The Radical Edge: Stoke Your Business, Amp Your Life, and Change the World

Can people amp up their lives to an amazing level of achievement? Can the world of customers, companies, employees, and neighborhoods be changed for the better-if individuals just assume personal responsibility? In a brilliant sequel to his bestseller, The Radical Leap, management guru and coach Steve Farber shows exactly how to turn those possibilities into reality. In The Radical Edge, Farber builds on his philosophy of Extreme Leadership and takes readers to a higher level of self-discovery. In this clever sequel, readers say goodbye to soporific business books on leadership and hello to quirky and wise characters who explain how they’ve changed the world, simply by taking complete charge of their lives. Favorite personalities featured in The Radical Leap reappear-surfer and sage Edg and William “Pops” Maritime, for example-to reveal how they built their businesses and led life on their own terms. Farber draws on his work with world-renowned clients to show readers the actions they should take to fight inertia, change their lives, and truly make a difference.

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