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Transformative Leadership Expert and Futurist

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California, United States

Transformative Leadership Expert and Futurist

Nick Jankel is a sought-after professional and international keynote speaker who inspires, motivates, and empowers audiences all over the world to forge the future —rather than fail it. Nick has led over 100 transformational innovation programs for enterprises like Diageo, Novartis, Vodafone, Tesco, and Microsoft leveraging his own and proven Exponential & Sustainable™ process, including the innovation of the most successful TV in history; and has educated over 100,000 leaders—from orgs like Nike, Intel, Zalando, Unilever, HSBC, NHS, LEGO, and Google—harnessing his comprehensive Cell to System™ curriculum for transformational leadership.

Switch On and FutureMakers

Nick has a Triple First (summa cum laude) in Medicine and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge and has taught at Yale, LBS, and Oxford. He was selected as a UK Ambassador for Entrepreneurship and as a transformational coach on his own global BBC TV show. He has advised No.10 Downing Street and other governments; has spoken in the House of Commons, and is the co-founder of transformation consultancy Switch On and fast-growing sustainability practice, FutureMakers.

Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice

As a genuine thought leader and polymath, Nick’s life’s work has been to unfold Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®, a rigorous brain-based system how unlocking transformation in individuals, teams, organizations, and systems as fast as humanly possible. BTTP® is woven together from the latest neuroscience, complexity theory, and psychological research reunited with wisdom from the great traditions. As well as leveraging BTTP in all his world-class innovation and leadership work, has used this methodology to run systemic change programs for orgs like Oxfam and WWF—and to teach social entrepreneurs on 4 continents.


In his keynotes, Nick aims to eliminate confusion as a futurist with clarity; take the pain out of business/digital/sustainable transformation; blast through the barriers that block innovation; and transform the challenges of cross-functional teams by unlocking agility and safety. As a trained scientist, Nick uses the latest biology and “neuroleadership” insights to influence audiences to change and transform. This allows him to fully engage sophisticated and “seen-it-all” before executives and persuade highly intelligent professionals such as engineers, educators, clinicians, scientists, technologists, lawyers, and accountants.

Keynote Speaker

Nick brings to life his big thinking using brain science, sticky ideas, compelling narratives, paradigm-shifting insights, beautiful imagery, takeaway transformation tools, and his powerful presence on stage (virtual or in-person). Nick’s ideas help people cut through treacle, fear, overwhelm, and apathy; engage hearts and minds to transform individuals, teams, and systems; and seize unprecedented opportunities for world-changing innovations before others see them.

Media and Books

Nick is regularly interviewed on tech and innovation on international news; has been featured in the Financial Times, The Times, The Economist and over 100 podcasts; and helped innovate the most successful TV show of all time. He is the author of a number of well-reviewed books on creativity, leadership and transformation, including Now Lead The Change: Repurpose Your Career, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Regenerate Our Crisis-Hit World By Mastering Transformational Leadership (2020).

Empowerment, Resilience & Conscious Leadership

• Self-Mastery, Self-Transformation & Self-Efficacy • Breaking Sabotaging Habits & Limiting Beliefs • Building Empowering Habits • Vulnerability & Strength • Managing Time, Energy & Boundaries • Triggers, Ownership & Responsibility • Mastering Resilience & Personal Resilience Plan • The 5 Developmental Stages of Leaders • The 4 Leadership Archetypes

Purpose, Ethics & Leading In Complexity/Change

• Finding & Expressing Leadership Purpose • Defining a Compelling & Authentic Business Purpose • Connecting Leadership To Business Purpose • Balancing Purpose With Profit • Leaving A Legacy • Developing & Refining A Moral Compass • Congruence, Integrity & Alignment • Sense-Making, Meaning-Making & Coherence • Data-Driven & Intuitive Decision-Making In Uncertain Environments

Innovation, Strategy & Creative Leadership

• Understand The Future • Turning VUCA Into Value • Spotting & Leveraging Weak Signals Of the Future • The Process & Tools Of Breakthrough Innovation • Leading Innovation & Business Transformation • Being Radically Customer-Centric • Developing Transformational Strategies • Solving Complex Strategic Problems With Creativity & Critical Thinking • Design Thinking, Empathy & Insight-Led Innovation • Prototyping, Piloting & Pivoting • Smart Experimentation & Hypothesis Testing • Building Innovative Cultures & Organizations

High-Performing Teams, Collaboration & Relational Leadership

• Building Transformational Teams • Cultivating Psychological Safety & Trust • Changing Other People • Dealing With Difficult Conversations & Challenging People • Conflict Resolution, Relationship Repair & Reciprocity • Motivating Diverse People with Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivations • Coaching Conversations & Coaching Techniques • Cross-Cultural Intelligence for Diversity & Inclusion • Saying “No” or “Not Good Enough” with Kindness & Compassion • Managing Appropriate Interpersonal Boundaries • Delegation & Self-Management • Different Types and Forms of Collaboration • Avoiding Collaboration Overload

Influence, Storytelling & Inspirational Leadership

• Crafting & Embodying A Transformational Vision • Transformational Storytelling For Leaders & innovators • Attracting Investment & Sponsorship With Storycrafting • Public Speaking & Finding An Authentic Voice • Ethical Persuasion, Negotiation & Influencing Techniques • Reading the Room & Shifting the Room • Audience Connection, Attunement & Rapport Building • Developing Executive Presence • Being Energizing & Inspirational • Speaking To Different Audience Types • Activating Formal & Informal Networks

Sustainability, World-Change & Systemic Leadership

• Leading Systemic Change in Chaos & Complexity • Systems Thinking & Systems Shifting • The Essentials Of Sustainability: Zero Carbon > Net-Positive • Understand Impact Models & Theories • Holding Safe & Brave Spaces For Systemic Transformation • Designing & Sequencing Interventions To Transform Systems • Beyond Sustainability > Regenerative Business

All Nick Jankel Books

Now Lead The Change: Repurpose Your Career, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Regenerate Our Crisis-Hit World By Mastering Transformational Leadership
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Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the New Science & Spirit of Breakthrough
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Spiritual Atheist: A Quest to Unite Science and Wisdom Into a Radical New Life Philosophy to Thrive in the Digital Age
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Outstanding framework and powerful tools. A huge impact!

- | Oxford University

Thank you so much for your brilliant keynote, it gave our participants so much to discuss. Being in “Create and Connect” Mode seems to have taken a life of its own as a reference point for our leadership. Exactly what we wanted. Our CEO has quoted your thinking to the global leadership team: “Please don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do or to give you permission and, remember, you as our most senior leaders hold the keys to our future success.”

- | Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco PLC

Inspiring and enlightening!

- | Microsoft

Would like to thank you again for your inspiring keynote. You inspired us to continue to work on ourself and lead the way. Also the value of the story tool was spot on! Thank you!

- | SVP, SAP

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Now Lead The Change: Repurpose Your Career, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Regenerate Our Crisis-Hit World By Mastering Transformational Leadership
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Become A Transformational Organization
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