Hamish McRae

Associate Editor of The Independent, Renowned Economist, and Futurist

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Hamish McRae Speaker Biography

Associate Editor of The Independent, Renowned Economist, and Futurist

The principal economic commentator for The Independent newspaper, Hamish McRae’s work focuses on excellence in the world economy, the shift of economic power to Asia and how technology interacts with human capital to shift competitive advantage. A futurist, author and keynote speaker, Hamish clarifies complex economic issues. He is a leading world expert on emerging markets.


Associate Editor of The Independent, Economist, futurist, author and keynote speaker, Hamish McRae clarifies complex economic issues, and is a leading world expert on emerging markets. Previously named the Business and Finance Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards, he is a key player in reporting on the changing face of the economy.


Hamish is one of the foremost thought leaders on the unique opportunities created by the economic downturn and the impact of new technologies on society.


Hamish McRae is an acclaimed author, and his book What Works – Success in Stressful Times, was longlisted for the Goldman Sachs/Financial Times Business Book of the Year prize in 2010. The work explores why some societies achieve sustained success and how others can learn from their processes. He is also the author of Capital City – London as a Financial Centre, co-authored with Frances Cairncross, and What Works: Success in Stressful Times.


Hamish is also placed amongst Europe’s leading futurists. He is the associate editor for The Independent and The Independent on Sunday, writes prolific columns on the business and finance industries.


Celebrated in his industry, his other awards include Financial Journalist of the Year in 1979, a special merit award in the first Amex Bank essay awards in 1987, 1996 Columnist of the Year in the Periodical Publisher’s Awards, the David Watt Prize for outstanding political journalism in 2005, and Business and Finance Journalist of the Year in 2006.


Hamish has an MA in Economics and Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin. He has been a visiting professor at UMIST and Lancaster University, an adjunct professor at Trinity College Dublin, and a member of the governing councils of Royal Economic Society and the National Institute for Economic and Social Research. He is an Orwell Fellow and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.


An expert in the global economy, the rise of Asian economies and future trends, Hamish is the perfect addition to all manner of business events and conferences.

Hamish McRae Speaking Topics

What’s Happening in the World Economy?

Hamish McRae offers audiences insights on the current economic environment and the two big issues that will shape the global economic future—the global recession and the structural shift in power away from the old world to the new (emerging marketing like China and India). He outlines how these issues affect each other (the downturn speeds the shift in power) and our status in our recovery (we are still in the early stages of recovery but the factors that contributed to the fall are being corrected). McRae also looks specifically at China and India, discussing how improving their economies is good for business across the globe and how people in different countries can thrive by focusing on what they’re good at, be it innovation (like in the U.S.), manufacturing, financial services, or the like. He also looks at other economic issues like trade and intellectual property rights. One of the UK’s most-respected economic and financial journalists, McRae leaves audiences with a clear understanding of the issues that will affect the global economy in the years to come.

What Works

In a talk based on his book What Works: Success in Stressful Times, Hamish McRae share stories and case studies about the several common ingredients shared by successful organizations in all sectors the world over. Drawing life lessons from great ideas found on every continent— from America to Europe, from Africa to Asia and Australasia, he explores questions like, Why do some initiatives take off while others flounder? How have some communities managed to achieve so much while others struggle? What distinguishes the good companies from the bad? While there is no surefire recipe for success, McRae proves that there is a lot to learn from the world’s high performers, and he leaves audiences with practical insights they can apply to their own organizations.

The World Today—Power, Culture, and Prosperity

Can we talk sensibly about the future when so many predictions have proved wildly inaccurate? Yes, we can because it is possible to identify forces that will change the world over the next generation. Hamish McRae shows audiences what the world will look like in in the future and shares what the implications will be for the business world.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Brexit & Europe

Success in Stressful Times: From America to Europe, from Africa to Asia and Australasia

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Hamish McRae Speaker Testimonials

"Hamish was extremely well received, and he tailored his presentation perfectly."

- | Global Management Consultants

"Thank you very much for your really impressive participation and contribution to the conference. We believe the forum was very successful, due in the main to your efforts, which shall, I′m sure, be long remembered."

- | Humming IMC, Korea

"Hamish was fantastic! He presented what could have been very dry statistics with humour and panache. He gave us all much to reflect on."

- | The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology

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