Terrell Jones

Innovation Expert, Founder of Travelocity, and Former Founding Chairman of Kayak

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Innovation Expert, Founder of Travelocity, and
Former Founding Chairman of Kayak

Best known for founding Travelocity.com and serving as founding Chairman of Kayak.com, Terry Jones has become a powerful voice in the world of entrepreneurship through his numerous, customizable speaking engagements, both live and virtual, and the publication of his book, ON Innovation. His career path has established him as a thought leader on innovation in our increasingly digital world.


Terry Jones is a Digital Disruptor, an author and a venture capitalist with General Catalyst and Sierra Angels. A graduate of Denison University in Granville, Ohio, Jones, began his career as a travel agent, spent 24 years at American Airlines in marketing and information technology, capping his career as Chief Information Officer of its SABRE division. While at SABRE he led a team of six working on a project that became Travelocity.com. Jones served as CEO of Travelocity for seven years transforming it to a public company with three billion dollars in travel sales.


In his book, Disruption OFF, Jones shares his thoughts on the new technologies and business models that startups and competitors are deploying to disrupt your company. More importantly he outlines the tools and techniques you must use to avoid disruption in this post COVID-19 world.


He left Travelocity when the company was taken private and became part of the founding team at Kayak.com, a company that yet again revolutionized how travel was purchased. He served as Chairman of the company from its founding until it was sold to Priceline for $1.8 billion dollars in 2013.


Today he is the managing principal of ON Inc, a consultancy he founded to help companies in their transition to the digital economy.


He serves on the boards of Boingo, Sonicwall, Kenzie Academy and Camping and Education Foundation. He has previously served on the boards of Smart Destinations, Cognite, Entrust, Overture, La Quinta Hotels, Luxury Link and EarthLink.

Innovation and Disruption Expert

His career path has established him as a thought leader on innovation and disruption in our increasingly digital world. Terry has been helping companies use the tools and techniques he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly post COVID-19, changing world. His programs on innovation, disruption, marketing and AI are always thought provoking, entertaining and customized. Attendees walk away with inspired ideas and concrete action items to implement in their companies. 

Innovate or Cease to Exist

Every generation has challenges but the pace, disruption, and unprecedented change that is going on right now has never happened in human history. AI, automation, robotics, blockchain, and remote work. Nothing seems to make sense UNLESS you see the world as an innovator and disruptor. You will learn simple, practical ways you can be more innovative at your daily work. • How to build the right culture • How to build the right team • How to source new ideas • How to choose the best ideas • How to turn them into products

Harnessing Digital Disruption

Leaders are worried. Businesses are being disrupted at an ever increasing rate and technologies are converging to create unprecedented dislocation. Terry who disrupted the travel industry, twice, has the keys to surviving and thriving in an age of digital transformation • What are the key disruptive technologies? • How will AI change my business? • How do I own the edge? • How can I reimagine my business for digital? • How can I turn disruption into innovation?

Success in a Business World Disrupted by AI

AI is the most powerful force of business disruption today. It’s changing both products and the future of work. How can you harness it to create lasting advantage? Terry, who has been working in AI for the last ten years can give you successful strategies you can put to work at once. • How should you think about AI in your organization? • What are the data challenges? • What are the security implications? • What are the work force impacts? • How can you implement it in your products? • How will it change your business model?

Journey of an Entrepreneur

Why do startups fail. How can a startup leader give their new business the best chance for success? Learn the secrets from Terry Jones who has led five startups, two of them Unicorns, Billion Dollar Companies! • Who is your first hire • How to build the best team • Secrets to raising money today • PR products vs real products • How you can adopt the best traits of an entrepreneur

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Disruption OFF: The Technological Disruption Coming For Your Company and What To Do About It
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ON Innovation
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Our partners have new energy and focus on innovation for our firm and our industry after listening to Terry. Terry Jones is a master innovator, and knows how to translate his experiences disrupting business models into practical advice for businesspeople across industries.

- Grant Thornton LLP |

I love innovation and it is an integral part of my business – so I enjoyed every word I heard in both of Terry’s speeches. To have his thoughts in book form will give me an even better chance to put them into practice in my business.

- Association of South Africa |

Your comments created quite a bit of conversation among our executives and that's just what I was hoping for! Thank you for help make the conference a success.

- American Automobile Association |

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Disruption OFF: The Technological Disruption Coming For Your Company and What To Do About It
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ON Innovation
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