Bill Butterworth

Bestselling Humorist and Expert on Life & Work Balance

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Bill Butterworth Speaker Biography

Bestselling Humorist and Expert on Life & Work Balance

Bill Butterworth is an award-winning speaker and author with nearly 40 titles to his name. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company, professional sports team, or a family conference, Bill’s extraordinary ability to blend humor, storytelling, wisdom and practicality has resonated with a wide range of audiences across the globe.

Inspirational Speaker

For close to 30 years Bill has traveled full-time speaking to hundreds of audiences, including Fortune 500 clients such as Microsoft, Walt Disney, Ford, Chrysler, Bank of America, and Verizon, as well as over 50 professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball.


Beyond speaking, Bill has authored over three-dozen books as a writer and a ghostwriter.  His latest contribution is a book entitled Everyday Influence.  Other authored titles include such classics as Balancing Work and Life, Building Successful Teams, The Short List, and The Promise of the Second Wind.

Early Career

Before his speaking and writing career took shape, humorist keynote speaker Bill Butterworth taught at the college level for thirteen years and was a counselor for six years.

Bill Butterworth Speaking Topics

Seeing The Light Before You Feel The Heat

Using Balance to Achieve Long Term Success Priorities: Being accountable for your schedule Endurance: Don`t just do something, sit there! Pacing: Doing fewer unimportant things

Making Friends With Change

Process of Change: How change works Perils of Change: Why change frightens us Proactive Change: Moving from should to could

The Promise of The Second Wind

Renewed Purpose: I know why I'm here Re-energized Direction: I know where I'm going Re-vitalized Energy: I have fresh fuel for life's race

Great Traits of Effective Teams

Making use of his exceptional, humor-laced storytelling style, Butterworth makes the basics of teamwork easy to grasp and easy to put to work and offers a succinct understanding of how to work well as a team.

The Only Constant Is Change

Bill Butterworth Books

Everyday Influence
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On the Fly Guide to Balancing Work and Life
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On the Fly Guide to Building Successful Teams
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Bill Butterworth Speaker Testimonials

Your remarks were challenging and the audience was very responsive. In a hard charging business environment it is difficult to maintain perspective and your talk on “balance” was very appropriate in this regard. We look forward to a repeat opportunity in the future.

- | American Express

We were impressed with his presentation style, content, and his ability to connect with the audience. The response we received from our convention attendees was overwhelmingly positive so we have asked Bill to return again this year. He is an outstanding communicator, versatile in his approach and content.

- | Walt Disney Company

Your presentation was a big success! The entire management team stated how much they enjoyed it and how appropriate the subject of work-life balance was for the organization. We look forward to hearing you again.

- | Ford Motor Company

Judging from the audience response as well as the feedback we have heard, you hit a “Home Run!” Your mix of humor and message was just what we had hoped for.

- | Bank of America

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Recent Books

Everyday Influence
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On the Fly Guide to Balancing Work and Life
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