Paco Underhill

World-Renowned Retail Anthropologist, Bestselling Author and Founder & CEO of Envirosell

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Paco Underhill Speaker Biography

World-Renowned Retail Anthropologist, Bestselling Author,
and Founder & CEO of Envirosell

Inspired by the methodologies of urbanist William H. Whyte, and having lived in a multitude of cities around the world as the son of a Diplomat, Paco Underhill founded the first iteration of Envirosell, the New York-based behavioral research and consultancy, in 1977. His strong environmental planning background, paired with his experience working for non-profit group Project for Public Spaces, supported his lofty goal—to optimize the environments in which we live.

Why We Buy

His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping was an internationally recognized bestseller and has been published in 27 languages. The success of Why We Buy and his retail insight makes him a highly sought after resource for columns and editorials have appeared in The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, among others.


A highly regarded speaker, Paco has delivered keynote speeches at conferences, universities and corporations spanning the globe for over a decade. From buying behavior to consumerism in the modern world, Paco’s “insightful” and “entertaining” presentations have been lauded worldwide. Packed with surprising details, anecdotes, important lessons and groundbreaking observations on shopping and corporate behavior, Paco’s speeches give those in attendance a peek into the mind that set a new standard in the industry nearly 30 years ago, and who is the guiding visionary for Envirosell and its approach to research.

What Women Want

Paco’s new book, What Women Want focuses on how the changing status of women affects the physical world we live in.

Paco Underhill Speaking Topics

Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping

Based on his best selling book, Paco Underhill reveals how to keep your changing customers and entice new and eager ones. Get fresh observations and important lessons from the cutting edge of retail, including what retailers are doing right and what they're doing wrong -- and how nearly every Internet retailer from iTunes to Amazon can drastically improve how it serves its customers. Plus, a guided tour of the most innovative stores, malls and retail environments around the world -- almost all of which are springing up in countries where prosperity is new.

Global State of Retail

The world grows and changes every day; so does the State of Retail. The flexibility to adapt to tomorrow's changes comes from a solid footing today. Paco Underhill reveals the trends to watch to stay on the cutting edge, from changing consumers, communication, leadership issues, human behavior and the retail tools of tomorrow.

What Women Want

The global marketplace is turning female friendly. Paco Underhill reveals why it is so important to serve women in the marketplace--what makes a product, space, or service female friendly, and why it matters.

Retail Banking in the 21st Century

The Future of Travel

Convergence: On-line, Mobile Phone, Bricks and Mortar

Paco Underhill Books

What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping
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Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
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Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping by the Author of Why We Buy
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Recent Books

What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping
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Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
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