Martin Luther King III

Civil Rights Activist and Global Humanitarian

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Martin Luther King III Speaker Biography

Civil Rights Activist and Global Humanitarian

As the oldest son of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King III serves as an ambassador of his parent’s legacy of nonviolent social change.

Civil Rights

A graduate of Morehouse College, Mr. King has devoted his life to working in the non-profit sector to promote civil rights and global human rights and to eradicate the “triple evils” of racism, militarism and poverty his father identified as the scourges of humankind. As a high school student, he serves as a Page to Senator Edward Kennedy, and continued his public service, supporting social change movements through speaking engagements, appearances and his writing. He was later elected as a member of the Fulton County, FA Board of commissioners, representing over 700,000 residents.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

As the elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the organization co-founded by his father, Mr. King re-invigorated SCLC by stabilizing the governance, program and development components. As founder and president of Realizing the Dream, Inc., he took his father’s message to a global audience, spearheading nonviolence training in Bosnia Herzegovina, India, Israel & Palestine, Kenya, Sri Lanka and the United States.

King Center

A former President and CEO of the Atlanta-based King Center, Mr. King remains a member of its Board of Directors. In addition, he serves as a board member of: Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Drum Major Institute, a New York based Think-Tank and the Metropolitan West Management Asset Corporation.


Mr. King has also served as an election monitor and observer in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. In addition, Mr. King has conducted nearly 40 Poverty Study Tours in a groundbreaking initiative, which has sparked public debate and law enforcement advocacy on the issue of poverty.

Bounce TV

In conjunction with Ambassador Andrew Young and other partners, Mr. King co-founded Bounce TV, the first independently owned and operated TV network featuring African-Americans. The network’s content includes movies, sports, documentaries and original programming.

The recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees, Mr. King is married to Arndrea Waters King and the father of a daughter, Yolanda Rene, named in honor of his late sister Yolanda Denise King.

Martin Luther King III Speaking Topics

You Are Part of the Dream

Are you a difference-maker? In this empowering keynote, Martin Luther King III reveals that the answer to this question can always be, “yes.” Regardless of where we’re from or what we do, King shows we have the power to mobilize, speak out and make a difference. With a career in activism that spans decades, King serves as an ambassador of his parent’s legacy of nonviolent social change and strong leadership in the face of challenge. Whether promoting peace in foreign countries, leading demonstrations against unjust labor practices, or pushing for effective legislation, King has always met deeply-entrenched issues with innovative strategies and inspiring action. Drawing on his wealth of experience as the driving force behind countless institutional, political and social movements, King shares his lessons on how to be a force for positive change, and inspired audiences to make a lasting difference in their own work and lives regardless of their backgrounds or the obstacles.

Race and Politics in America

In today’s uncertain and divisive political times, issues such as voter rights, gun control, race, police violence and the security of our cities, remain crucial topics of conversation at the forefront of policy leaders’ and citizens’ minds. Drawing on his personal experience as an advocate for justice and social change, Martin Luther King, III addresses pressing issues of poverty, violence and injustice, shedding light on a successful and equitable path forward.

Continuing the Legacy: Civil Rights in the 21st Century

As the son of Martin Luther King, Jr., the most iconic civil rights leaders of the 20th century, taking a stand against injustice and advocating for human rights is in Martin Luther King, III’s blood. A global humanitarian who has traveled worldwide to make a difference in the lives of all people, King has unique insights into the civil rights battles still being waged today Reflecting back on the example and work of his father, King shares Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, calling attention to what is left to be done, and the steps needed to make equality for all not just a dream, but a reality.

Diversity and Inclusion

Martin Luther King III has dedicated his life to advocating for policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion in all facets of work and life. Continuing the legacy of his father, King works to build a world where people of all skin tones and backgrounds have a voice in the conversation and a seat at the table. In this informative and compelling speech, King highlights why creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only a moral and ethical imperative, but also brings multi-faceted benefits. From boosting creativity to increased profits, studies show the enormously positive effects of actively building diverse teams and fostering an inclusive workplace in organizations across industries. King brings the research to light and delivers a powerful message on ethical responsibility, motivating audiences to promote diversity and inclusion in their own work environments to create teams that thrive on every level.

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Martin Luther King III Speaker Testimonials

King was very gracious. He gave a great speech that evening! Did I mention it was a sold out crowd?

- Central Washington University |

The audience really enjoyed his presentation. He was very forthcoming and approachable.

- Victoria College |

MLK III went great! I have only heard positive feedback from guests. He was great to work with and very accommodating. Great lecture, great speaker.

- University of South Florida |

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