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Founder and CEO of Hearsay Labs, Social Networking Expert, and Author of "The Facebook Era"

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Author of The Facebook Era, Social Networking Expert and CEO of Hearsay Labs

Clara Shih, founder and CEO of Hearsay Labs, kicked off the social CRM movement in 2007 with her Faceconnector application, which integrates Facebook and Salesforce CRM. Faceconnector was the first business application on Facebook. Clara is credited for helping evolve thinking about Facebook from “just for fun” only to a serious platform with business potential.


Bestselling Author

She is author of the bestseller, The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff about Facebook and Twitter for business, which has been featured in The New York Times, AdAge, CRM Magazine, and is being used as a textbook at Stanford and Harvard Business School. Her latest book, Social Business Imperative, the sequel to her first book The Facebook Era, encourages companies to adapt to today’s customer not only with new Twitter handles but with entirely new business models.

The Facebook Era is a practical guide for executives and professionals who wish to understand social technologies like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn and how to take advantage of them for sales, marketing, and innovation. The book likens the “Facebook revolution” to the emergence of the internet in the 1990s. Shih says the internet revolution was marked by the World Wide Web of information and the power of linking content pages. Today, we are seeing the World Wide Web of people emerge across the social graph of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites. She predicts the business impact will be on the same scale as with the internet.

Previous Experience

Clara comes from a background of online advertising at Google and CRM at, where she was most recently Product Line Director of the AppExchange. Clara recently left her position as at to found Hearsay Labs, which provides social media tools enabling marketers to manage customer engagements across Facebook, Twitter, and their own websites.


Clara has degrees in computer science, economics, and internet studies from Stanford and Oxford. She is a frequently invited keynote speaker on social media marketing at global conferences including Web 2.0 Expo, Enterprise 2.0, Toronto TechWeek, and Social Ad Summit.


The Social Selling Revolution: How LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are Transforming How Agents Sell

Every day, a billion people share the most important moments of their lives on social media, from new jobs to newborns -- and everything in between. Your own social networks are full of these “social signals” and your competitors are acting on this information in real time. The days of cold outreach are over-- today's savvy agents leverage these real-time insights to get smart about whom to reach out to, when to reach out, and what to say as well as to build deep lasting relationships that result in renewal, upsell, and referrals. Bestselling author, social media expert and Silicon Valley tech CEO Clara Shih will walk through how to succeed in today's radically different selling environment.

Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Play Book

Thanks to Facebook, people are sharing more about themselves online than ever before. Not only is this affecting personal relationships, marketers too can use this information to better target their messages. The ultimate holy grail for marketers is a 100% response rate for their campaigns. The data shows unequivocally: response rates go up dramatically when the communication feels personalized or is endorsed by a friend. With hypertargeting, news feeds, and retweets, Facebook and Twitter give us the opportunity do both. Marketers need to be where their customers are and communicate via the channels preferred by their audiences. Increasingly, this is on Facebook. To be successful in the Facebook Era, marketers need to master the new skillset and consumer psychology of the social web.

Lean Startup Principles for Sales

Startup Lessons Learned explores what it takes to succeed in building a lean startup. The goal is to give practitioners and students of the lean startup methodology the opportunity to hear insights from leaders in embracing and deploying the core principles of the lean startup methodology. The day-long event will feature a mix of panels and talks focused on the key challenges and issues that technical and market-facing people at startups need to understand in order to succeed in building successful lean startups.

7 Habits of Successful Facebook Marketers

Every marketer knows that social media is “important”. The question is how to actually put the channel to work in a revenue-generation program. Now, DMCNY gives you an opportunity to explore possible answers with nationally-known social media strategist and author Clara Shih. How B2C and B2B marketers engage audiences with timely content and memorable campaigns Using compelling case studies from successful brands, Ms. Shih will take us through the process of going where your customers are, grabbing their attention and delivering results to the bottom line.

The Future of Distribution and Marketing: Staying Relevant in the Digital Era

"All aspects of human life are being digitized," said Geoffrey Moore. Financial services firms have three choices: ignore, innovate, or die.

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How to Make Money Marketing Your Business on Facebook
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The Social Business Imperative: Adapting Your Business Model to the Always-Connected Customer
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The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff
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How to Make Money Marketing Your Business on Facebook
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The Social Business Imperative: Adapting Your Business Model to the Always-Connected Customer
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