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Fintech, Finance and Blockchain Expert

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Fintech, Finance and Blockchain Expert

Samson Williams is a classically trained anthropologist and a finance expert. Samson delivers insights into topics such as FinTech and crowdfunding in plain English to clients ranging from investors and government officials to small children and c-suite executives. In addition, he is partner at Axes and Eggs, a blockchain and cryptocurrency think tank.

“If I have a talent, its helping smart and amazing people, be even more smart and amazing.” Samson Williams


Samson Williams graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology and holds a Masters in Emergency & Disaster Management from American Military University. His most valuable educational asset is his common sense and experience, which he employs regularly to overcome humanity’s biggest challenge to technology adoption and organizational change – humans.

Blockchain Speaker

During his career, Samson has delivered keynotes around the world on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and alternative investments. He was even appointed as Chair for the United Nations, Blockchain Commission, Blockchain for Impact’s, Global Health & Emergency Response Subcommittee.


Samson Williams also created and taught the first certified blockchain courses taught in Dubai, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, through the London School of Business and Finance.

Samson Williams Speaking Topics

Blockchain and Real Estate

The future of finance, liquidity and disruption in Commercial Real Estate and community development.

Blockchain Isn’t Hot Sauce

An overview of what blockchain is and discussion of if blockchain is right for you.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies (and other buzzwords you’ve heard)

What these words mean, why they matter and why you should care.


How banks and governments have to compete for customers and hate it.

Humans (the only customers you’ve got until AIs take over)

The future expectations of your revenue sources in an age of fintech, digital transformation and automation.

Universal Basic Income

The truth about why it is inevitable, who is going to fight it and why they’re going to lose.

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Lifestyle Money: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Crowdfunding & The Future of Money and Wealth
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Lifestyle Money: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Crowdfunding & The Future of Money and Wealth
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