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Management, Employee Engagement, Change and Corporate Culture Consultant, and Bestselling Author

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Management, Employee Engagement, Change and Corporate Culture Consultant, and Bestselling Author

Mike Evans  works with clients to accelerate their organizational transformations and help clients achieve desired results quicker and with a greater degree of impact. He works closely with other members his team to help build change leadership competencies, cultural transformation adeptness, exemplary leadership practices, and heighten employee alignment and accountability in organizations around the world. Mike plays a key role in developing custom solutions that produce clients’ desired results that are sustained over time.


Mike has more than 20 years of high-level consulting, facilitation, coaching and speaking experience. During that period, he has used his unique insights, passion, experiences and humor to positively impact individuals and organizations throughout the world. He is experienced with executive management teams and groups at all organizational levels and in a wide variety of industries.

Keynote Speaker

Mike served in key leadership and consulting roles with Kotter International, Franklin-Covey, and Tom Peters Company where he partnered with clients to address issues such as; change leadership, cultural transformation, exemplary leadership at all levels, leadership communications, individual and organizational accountability, innovation, employee engagement & alignment, diversity, and branding. He has led workshops, delivered keynote speeches and provided coaching and consulting on all of these subject areas. His concentration of developing leadership capacity at all levels is focused on helping clients achieve and exceed desired business results.


He has worked alongside and learned from a diverse group of business gurus such as Dr. John Kotter, Tom Peters, Jim Kouzes, Hyrum Smith, Steve Farber, Terry Pearce and others. Mike has worked with organizations in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to financial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and the US Government. He’s worked with companies such as PNC Bank, Intel, Capital One, Apple, Fifth Third Bank, Pfizer, U.S. Navy, Fidelity Investments, Johnson & Johnson, Symantec, Cigna Corporation, Oracle, Astra Zeneca, Heinz USA, Intuit, American Airlines, DuPont and NASA.

Engaging Leadership Expert

Mike’s personal mission has always been driven to help accelerate the ability for individuals and organizations to achieve more than they ever believed possible. His clients describe him as inspiring, motivating and a ball of energy with an unequalled focus and passion for helping them achieve their desired results. His style is engaging, upbeat, entertaining, thought-provoking, compelling, but most importantly, educational and impactful.


Mike’s book HANGRY is the unveiled and unfiltered rags-to-riches story of how GrubHub came to exemplify the promise of tech and the gig worker economy, and how it failed to live up to its impressive potential. Think of this book as WILD meets THE WOLF OF WALL STREET–but with pizza.


Mike was educated at Duquesne University. He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the American Society for Training & Development.

Achieve With Accountability | Develop a High Performing Team or Organization

Accountability is the Catalyst to: Accelerated Change, Robust Employee Engagement, Intensified Ownership, Relentless Perseverance, Impeccable Alignment, and propels individuals, teams and organizations to intoxicating heights of achievement and success. Learn what it takes to awaken the whatever it takes attitude, belief, resolve, perseverance, confidence, determination, drive and creativity to achieve what matters most to individuals, teams and organizations. Discover how to transform accountability into a positive, engaging and forward looking experience that will secure your position in the new world of work. Learn how to kick-start a revolution that will blast your team or organization to new heights of success. With the world coming at us fast and furious every day, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of your own life, your team or your organization. By choosing to take and lead accountability you reclaim control and are able to direct your own destiny.

Brand You! | You are CEO of Your Career, Life and Destiny

Welcome to the age of self-determination. The era of ‘entitlement’ is history. It’s up to you to take charge of your career and life. You must become CEO of Me, Inc. It’s about maintaining a competitive edge amidst chaos. It’s about achieving success when the stakes are high and ever-changing. Do you know what it will take? Are you ready for the dramatic changes taking place in the New World of Work? It is incredibly important in today’s economy for everybody to think of himself or herself as a ‘brand.’ Over the past 10-15 years hundreds of thousands of jobs have been expunged, teams eliminated, and firms driven to extinction due to ERP, SAP, the Internet, Globalization, White-Collar Robots (EX: Cash Machines) and other factors. Blue-collar robots came and triumphed. The new target – White-Collar World. Are you prepared? Those who will thrive and endure in the future will embrace the notion of continually developing skills, abilities and competencies that will set them apart and vividly demonstrate their value to whoever is signing their paycheck. What are you doing to stand out in today’s sea of sameness?

