all put together in an informative, energized, creative manner. Laugh and ponder the 10 commandments as they apply to life and the business environment. No one walks away unchanged!

Healthcare Marketing to Senior: Who's the buyer?

As our country grows old, so shall the methods of reaching these audiences. Learn how to structure and close new business by understanding what works and what does not when targeting seniors. A 1 hour presentation that explains everything from causes of purchase and the buying cycle. Areas such as website analysis and strategic issues are address in a fast pasted program

2 Steps Ahead: The Competitive New Age of Globalization

The market drops in Hong Kong. The investment portfolio of a major fund drops. The working capital of the institution decreases and your pension fund has taken a beating all in the mater of one day. The president makes a remark about genetic engineering and the NASDAQ drops. Everything is connected and the key is to understand that we do now work in a global market place. Want to start an international company launch a web site. Its like learning to fly on the ground the plane works somewhat like a car and as soon as you take flight the laws change and the wind take over. How to control and work in this environment means new understanding of the Global economy. Take the tools and message to develop a strategic plan that can with stand the change.

David Goldsmith Books

Paid to Think: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future
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David Goldsmith Speaker Testimonials

Humor, seriousness, interaction, and laughter were all woven into a well-prepared evening, yet one allowing for spontaneous discussion as well..In short, you have a real gift. This was one of the most enjoyable and refreshing presentations I have attended.

- Stephen H Stapleton | Managing Director Executive Special Services, Fed Ex

I thought David was great, I actually could have listened to him for another hour... Not only did I learn something, but it also gave me the opportunity to see him in action.

- Stephanie Lykins | Director, Human Resources, Choice Hotels International

I truly loved the presentation and wish that he had more time to speak. David gave some very valuable information - and he is very likable as a speaker. He is comfortable with himself and the topic he covers and it pertained to all - planners and suppliers. I usually listen to a speaker and think in the back of my mind - would he work in addressing my sales team - and I think David would work perfectly!

- Kathi Overkamp | Manager of Special Events Client Hospitality, US Airways

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity on Friday at BCBS to be present for your presentation. I lead a team of Business Analysts that are responsible to write system changes, find better ways to handle enhancements, define requirements and test all changes. Your presentation gave me some very valuable tools to assist my team in pulling the info out of the business without pulling teeth. Your energy was contagious.

- Judy Shepard | AVP Process Analysis and Data Management, BlueCross BlueShield

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Paid to Think: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future
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