A CIVIL DISCOURSE – A Discussion with Professors Robert George and Cornel West (Live or Virtual)

Host a civil, wide-ranging discussion about freedom of speech, freedom of thought, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the cancel culture with Professors Robert George of Princeton and Cornel West of Harvard. Live or Virtual, Professors George and West address whether both society and the ways in which we can discuss its virtues and its deficiencies, are in need of fundamental change. Book Drs. Cornel West and Robert George at Speakers.com today!


A Discussion with Professors Robert George and Cornel West (The Federalist)

Cornel West & Robert George on Firing Line with Margaret Hoover (PBS)

Renowned Public Intellectual, Harvard Professor, and Groundbreaking Author of Race Matters and Democracy Matters

Leading Christian Conservative Scholar, Princeton Professor, Authority on Natural Law, and Best-Selling Author

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