SETH MATTISON: 5 Hot New Insights on the Future of Work

Seth Mattison has been hard at work conducting in-depth research and engaging with clients across a diverse spectrum of industries. From financial services to healthcare, automotive to hospitality, Seth has unearthed a series of surprising insights to help you and your clients make sense of our changing world.

While there is a lot we don’t yet know, here are FIVE THINGS we do…

1. Leadership matters more than ever, and a new human-centered, values driven and heart-led approach isn’t just a nice to have, it’s required.
2. In the face of economic uncertainty, employees maintain their power as we enter “the forever labor shortage.”
3. Despite the ongoing demands for employees to return, the office as we knew it is dead.
4. AI isn’t going to steal your job, but someone who knows how to use it, might.
5. Hybrid work has eroded our connection to the organization and challenged productivity, but the answer is not returning to the office full time; it’s developing the right workplace model and the culture to support it.

VIDEO: Hear more from Seth on why the office must feel like an opportunity and not an obligation in order for high-performance cultures to thrive.

Despite three years of upheaval, the dust settling on the state of work seems elusive. Week after week, the divide between employers and employees widens, fueled by various factors such as the ongoing clash between return-to-office and work-from-home preferences, the disruptive influence of generative AI on talent, the shift from jobs to skills, and the persistently tight labor market’s impact on employee power. In this environment of heightened tensions, the future remains in flux.

As we enter the back half of 2023, leaders face continued transformation of the workplace and the world at large, and many of our clients are struggling to adapt. In fact, according to Deloitte’s 2023 Human Capital Trends Report…

“Nearly half of respondents said their organization’s leaders are overwhelmed and struggling to identify what they should prioritize in a new world of work — and only 23% said they believe their leaders have the capacity to lead through today’s disruptions at all.”
Seth’s research and insights are specifically designed to help leaders close this gap and lead their organizations with a clear path into the future. And that path to the future starts with a critical Future-Ready Mindset…

VIDEO: “The Future isn’t Happening to Us, The Future is Being Co-Created Through Us.”

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