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Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist and Former Co-Host of ABC-TV's Good Morning America; Best-Selling Author and Healthy Living Advocate

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Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist and Former Co-Host of ABC-TV’s Good Morning America; Best-Selling Author and Healthy Living Advocate

For over 3 decades, Joan Lunden has been a trusted voice in American homes. As the longest running host ever on early morning TV, for nearly two decades Lunden greeted viewers each morning on Good Morning America bringing insight to the day’s top stories. Lunden reported from 26 countries, covered 5 presidents and 5 Olympics and kept Americans up to date on how to care for their homes, their families and themselves. Lunden is the host of the host the PBS television series, Second Opinion with Joan Lunden and the Washington Post podcast series, Caring for Tomorrow on the future of healthcare. Lunden is also the ambassador to the Poynter Institute’s MediaWise for Seniors program which educates individuals over 50 on media literacy – separating fact from fiction online. Recently, Lunden joined the faculty of Lehigh University as a visiting professor in their College of Health teaching Population Health and the Media.

Modern Working Woman

An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, motivational speaker, woman’s health & wellness advocate, and mom of seven – she continues to be one of America’s most recognized and trusted personalities. Joan Lunden truly exemplifies today’s modern working woman.


With her career focused on health, wellness, and inspiration, Lunden has continued to be a reassuring and informative presence in American homes for more than 30 years. In June of 2014, Lunden was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, which required chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Lunden made a decision to take her battle public and has since shared her journey through cancer treatment with the world, becoming a prominent voice in the breast cancer community.

Eternal Optimist

An eternal optimist, Lunden decided to turn her diagnosis into an opportunity to help others in the breast cancer community. From her consistent journaling throughout her breast cancer journey, Lunden wrote a book entitled Had I Known, which documents her battle with cancer as well as takes a reflective look back on her life and career.  Every day, women visit Lunden’s blog for helpful information about cancer, health, wellness, lifestyle tips, family and boomer information.

Family and Healthy Living Advocate

Being a part of the sandwich generation Lunden’s demographic is far-reaching.  She, like many Boomers in America is a working mother (of 7 including two young sets of twins, ages 9 & 11), and has cared for an aging parent; so she truly understands the stresses women face today. Lunden brings that experience to all her projects, whether focusing on parenting, healthy ageing, family caregiving, or health & wellness. Lunden is the spokesperson for the nation’s leading senior referral service, A Place for Mom; and has a skincare line, Murad Resurgence.


Lunden has served as national spokesperson for various organizations such as The American Heart Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, The American Lung Association, The American Red Cross, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and The Colon Cancer Alliance.  She speaks regularly around the country about health & wellness, parenting, success & balance in life, and more.


One of the most visible women in America, Lunden has graced the covers of more than 60 magazines and book covers.


Her books include Had I Known; Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregiving; Growing Up Healthy: Protecting Your Child From Diseases Now Through Adulthood; Wake-Up Calls; A Bend in the Road is Not the End of the Road; Joan Lunden’s Healthy Living; Joan Lunden’s Healthy Cooking; Mother’s Minutes Your Newborn Baby; and Good Morning, I’m Joan Lunden. Her latest is Why Did I Come into This Room? A Candid Conversation about Aging. She also hosts the exercise video Workout America.

How the Media Has Changed

Joan Lunden’s deep insights into the inner workings of the media revealed a significant need for accurate and accessible storytelling during times of crisis — and an opportunity for seasoned and aspiring media professionals alike to discover how population health can positively impact their reporting.

The Ten Best Secrets to Success

Having interviewed top business tycoons and a myriad of world leaders over her 3 decades as a journalist, Joan shares what she has learned throughout her career along with advice from the most successful people in the world and their common traits. Joan shares her personal journey of making it to the top of the tough television news business as well as how she reinvented herself launching her own business based on her focus in women’s health & wellness. As one of the most well known working moms in the country, Joan can also talk about balancing home and family: how to keep your family values while being a successful working woman.

The Secrets To Living Younger Longer

With three best-selling books on health: Healthy Cooking, Healthy Living and Growing up Healthy, Joan has become a leader in health & wellness and longevity. Joan is constantly asked how she remains so energetic, so “young,” and so vibrant while raising 7 children and maintaining a successful career. In this personal and motivational talk, Joan shares what she’s learned from her own experience, from the experts she’s interviewed, and how she stays at the top of her game.

Now That We Have It All, How Do We Do it All?

So much has changed for women over the past 50 years, especially for women in the workforce and in the home. Joan speaks on how women take on their new roles that they have fought for, while still juggling being a mother and managing family life. Joan includes her personal story of being one of the first women in America to bring her baby to work when she became the host of Good Morning America, setting a trend for corporations across the country. From her interviews with women’s activist Gloria Steinem to Betty Freidan on her social-changing book The Feminine Mystique to Gail Sheehy on the passages of women’s lives Joan goes from the history of women in the workforce to some of the new challenges women face holding down jobs today.

Embracing Change: The New Reality for Your Family's Future

Now that people are living longer than ever before we need to change how we prepare for our second chapter – that includes preparing for retirement, caregiving, and aging. We are approaching a new world of aging and Joan shares how technology, health, family, society, and our financial preparation need to be looked at in a new way.

Heart Health

Lunden was 39 years old when realized she had many of the risk factors for cardio-vascular disease and needed to take charge of her health to protect her longevity. Lunden shares the importance of putting yourself and your health at the top of your to do list, and the changes she made to protect herself from heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

All Joan Lunden Books

Why Did I Come into This Room? A Candid Conversation about Aging,
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Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival
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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers: 101 Stories of Love, Sacrifice, and Bonding
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Joan Lunden’s a Bend in the Road Is Not the End of the Road: 10 Positive Principles For Dealing With Change
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Growing Up Healthy
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“Joan’s message was uplifting and inspirational, especially to those who find their lives being pulled in so many different directions! She is an excellent example of how a good attitude and willingness to grasp every opportunity can lead to great success in unanticipated endeavors. Sharing her story makes it obvious why she has seen such amazing success in her career and her life.”

- Kirk Jewell | President, Oklahoma State University Foundation

We were so pleased to have had Joan Lunden participate as the keynote speaker for our first ever Women’s Health and Wellness Symposium in 2009. Ms. Lunden’s participation drew a huge crowd of over 200 participants to the inaugural event, and she electrified the room with her inspiring life story and commitment to women’s health and wellness. She is an incredibly engaging and thoughtful speaker, and her participation was a critical component to the success of the event.

- JCC Rockland | COO

We were thrilled to have Joan Lunden speak to the Virginia MGMA. She was warm, friendly and knowledgeable as she shared her insights into the 10 traits of highly successful people. Everyone loved it.

- | Virginia Medical Management Group Association

The women of Greenville are STILL talking about your visit—you made quite an impact on our community and brought such positive energy to us. I cannot thank you enough for your generous spirit and kindness—to say the least, you've left big shoes to fill in the years to come.

- | Women to Women

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Recent Books

Why Did I Come into This Room? A Candid Conversation about Aging,
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Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival
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