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Karyn Ruth White Speaker Biography

Workplace Humorist and Clean Corporate Comedian

Karyn Ruth White has been entertaining and motivating people in some form or fashion for over 20 years. As a keynote presenter and comedian, she has over a decade of expertise in the field of stress-reduction through humor. Before that, she performed for over 15 years as a professional stand-up.

Two decades of experience entertaining and motivating people allows Karyn Ruth great confidence and ease on stage. Her real-life experience and her down to earth style create an instant connection with her audiences. Over the past ten years, 99% of Karyn Ruth’s business has come from repeat or referral business from very happy clients.

Karyn Ruth is unique in the speaking field, in that she brings over 15 years of professional stand-up experience to her craft, as well as a front-line look at the inner-workings of business. She is a unique blend of motivator, business coach, philosopher and stand-up.

After earning her Bachelors Degree in Communications (University of New Hampshire), Karyn moved to California to pursue a career as a professional comedian (thrilling her parents.) Within 2 years she was traveling nationally as a professional comedian, using clean, connecting humor to delight her audiences.

Between comedy “gigs” Karyn worked as a “temp.” Because of her professionalism, she was always being asked to assist top-level managers within the Fortune 500 companies. It was during this time that she started to objectively observe the inner workings of business. She took a lot of notes and did her research, formulating her current philosophy on how to help people work and live with less stress and more joy. She is passionate about helping people think better thoughts, gain a feeling of personal control over stress and use humor as a powerful life and productivity skill.

Karyn is a prolific writer on the subject of living and working with less stress. Her national program Laughing In the Face of Stress© televised repeatedly over the past years. She has been featured in the Denver Business Journal, and The Denver Post and has appeared as a humor and stress expert on Channel 7 and Channel 9.

Karyn’s insights on business are real, because she’s been there. She’s worked in the mailroom, she’s worked in a customer call center, she’s worked in sales, she’s worked in the hospitality business, she’s worked as an administrative assistant and she is now a business owner herself.

As the owner of Laugh and Learn Productions, a Colorado-based company dedicated to helping people live and work more joyfully, Karyn decided to combine her business acumen, her gift as a comedian and her love of people into a rare and delightful presence on the professional speaking circuit.

Karyn Ruth also uses her gift of humor and heart to work with young people, helping them to believe in themselves and cherish their gifts. After all, happy, self-confident children have a good chance of becoming happy, self-confident and highly productive adults.

Karyn Ruth White Speaking Topics

Laughing In The Face of Stress

This keynote program is very funny and very skills-oriented. Humor is used as a teaching tool to help people see how they contribute to their own stress levels and how to benefit from a healthier more balanced perspective. This program is a great fit for opening a meeting or conference, as an after-lunch program to energize the group for the afternoon sessions, or as a capstone program to end the conference on a high note. It appeals to a diverse audience and can be customized.

Laughing In The Face of Stress For Service Professionals

This keynote program is a very funny, very real look at the pressures, demands and frustrations that come with working in the customer service field. It has been very well received by Nextel Communications, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Xcel Energy and ranked as a top program by The International Customer Service Association. This program can be customized.

Laughing In The Face of Change

This keynote program is a high-spirited look at human behavior as it relates to a fast-paced and changing environment. Humor is used to show how the 9 basic personality types relate to change in a work environment. Humor is used to gently show us ourselves while generating some questions around how we choose to deal with the inevitability of change. It has been well-received during times of peak change by organizations such as Xcel Energy, Nextel Communications and General Mills. This program can be customized. This program is a great fit for an organization involved in a recent merger or acquisition, or any major transition (i.e. new computer system, change in management, change in location, etc,) where there is tension regarding the unknown.

The 12 Secrets To Staying Miserable

This hilarious keynote is a step-by-step guide to 12 of the most common ways in which we sabotage our own happiness, effectiveness and success. This humorous tongue-in-cheek approach presents individuals and organizations with a fresh perspective by encouraging them to laugh at how we sometimes "get in our own way," and through laughter, gain awareness and thus better control over these limiting behaviors in the future.

Laugh it Forward, Leave Stress Behind

Laugh It Forward is a one-of-a-kind Keynote Program that will keep your attendees laughing while learning how to use humor as a success skill. This hilarious program has the double-benefit of relieving stress in the moment, as well as arming your attendees with everyday stress-busting tools they can start using immediately.

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