Tyler Cohen Wood

Cyber Security, Intelligence, & National Security Expert and Former Director of Cyber Risk Management for AT&T

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Tyler Cohen Wood Speaker Biography

Cyber Security, Intelligence, & National Security Expert and Former Director of Cyber Risk Management for AT&T

With a passion for helping the average person understand the dangers and pitfalls of living in a digital world, Tyler is also called upon as a featured speaker to educate audiences of all demographics on the ever-growing and ever-changing digital landscape.


As a keynote speaker, author, national security expert, and overall cyber authority, she is relied on to provide unique insight into cyber threats, cyber warfare, mitigating cyber risk, national security, and ensuring industries have the tools and knowledge they need to defend themselves in the digital world. She has received many awards such as Top 10 cybersecurity keynote speakers in Onalytica’s 2021 report, “Who’s Who in Cybersecurity and The Top Influencers and Brands, Cybercrime magazine’s Top 30 Cybersecurity Experts to Follow in 2021”. She was also listed “Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers to Follow 2021” by The Awards Magazine, 30 Most Inspiring Women in AI 2021 by Engati, Top 10 Cybersecurity speakers and influencers by Kevsbest, and is a Finalist for Cybersecurity of Woman Leader of the Year 2021.

Cybersecurity Pro

Tyler has worked in the private sector as a Director of the Cyber Risk Management group at AT&T, using thought leadership and her cybersecurity expertise to develop new and inventive solutions to protect customers from hackers and the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape.


Prior to that, Tyler worked at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under the DoD, serving as a Senior Intelligence Officer, Deputy Cyber Division Chief of the Special Communications Division and the DIA Science and Technologies Directorate-selected Cyber Subject Matter Expert (SME). While at DIA, she developed highly technical cyber solutions, cybersecurity awareness training, and made recommendations and decisions significantly interpreting, developing, and changing critical cyber initiatives and directives affecting current and future DoD and intelligence community programs. She has helped the White House, DoD, federal law enforcement, and the intelligence community thwart many threats to United States cyber security.

Special Forces Cyber Ops

Tyler was also responsible for developing and leading many interagency working groups and task forces to develop, assess and deconflict advanced technical capabilities, techniques and cybersecurity awareness training currently being used by U.S. Special Forces and the intelligence community to conduct special operations and missions.

Keynote Speaker

Tyler has given many empowering keynotes and presentations for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s. Tyler has been a keynote and session speaker at conferences such as RSA, Defcon/Blackhat, HTCIA, Bloomberg Legal Conference Series, DoD Cybercrime Conference, ISSA, ISACA, EY Global and Mobility Talent Conference Berlin, A Gateway to Cybersecurity, Annual Corporate Fleet Conference (AFLA 2018), EC Council, Hacker Halted, FedEx Cyber Security Conference, BankersWeb Conference, Canadian Pharmacy Conference, Raymond James, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and many more.


Her latest book, Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life (2014, The Career Press), teaches how to safely and successfully navigate the online world, and protect yourself, your children, your business and your privacy.


Tyler’s expertise has made her a highly sought-after guest and writer for both national and local television, radio, print and online media. She has been featured on Good Morning America, FOX and Friends, CBS Evening News, ABC World News Tonight, Bloomberg, CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, WGN, among others, and in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Huffington Post.

Tyler Cohen Wood Speaking Topics

Redefining Cyber Security by Employing a New Paradigm

The media is awash with seemingly daily reports of more and more serious cyber-attacks. We are losing the battle with cybersecurity and will continue to in the future unless we make critical and fundamental shifts to our paradigm. Cybersecurity leaders agree that the field has become one in which we find ourselves in a constant reactive loop, where we’re putting out fires without truly identifying underlying problems. Without addressing the problems, how can we even begin to address the solutions? This presentation will closely align the disconnects and critical failures facing cybersecurity with another industry that has achieved pockets of excellence that go a long way to mitigating failure. Through Wood’s extensive background in multiple aspects of cybersecurity and her experience navigating another equally complex field, she will use her expertise and unique storytelling approach to share how to truly understand cyber challenges in order to fully address the bigger picture with concrete solutions. Through analogies and case studies, Wood will detail the major cyber problems businesses face today and demonstrate how, by employing a new model and paradigm, we can begin to solve the cybersecurity and workforce problems today and those on the threat horizon of tomorrow.

Corporate Cyberwarfare: Real Solutions to Protect your Business and Assets

With cyberattacks already at a critical level, it’s important to understand specific active threats, who’s carrying them out, what is being done and what else can be done about it. Cyber threats have cyber war is being waged today, we can take tactical preventative measures to stave off a lurking disaster that could potentially put a company out of business. In today’s quickly evolving connected world where business is more frequently done on the go using mobile, IoT and many other smart devices, cyber threats are more of a risk to corporations than ever. What are the threats to businesses and just how realistic are they? Can they really happen? How can we ensure we are armed with the knowledge to protect corporate assets and critical business infrastructure from increasingly aggressive threat actors? Many businesses know that the threats are out there but aren’t sure what to do about it or even how to begin to tackle the problem at hand. This presentation will focus on the real cyber-attacks being enacted today against businesses of all sizes, and what can be done about them. We’ll cover the current threat landscape and the ever-looming threat horizon of corporate cyber risk. We’ll also explore how the unique challenges of remote work using connected devices, implants, and A.I. affect business cybersecurity. At the end of the presentation the audience will have a close understanding of the main threat actors, the threats themselves and how to protect businesses against them.

The New and Improved Big Data Analytics: Good Enough to Solve a Murder?

There’s been a murder! After detailed forensic data collection, law enforcement officials begin to piece together the facts. They parse through physical data, social media, digitally collected data from witnesses and suspects and other open source intelligence (OSINT) to attempt to piece together the “who done it and why” in order to solve what seems to be an unsolvable case. We know that social media, digital devices, and apps we rely on collect information on us. But do we know exactly what that means or just how comprehensive and intimate that data is? Most terms of service will tell you exactly what is collected and that apps have the right to distribute collected content to third parties, usually to make your service better. What isn’t said is how the data is put together, the impact that it can have at the personal, company and national security levels and what form future collection techniques might take. This presentation will show just how vast the scope of information collection is now and how it will be in the future. We’ll also demonstrate how, when pieced together in the right order, data can even solve a seemingly unsolvable crime.

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Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life
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Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life
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