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High Performance Expert, Sports Psychologist, and Author of the Fearless Mind

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High Performance Expert, Sports Psychologist,
and Author of the Fearless Mind

Dr. Craig Manning, human performance scientist and author of The Fearless Mind, brings his proven methodology that he uses to help some of the world’s top professional athletes, business leaders, and musicians unleash their potential. Dr. Craig Manning earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University (1995), a master’s degree in Psychology (2000) and a Doctorate in Sports Psychology (2006) from the University of Utah. Dr. Manning’s thesis examined the attributions of athletes across all sports. His clients include but not limited to the Milwaukee Bucks, US Ski and US Snowboarding teams, Red Bull High Performance, and a roster of Corporate Organizations around the world.

High Performance Expert

The secret to high performance is in the application of psychological principles. Human potential is extra-ordinary when trained the right way and when the interference that can occupy the mind is eliminated. Examples of interference include: an ego orientated mindset, fear of failure/success, poor attentional control, self-doubt, and irrational decision making. Dr. Craig Manning is a rare performance enhancement specialist. His training incorporates multiple backgrounds that have provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the various components that lead to high performance.

The Fearless Mind

High performance keynote speaker Craig Manning’s book The Fearless Mind – 5 Steps to Higher Performance has inspired and helped thousands of individuals to reach the highest level of their potential. It outlines the method used by Dr Manning that inspired The Fearless Mind program. Learning to eliminate the interference in our mind and our lives cannot only make us higher performing in athletics or business but also help us become healthier, happier, and higher performing in life.

Playing Career

After four years as an assistant coach (two years with the men’s program and two years with the women’s program), Dr. Manning was selected as the head coach for the Brigham Young University women’s tennis team. At the time Craig become one of the youngest Division 1 head coaches in the country. In 10 years as head coach, the BYU women’s tennis team has won four Mountain West Conference titles. Dr. Manning has been honored with the Mountain West Conference coach of the year award three times (2001, 2005, 2007), and also received the NCAA regional coach of the year award in 2005.

Athletic Background

During the late 80’s Dr. Manning traveled the world playing on the professional tennis tour as an amateur. He traveled, practiced, and played with many of the world’s top professionals including Pat Rafter and Wayne Arthurs while traveling to places such as France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungry, and Holland. Dr. Manning then went on to play Division 1 collegiate tennis at Brigham Young University.

Born in Camberra, Australia and currently based out of Provo, Utah, Dr. Manning enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, watching movies and continual pursuit of truth. He is married, and they have four children that are the light of his life.

The Science of Winning an NBA Championship

The Fearless Mind

Engineering High Business Performance

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The Fearless Mind: Five Essential Steps to Higher Performance
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“Dr Manning has helped me through some tough times, yesterday I had to let someone go. Who was there to help me? Dr Manning, he was there! He is a people person, he knows people. When I first meet Dr. Manning and walked out of an event that he spoke at sold! I told him that he did not realize what he had, that this will change the world. It’s not a pill, it’s a skill set! It works and I want to help him implement this with other wealth management firms like me. The Fearless Mind is about a mental mind shift. I do not allow fear to dictate my mindset. Like others within The Fearless Mind family I am not going to participate in this recession! Life is too short. Onward and upward!

- | Jeff Collinsworth, CEO/President, GOLDPoint Systems

“Within a few sessions working with Craig I felt my mental state exponentially changing. He gave me the tools, and kept me accountable to make the positive changes I needed to excel in my sport. I feel my opportunity to compete at the Olympics as well as finishing the 2010 World Cup season ranked 2nd overall in the sport of Freestyle Mogul Skiing is largely due to the mental training I learned from Craig. Besides the affect our work has had on my competition and training on the hill, it has also carried over into all areas of my life and I am happier and more balanced than ever before.”

- | Heather McPhie US Ski Team/Red Bull Athlete

“For the past two years we have been applying the Fearless Mind principles in our organization under the tutelage of Dr. Manning. As an organization we have grown tremendously, both from a revenue and profitability standpoint, as well as culturally. The single greatest asset we have is our people, Dr. Manning helped us unleash the potential of our employees to where we are a thriving organization where all team members are on the same page, with the same goals, and same vision. As an organization we focused on the “controllables” and saw great results as we eliminated the interference and moved forward. For the rest of my career these principles will be a core part of any organization I join. Thanks Dr. Manning for all of the help.”

- | Doug Johnson, CEO, The Molding Box

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The Fearless Mind: Five Essential Steps to Higher Performance
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