Lucinda Yates

Inspirational Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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Inspirational Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Lucinda Yates, the founder and CEO of Designs By Lucinda was born with the heart and passion of a true entrepreneur. At the age 9 she was organizing neighborhood carnivals to raise money for Cerebral Palsy (a disability suffered by her sister).


Given her natural instinct to be a successful entrepreneur coupled with her desire to help others, it is no surprise that she founded a company built on helping non profits.


Lucinda Yates was always – and still is – known to be a uniquely creative person with a strong sense of purpose and direction. In the early 1980`s due to unforeseen circumstances Lucinda and her young daughter found themselves homeless.


Knowing there was something she could do to help herself overcome poverty and homelessness, Lucinda used her creativity and drive to launch a successful line of fashion jewelry. One day she designed a simple pin in the shape of a house. That was the moment Lucinda knew she could help others. After 20 years, we still refer to this as the Eureka moment.

House Pins

The first House Pins would become the perfect fundraiser for a local shelter. The idea behind the pin was to raise money for the homeless, and at the same time, create a greater awareness of homelessness in her community. The pin was a success on both counts. Lucinda`s experience of homelessness would come full circle and a company with a conscience was born… Designs by Lucinda.

Keynote Speaker

Today Lucinda continues to be actively involved in the company. She also travels throughout the United States speaking and inspiring audiences wherever she goes.


Lucinda is an inspirational speaker with magnetism, insight and humor. Her story reveals her path from homelessness to her realization that you are only one choice away from changing the world. Yates` story focuses on the power of perseverance in an entrepreneurial organization, how out of the box thinking can build and brand your company, the power of women in business and the notion that, with effort and resolve, lives can be made better. This incredible story is told and shared in a way that empowers all who hear it.

Designs by Lucinda

Designs by Lucinda merchandise has raised both awareness and millions of dollars for non-profit organizations. With integrity and passion, Lucinda looks beyond the bottom line to give others a chance at opportunity and success. Your audience will be singing your praises for inviting her to keynote your event.

Lessons of the Street: A guide to creating a meaningful brand, relationships and securing business

Lucinda Yates is an inspirational speaker with magnetism, insight and humor. She shares her story of life on the streets and how her experiences played a crucial role in the creation of a wildly successful business. Yates’ story focuses on the power of perseverance, how out-of-the-box thinking can build and brand your company, the power of women in business, and how her success created opportunities for others. This incredible story is told and shared in a way that empowers all who hear it. Yates is a businesswoman who is changing lives each day, in a big way.

Building Bridges: One to One Marketing

Lucinda Yates didn’t spend a dime on advertising, yet she created “buzz” with the most important marketing tool of all--word of mouth. How did she do it? Yates’ reveals how her business philosophy propelled a $100,000 company into a $1,000,000+ company in just two years. Now, Yates "builds bridges" and networks for organizations and corporations throughout the country. Amazingly, she transformed her homeless status as well as her outlook on life to develop a viable means of raising money, awareness, and running a successful business. Find out how Yates’ business model gets people talking about her business, her personnel story, the community and her customers!

Don’t Be An Ostrich…Know Who You Are!

The Homeless Entrepreneur

Don’t Compromise Your Principals

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