Thomas Winninger

Author of the best selling Price Wars: How to Win the Battle for Your Customer!

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Minnesota, United States

America’s Leading Market Strategist

Thomas Winninger is the founder of WINNINGER Resource Companies, Inc. a Minneapolis based group that provides products, services and technologies that drive market leadership based on differentiation.

Thom believes that the only true differentiator is smart thinking.

As a successful businessman who speaks, Thom has applied his strategies to his own companies as well as others to capture and sustain market leadership in challenging economies.

His companies include IntroSpect Research, TeamTrac, and Winninger Works Productions and Visionscope. He also sits on the board of number of profit and non-profit organizations.

He and his company have received many awards and commendations – Including The Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Nominee for America’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

His market strategies have been featured on CNBC, First Business, Boardroom Reports, Venture and Success Magazine and he is published in over 300 other trade journals, publications, and newspapers. He is frequently referred to as “America’s Leading Market Strategist” and the man who is reinventing the way companies differentiate themselves.

He is author of the best selling books Price Wars, Full Price and Sell Easy. His new book “BULLSEYE” Thinking Smart! shares what market leaders are doing to consistently hit the mark. Thom is one of the most in-demand business speakers in the North America today.

Thom personally has received the Cavett Award, the highest award given by the 4000 members of the National Speakers Association to only one person each year who gives back to the industry of his time, talent and gifts. In 1987 he was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

BULLSEYE Thinking Smart

Everyone needs to make better decisions and be more focused. This presentation asks the four questions that clarify how market leaders consistently hit the mark. Filled with real world strategic concepts and examples, Thinking Smart shows how to take advantage of the trends in the market.

BULLSEYE Creating Value

Market leaders use leverage points to grow business. These points of unique advantage are the keys to getting your team focused on Value and away from price. Margins grow, revenue grows when your differentiated value becomes a higher priority in the minds and hearts of the people in your organization.

BULLSEYE Building Cultures of Difference

The right things get done right when the process is part of the culture. To create a culture of leadership and maintain it, differentiation must be a process that is a genetic code of operation. The who, what, and how must be consistent and a natural part of the process. Winninger shares how to make differentiation a genetic code.


Capturing the 10 Trends Forces that Threaten Your Future Tomorrow will bring more change, faster change and more volatile change than ever believed possible. 78% of America's organizations will have to reinvent the way they do business in the next 8 years. Wise business leaders understand that marketing must permeate the entire company. What does the customer want or need? Why do they want or need it? How will it benefit them the most? What other choices do they have? What will motivate them to take advantage of your product or service? What possible niches or gaps exist for your product or service? How best can you communicate with your market? What is sharp angle marketing and how will it get you the most "bang" for the buck?


Secrets to Beating the Price Wars Without Destroying Profits Those who fail, spend more time listening to their competitors than they do listening to the needs, wants and desires of their customers. It's not what you sell or how you sell, but rather what the customers buy and how they buy it that is important. How you benefit from these strategies: *Target your real customer *Quit competing against price *Get you sales resource to sell bigger margins *Serve the highest need *Own your niche *Sell value over price *Position your uniqueness *Solidify your competitive position *Learn to repackage *Convert commodity to value added


Capturing Markets Together Strategic alliances are like playing "best ball" golf. We all hit, and then the longest shot is played. Why is this illustration so relevant? The rules of play are established up front, it levels the playing field, capitalizes on the strength of each member of the foursome, everyone stays together, and everyone wins together. In a strategic alliance, the same characteristics apply. Consolidation, globalization, acquisition outsourcing, single sourcing, insourcing, JIT2, vendor managed inventory, convergence and seamless supply are requiring organizations to reinvent the word Partnership into Strategic Alliances. How you benefit from these strategies: *The ingredients of successful alliances *The future of single sourcing *The Trojan Horse principle *Negotiating Trust as a universal principle *Integrating diverse corporate cultures as a process. *Trends that demand alliances *When alliances don't work ... what?

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PRICE WARS: How to Win the Battle for Your Customer
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"Your message was perfect and we appreciate the time and effort you took to customize the presentation to the audience. Without a doubt you were the highlight of the conference."

- | Hardwood Manufacturers Assocation

"The lessons Thom shares are very applicable and must be understood in a world where 'one size no longer fits all."

- | Marriott Hotels

"We can't thank you enough for the important contribution you made to our meetings. Our entire organization has gone back bettered prepared to meet the challenges of today's competitive world."

- | Hormel

"Thank you for an excellent presentation. We always know we've hit a winner when we hear pieces of the session over the next few days."

- | Petroleum Equipment Institute

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FULL PRICE: Competing on Value in the New Economy
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