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Award-Winning Innovation Futurist, Broadcaster, and Trends Expert

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Broadcaster, Technology Futurist and Trends Expert

Voted one of the ‘most creative thinkers in tech’ and a thought leader ‘making digital Britain tick’, Shivvy Jervis is a futurist and video series creator uncovering the groundbreaking advances that need to be on your radar.


Shivvy has been commended as having “the remarkable capacity to uncouple the relevant from the mere buzz” (Curator of TED Global), a “true expert with tremendous charisma” (the UK’s former Digital Minister) and an “outstanding presenter” (Author of Turnaround Challenge).


A riveting storyteller with more than 300 events under her belt, her work has been recognised for more than 15 industry accolades, including 4 national award nominations. She makes it her business to immerse herself in future technologies, the digital economy and explosive online trends, making sense of these for both enterprise and consumers. Shivvy demystifies the concepts that will radically reshape sectors, industries and ultimately our day-to-day lives.

Digital Futures

She is particularly known for her work as the creator and producer/host of a long-running online video series (Digital Futures) that regularly draws in a 350K+ audience per episode and has tracked up over 10 million views to date. In it, she curates fast-paced dialogue on the impact of emerging technologies with industry heavyweights and new founders alike (the series is backed by the world’s third largest telco for whom she also runs digital media).


In many of her livewire talks, Shivvy champions the notion of ‘tech-for-good’ and purpose-driven innovation, i.e. the sheer power of the digital and tech arena to drive meaningful – and sustainable – impact. She frequently chairs high-level debates on gender inequity in the industry and her social credentials mean she is also adept at offering an insider view on how to navigate digital marketing and social media trends in order to reach Gen X (14-19) and Gen Y (millennials).


As a former business journalist, Shivvy has a razor sharp sense for not only what is newsworthy now, but critically what will make headlines in the future. In her avatar as a writer and commentator, she has been quoted by or published in outlets such as CNN (who also cited her as one of the UK’s young success stories), Forbes, the BBC, CBS, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Wired, The Next Web and Silicon Republic. 

Keynote Speaker

Shivvy’s talks are imaginative yet backed by rigorous research, the latter characteristic of a strong academic background that includes two global scholarships and a media fellowship. She has produced editorials from Montreal, Washington, Bangalore and Denmark and been invited to speak at the London Stock Exchange, the DoJ, Channel 4 HQ and BAFTA. 


Shivvy is equally at ease running with a solo headline slot, facilitating a summit, emceeing a summit/awards or orchestrating an on-stage fireside chat. 

Shivvy Jervis Speaking Topics

What’s Next for the Digital Economy

Bigger, better, faster, stronger - We are now truly immersed in digital and 'always on'. Technology and connectivity are rapidly being embedded in nearly every aspect of both how we do business and how we're living our lives. The digital economy and fourth industrial revolution are seeing unprecedented growth with this sector outpacing the wider economy even in turbulent political times. The need for purpose-driven innovation has certainly never been stronger. In this eye-opening talk, Shivvy reveals the breakthrough technologies that must be on your radar if you want to propel your work and business forward in this new digital economy.

Emotive AI, Tactile VR, and ‘Empathics’ anyone? Top transformative tech

Shivvy reviews the top transformative technological advancements on the market and in the works, such as: - Curating the most creative, realistic applications of digital tech that could transform how we do business and live our lives - Emotionally intelligent forms of AI such as socially assistive robots offering practical support and 'digital human’ chatbots as customer service - The next wave of wearables, known as “empathetics” that will know you're stressed or ill well before you even do - Mixed reality that will allow immersion like never before, enabling us to actually feel objects in the virtual world - Using our biological identity as a form of cybersecurity

You AI, me AI? The 5 most riveting advances in the space that will reinvent the business and consumer landscape

In this keynote, Shivvy explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can learn your personality traits and responds in an incredibly human way. Could social robots learn traits like human consciousness, empathy and intuition, and one day take over our jobs? Shivvy brings to life some of the world’s most fascinating AI-powered services and explains why you need to know about the deep learning neural networks of AI. What next for the Digital Economy? How your organization can adapt and thrive Here, Shivvy demystifies some myths about the tech landscape and what digital transformation truly means. Jervis drills down into the benefits and challenges of the current Fourth Industrial Revolution and showcases some of the most riveting advances in machine learning, the Internet of Things, cyber security and more that will radically reshape sectors and industries (and how it isn’t just for the tech giants to leverage these technologies). Additionally, Shivvy provides practical insights on how companies and governments can flourish and lead the charge instead of left behind watching from the sidelines.

Mixed Reality: Explosive immersion is here - and here’s what you can do with it

Imagine what it would be like to be able to FEEL digital objects. A true immersion into a digital world allows business to iterate and create multiple blueprints or prototypes in real time. Tactile VR is the way of the future, and in this keynote, Jervis explains how tangible uses of VR can be used in training and even recruiting for businesses.

Tech-for-Good: The most powerful innovations that need to be on your radar NOW

Shivvy Jervis believes in the invaluable role of technology as a catalyst, conduit, and connector for the world. In this keynote, Shivvy reviews the Top 10 inventions coming out in the not-so-distant future that will have true, lasting impact, known as Tech-for-Good. Jervis explains how digital tech can boost both your bottom line and wider purpose, not forsaking one at the cost of the other.

The Future of Security

In this keynote, Shivvy explains why cyber security is a pressing issue for all business sectors, and how the future form of passwords goes well beyond a four digit pin or user credentials, including using your biological identity (think heartbeats, brainwaves, and other vascular biometrics) as security authentication. Jervis discusses some of the challenges to the deployments of this groundbreaking and innovative concept.

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