Robert Genetski

Economic and Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, and Interest Rate Forecaster

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Economic and Financial Advisor, Investment Banker,
and Interest Rate Forecaster

Robert Genetski’s experience in the world of economics and finance involves a unique combination of business and academic expertise.  He has headed asset management, investment research departments and served as chief economist for several financial institutions. He has also taught economics at NYU and the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.

Top-Five Speaker

A highly sought after speaker, he is renowned for using humor and anecdotes to make complex economic principles easily understandable. For four consecutive years he has been recognized as one of the top-five speakers in the fields of Economics and Finance and has appeared on CNN, Fox News and nationally syndicated radio.


A Ph.D in economics from NYU, Genetski worked in the financial industry before founding his own economic and financial consulting service, has served on the board of a number of public companies and provides insights on his website.


He has written several books, including A Nation of Millionaires, Taking the Voodoo out of Economics, and Winning with Money,a and Classical Economic Principles & the Wealth of Nations. His latest book, Rich Nation, Poor Nation, provides an extensive global analysis of the economic policies that lead to prosperity and poverty.   


An advocate of classical economics, Genetski used these principles to create accurate financial forecasts, from predicting stagnation in 1977, economic revival in the 1980s and 1990s, to historically low interest rates during the past decade. On two separate occasions Genetski was recognized as the top interest rate forecaster in the country.

Educate your audience with a leading economist who will discuss this nation’s economic future and enlighten them on how to achieve their own economic growth and prosperity.

Robert Genetski Speaking Topics

Outlook for the Economy and Financial Markets

Robert Genetski uses humor and anecdotes to explain how classical economic principles can help us anticipate where the economy and financial markets are heading. This presentation looks at upcoming government policy changes and how they are likely to impact various parts of the economy. This talk can be altered to focus on specific areas of the economy to accommodate different audiences.

How Economic & Political Developments in the United States Will Affect Your Business

Drawing from his extensive research into the economic and political history, Dr. Genetski analyzes current trends from a historical perspective. His analysis shows how past cycles provide unique insights into where economic and political forces are heading and how these changes will impact your business.

Forecasting Financial Market Developments

This presentation deals with the key factors that determine movements in financial markets. Financial speaker Robert Genetski explains the key elements that determine both long-term and short-term movements in interest rates and stock prices. This presentation presents some of Genetski's original research into interest rate and stock market behavior.

Creating a Nation of Millionaires

This presentation, based on business speaker Robert Genetski's popular book, A Nation of Millionaires, examines policy changes that would turn the lowest paid worker in the country into a millionaire.

How the Global Economy Will Impact Your Business

Dr. Genetski is a widely-recognized expert on developments throughout the world. His latest book, Rich Nation Poor Nation, has received rave reviews as “an instant classic that should be on the desk of everyone with an interest in human prosperity.” His global presentation provides fascinating insights to developments in countries throughout the world and how they will impact your business.

Rich Nation Poor Nation: Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Fail

Dr. Genetski explains how the most important issue in economics is why some nations are wealthy while others are poor. He explains how in spite of a massive amount of new data there has been no popular systematic analysis of the implications of this data. His book provides such an analysis. Genetski claims that those armed with the evidence he presents will be able to determine the future economic prospects for almost every nation.

Robert Genetski Books

Rich Nation – Poor Nation: Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Fail
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Classical Economic Principles and the Wealth of Nations
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Nation of Millionaires: Unleashing America’s Economic Potential
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Robert Genetski Speaker Testimonials

Our event was a marvelous success in large part because of your presentation. It was full of your charisma, optimism and most importantly, expert analysis and explanation of classic economic principles. Every one of our guests was delighted with your remarks.

- | The Private Bank and Trust Company

I lost count of the number of people who singled you out for praise. Some said they never thought that an economist could be such an effective and entertaining communicator.


Robert is a great subject matter expert with very good technical detail.

- | Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

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Recent Books

Rich Nation – Poor Nation: Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Fail
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Classical Economic Principles and the Wealth of Nations
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