Accelerate Change | Achieve What Matters Most

In the past, change was episodic, transient, and gradual; now, change is constant as business, technology, and society itself continue to evolve at an ever more rapid pace. Accelerating Change – igniting engagement, passion, ownership and creativity that is often lacking during times of change, can be accomplished using proven memorable and pragmatic principles. Learn why some organizations achieve and exceed desired results. Leading change has become a critical competency in today’s economy. But there is a significant and crucial difference between leading and managing change – not only in the approach, but also more importantly in the results. The success, or lack thereof, with transformational change efforts hinges on a few key principles that have been identified, studied and validated.

Survive and Thrive in the New World of Work | The Age of Disruptive Competition

In the age of the never satisfied customer, multi-faceted global influences and complex economic challenges, there are companies and entrepreneurs (Destructive/Disruptive Competition) at this moment looking to reinvent the way your business is done. How many bookstores were wiped out because of Amazon.com? What happened to Kodak? Blockbuster? Sears? Woolworth’s? Nokia? Rest assured someone somewhere is about to revolutionize your industry, or your business. We are in a brawl with few rules, where the fast, flexible, and agile will eat and spit out the slow, over-thinking, and complacent. Individuals, teams, and organizations that fail to adapt will find themselves vulnerable, uncomfortable, and at the mercy of other people, events, or the competition. In this New World of Work, quickly leveraging ideas, talent, and leadership at all levels will separate top performing organizations from the laggards. In today’s commoditized surplus economy, where customers have more choices than ever, what will it take to ensure your products and services are scintillating and memorable?

Amplify Employee Engagement | Capitalize on Passion, Focus and Commitment

In these tremendously ultra-competitive and turbulent times, how do you cultivate an environment where employees at all levels are engaged, energized and flourish? How do you effectively tap into the enormous wealth of creativity, innovation, passion, energy and commitment of employees that is often left idle? Much different than ‘job satisfaction’ (there are a lot of highly paid miserable people who are satisfied with their job) – engagement is about passionate, focused and committed employees contributing daily to help achieve what matters most. In order to thrive, it is essential to engage, enlist and motivate employees at all levels to be all they can be. How do you engender a culture where employees at all levels define their ‘job’ as achieving our desired results, and not simply acting on what is in their ‘job description?’

Unleash Leadership Capability | Summon the Exemplary Leader at all Levels

Discover the practices demonstrated by exemplary leaders that result in others voluntarily choosing to follow them. Leadership is a choice and can be learned, nurtured, and refined – by employees at all levels. Grasp an understanding of the most desired leadership traits employees crave from their leaders (based upon 250,000 case studies). Embrace memorable principles that can be put into practice immediately. Whatever the desired results you wish to achieve or challenges within your organization – employee engagement, culture change, breaking down silos, improving collaboration, raising employee morale, merging cultures, doing more with less – it is through you

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Achieve with Accountability: Ignite Engagement, Ownership, Perseverance, Alignment, and Change
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Your work revolutionized me as a person. I spent hours last night sharing what I learned with people closest to me. Our executive team could not be more pleased with your ability to customize the agenda to meet our needs.

- Dave G. | Pfizer

Congratulations! Outstanding! Bravo! This should do it. I can’t wait to see the results. It’s a pleasure working with such a prestigious professional. Congratulations on a Great Presentation Tonight! You knocked them Dead! Bravo and Kudos for your superb performance.

- Robert K. | U.S. Office of Personnel Management

I want to thank you for the wonderful program you presented. I knew from when I first talked with you that you that you would be fabulous and you did not disappoint.

- Sarah J. | National Human Resources Association

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Achieve with Accountability: Ignite Engagement, Ownership, Perseverance, Alignment, and Change
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