J.P. Pawliw Fry

One of the world's most highly sought-after speakers on the topic of Emotional Intelligence to Increase Performance and Leadership

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Leading Expert on Emotional Intelligence to Increase Performance and Leadership

Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry is an author, columnist and performance coach to Olympic athletes and business leaders. He melds state-of-the-art research with powerful inspiration to create thought-provoking and moving keynote presentations. An expert in emotional intelligence, he is one of the world’s most highly sought-after speakers on the topic.

JP is acting President of the Institute for Health & Human Potential and is responsible for turning its research and development work into new ideas and models that can help individuals and organizations find an edge in a competitive world. He is a highly sought after speaker on leadership and performance and has received acclaim for his work in personal leadership with sales organizations, leadership retreats, and motivational seminars across the world – last year he reached audiences in places such as England, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Venezuela, India and Australia.

Education and Professional Training

Formerly, he taught at two of North America’s most prestigious business schools executive education programs: the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in the US (rated number one worldwide) and Queens’s University in Canada. Dr. Pawliw-Fry has trained at Harvard Medical School’s Mind Body Medical Institute, and the Stress Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He delivers high performance programs, focused on emotional intelligence, to Fortune 500 companies, the world’s top business schools, Olympic and professional athletes as well as educators, sales professionals, business and government leaders throughout North America. Using cutting edge research and personal stories from the world of sports and business, Dr. Pawliw-Fry teaches his audiences the principles of emotional intelligence and high performance, and inspires them to take their careers, businesses and personal lives to the next level.

Books and Publication

Along with his busy speaking schedule around the world, he now spends his time researching and writing about the variables that drive performance and leadership. As a writer, JP is a contributing columnist for The Economic Times (a newspaper with the second-highest circulation in the world), and is the author of Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most and Leadership Rewired: The New Science of Sustainable Performance.

The Brain Science of Performance: MANAGING EMOTIONS IN A COMPLEX WORLD

The current environment of complexity and uncertainty is exacting a great toll on many individuals – not just leaders. It is affecting performance, creativity and the critical connections between team members and it is even causing problems at home. It doesn’t have to be this way!
In this program, which is targeted at non-leaders and leaders alike, participants will learn tools to manage their emotions more effectively in the midst of uncertainty and turbulence. They will learn how, under the pressure of change or difficult to manage relationships, they are at risk to fall into ‘default behaviors’, causing them to have impact that they don’t intend. Among the many consequences are that they lose connection to key individuals or customers, allow conflicts to fester on a team - causing good people to shut down, become disengaged or leave - and impact their own ability to sustain best performance.


Research is clear that some people handle stress better than others and are more resilient in the face of change and uncertainty. What is clear is that this more resilient group was not born with special traits or abilities – they acquired them. In this powerful new keynote, your team will learn how to acquire the critical tools of dealing with stress and uncertainty so that they can sustain performance and increase happiness, even in these difficult times.
Through this engaging keynote, JP will introduce your team to:
-The key attributes and mindset that characterize highly resilient people.
-The three traps that can sabotage their best intention, causing them to lose focus and confidence.
- The two tools that will help them be the ‘calm person in the boat’, taking charge of what they can control and letting go of what they cannot.
-How to be a more positive force in the organization, ‘lifting’ others around them as opposed to bring them down.

Change is Coming. Are you Ready?: LEADING IN A COMPLEX, UNCERTAIN WORLD

Dr. Pawliw-Fry understands what differentiates individuals who can perform more effectively under the pressure of the present economic climate and during change. He brings a scientific understanding and insight into the traps that can cause leaders to become more reactive and ineffective in difficult environments. He offers real tools to help individuals lead themselves and others through complex and uncertain times. Unknowingly, most people shut down or react strongly and adversely during change or when times get tough. Uncertainty, complexity and change cause the brain to react in certain specific ways and, if not managed, can get in the way of an individual's good intention. This program will bring insight and inspiration to better deal with ongoing change.

Emotional intelligence: the powerful lever of high performance

Organizations around the world are looking for an edge – how to get to the next level of performance. After researching and working with organizations on four continents– including the NHL. NBA, and US Navy - Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and his team of researchers have identified the one thing that matters more than any other for organizations interested in sustained performance - retention of talented people. In this powerful keynote, you will learn why your best and brightest leave and why they stay – at the heart is the intelligent management of emotions.

Redefining leadership: What highly effective leaders do

Many factors have been attributed to great leadership. In this riveting keynote, you’ll discover the secrets of the best! Senior executives will learn key strategies to move their teams to the next level and how to select and retain the best and brightest. EQuip your organization with an edge. Discover why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the single greatest driver not only of effective leadership, but of performance at all levels of an organization. It is Personal Leadership throughout the organization that will allow you to outperform the competition.

You Can't Stop the Waves But You Can Learn to Surf! Tools to Thrive in Turbulent Times

Why do some organizations and individuals falter during times of uncertainty while others thrive in chaos and find ways to adapt? Is it our IQ or technical skills that gets us through those times - or our ability to keep it together and manage ourselves intelligently? Discover how EQ differentiates high performers from others in turbulent times. Your team will walk away with tools to outperform the competition during uncertainty.

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Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most
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"Best keynote presentation I have been to in years! Very different than the usual: extremely interesting and powerful – yet highly entertaining. It is not often I hear someone who can really ‘put it together’."

- Ernst & Young |

"J.P. is an inspirational Presenter and he infuses passion into his material... He can take complex ideas and simplify them, giving the members of the audience real solutions they can easily implement."

- LANSA Inc. |

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Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most
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