Janet Lapp

Expert on Guiding Employees through Fast-Paced Change, Author of "The Four Elements of Transformation"

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Expert on Guiding Employees through Fast-Paced Change

Dr. Janet Lapp is a licensed clinical psychologist and best-selling author who is known for her ability to instill openness and flexibility in audiences. Dr. Lapp’s larger-than-life on-stage personality captures attention and hearts. Her leading edge information gives tools and strategies for change leadership. She engages the audience through humor and customized stories, and switches mindsets by teaching strategies to guide through change. Key messages are accountability and ownership, letting go of what was, a positive attitude, and courage, appropriate for all levels of staff, from the front line to sales to top leadership.

Previous Experience

Former professor, researcher, clinician, and registered nurse, Dr. Janet Lapp was born and raised in Québec, Canada; her PhD is from McGill University in Montreal. She has inspired over 2,000 audiences around the world from Russia to Argentina to Hong Kong–with clients such as IBM, AT&T, Allstate, New York Life, Toyota, and Kawasaki–to adopt a mindset that is successful with change, and to overcome challenges. She presents in French or Spanish for appropriate audiences.

Television Appearances

Dr. Lapp has been admitted to the Speakers Hall of Fame, and one year was rated by Toastmasters as one of the top three speakers worldwide. She is the creator and host of the Emmy-nominated CBS series ‘Keep Well,’ and has appeared regularly on INN, ABC, CNN, and NBC affiliates.

Best-selling Books

The Ritz-Carlton team and IBM sales used her best-selling book Plant your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air to help create their successful transformations.  She is author of four other books: Dancing with Tigers, Positive Spin, Why Won’t They Listen to Me? (pack leadership), and the 2014 release The Four Elements of Transformation (how to create radical and sustainable change).

Personal Interests and Philanthropic Efforts

A former air race pilot and current flight instructor, Janet has flown her airplane throughout South America and Africa, and is a long time member of the Flying Doctors of Mercy (LigaInternational), volunteering monthly in central México.

Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air: Fast-Focused Change

This popular keynote presentation leaves audiences with the attitude and skill set to keep themselves and their teams on track through ambiguity and uncertainty. People leave these sessions with energy, enthusiasm and laughter, knowing the mind and skill sets needed to adapt to change. They are more likely to be positive forces in their workplaces, keep team morale high, and take more personal responsibility.

The Psychology of Customer Experience

What research is used by name brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and Lexus to increase buying behavior and loyalty? Can you use their findings? Does neuromarketing really work? Can you tap into the unconscious needs of your buyers to create lasting loyalty? Drawing on current research, this breakthrough program sheds light on how brands are really built and marketing programs created. It offers strategies you can use to immediately differentiate your products and services. The front line will learn what specific actions they need to take on a daily basis to create experiences that capture the hearts of their customers, salespeople can use the strategies to help clients make decisions, and leaders can apply the tools to create team loyalty.

All Janet Lapp Books

The Four Elements of Transformation: How to Create Radical and Substantial Change
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Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air
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Positive Spin
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Dancing with Tigers
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"Dr. Janet Lapp reshapes the vision of what is possible. She has a profound effect on the attitudes and actions of virtually everyone who hears her."

- | Sun Microsystems

"Refreshing, humorous, serious, thought-provoking, appropriately 'intense', one of the best if not the best, we have seen in our whole IBM careers."

- | IBM Canada

Your personally tailored presentation was the best that I have ever seen by a professional speaker. In sum, your message was exactly what was needed, and the leadership guidelines you gave us were right on."

- | Pfizer

"We had nothing but positive feedback from both our brokers and sales associates Your presentation was exceptionally inspirational, informative, upbeat and humorous, and certainly well received by our group. You are a true professional and it was a pleasure working with you."

- | Re/Max Ontario

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Recent Books

The Four Elements of Transformation: How to Create Radical and Substantial Change
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Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air
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