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Ph.D., N.C., M.A., Offering A Holistic Approach To Nutrition

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Elaine Wilkes Speaker Biography

      Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C., M.A., a self-proclaimed “learning addict”who ultimately discovered that the answers to most of life’s questions are found in nature’s magic. (Just like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the solutions she sought were there the whole time—in plain sight right outside her door!) Her book, written for Hay House publishers titled Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight, is in book stores now. She weaves together herbalism and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, with Christian, Taoist, Native American, and shamanic wisdom, and combines them all with science and intuition to ingeniously unravel nature’s secret messages.

Elaine has a Ph.D. in naturopathy (alternative medicine)-graduated with honors, a master’s degree in psychology and degrees in nutrition and communications. These all synergistically work together to help the body-mind-soul connection.

Elaine is an accredited LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professional. She is the founder of ComedyLeadSchool.com. There she has effective, time-saving, and fun ways to study for the LEED Exam. She also teaches classes on studying for LEED green associate exam.   Elaine’s acting background (she has appeared in numerous television shows and movies and in more than 75 TV commercials) is uniquely merged with her vast research and imaginative insights into nature to create memorable, thought-provoking presentations. She shares innovative ways of looking at life and the environment by revealing nature’s secrets. You’ll view everything in a whole, new way with her groundbreaking information on nature’s secrets and food. She also has simple, quick, healthy recipes to help people get out of their eating ruts. Her health presentation for school children received only tremendously positive feedback.

Elaine is an advisory board member for iZOcleanze. She is also a K.R.I. certified instructor of meditation and Kundalini yoga. This was a one-year program taught by Gurumuk, who was voted by Vanity Fair magazine as one of the top 8 teachers in the world. 

Elaine has been a holistic health expert on E Entertainment TV, Kid’s Talk TV, along with being interviewed for documentaries, and was quoted in publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Alternative Medicine, and Women’s World magazines.

Elaine Wilkes Speaking Topics

Nature's Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight

Nature the missing link in your life? Uncover nature to discover yourself. Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” This is entirely different from all other nature talks because Elaine presents nature as your nurturer, health coach, and mentor, in an easy-to-follow, informative, yet entertaining manner. Mother Nature is always speaking to us . . . but in what language? When we learn how to discern her secrets, a world of information appears that can help us live healthier, happier, and more balanced lives. Nature has four billion years experience to share with you, and is right outside your door and free! This intriguing speech will arouse your curiosity by combining ancient wisdom with modern research, and imagination with science, to help you see Nature in a whole new light.

The "Dirt" on Going Green: Saving the Planet, Your Health, and Your Wealth!

Learn how going green positively affects your health and wallet, along with the planet at the same time. As an accredited LEED Green Associate, Elaine gives an easy-to-follow, entertaining, yet informative talk, which you’ll: • Truly understand the green movement and the simple things you can do about it • Learn easy, inexpensive, yet effective non-toxic cleaning remedies • Be talkin’ trash by learning where your garbage goes and what actually happens to it • Realize how going green can make you more productive • Learn ways to cut costs and save money • Be a steward of the planet • Gain a deeper understanding of the green movement and how you do make a difference • Come away inspired with new ideas that benefit you, your loved ones and the planet. For companies, now is the time to create an action plan to help the planet and your company. You'll discover how money is being thrown away and what to do about it. This lively, high-energy talk is accompanied by videos, slides, and demonstrations, which confirms that green is the new gold—while keeping you in the pink.

Learning is Simplified for LEED™ Accredited Green Associate Exam!

Learning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) information can be very technical and confusing. There's so much—and where do you even start! As a LEED™ Green Associate, Elaine will give new ways to study for LEED. With all Elaine's credentials, she calls herself a professional test taker! She's taken waaay too many tests and will share with you ways on how to memorize and complete this test—easily and effortlessly. Rote learning is so 1950! Do you think the man who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for memory uses rote memorization? No way! He engages his imagination. Like Elaine reveals in her book, we learn better using our active imaginations and our senses—magic happens! Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." She adds, "especially when it comes to taking your LEED exam! Elaine will give tips on how to learn that will make learning easier and more fun. With Elaine's teachings, LEED can now stand for Learning Effortlessly, Easily, and with Delight. Summarizing LEED so it's not so boring! Studying for the LEED Green Associate exam can be very dry and boring. It can sound like you're learning a foreign language. They said what??? You may go over and over the same sentence trying to figure out what the heck it means. Elaine takes their jargon and simplifies it. "Hey this just means that . . ." Easy!

aFIRMing and Shaping Your Body and Destiny

Afirmplaytions easily weaves together aerobics, yoga, restorative exercises, eye and voice exercises, Tibetan anti-aging rituals, affirmations, and visualization, so you’ll have fun awakening and energizing your entire body and mind. It’s based on the theory, where thought goes energy flows. So why not turn your ordinary workouts into rewarding mind-body exercises to that incorporate your entire being. Any level qualifies since you can do it at your own pace. Get in touch with the whole person that you are and who you long to be.

For College and High School Students- Better Grades, Skin, and Moods

Guess what? Acne, weight gain, bad breath, and depressed moods may be related to what you're eating. When Elaine was in college she only ate junk food. She even studied while eating a can of frosting, a whole box of Godiva chocolates, or drinking another liter of Diet Coke. Her favorite meal was fried pork tenderloins. What's wrong with that? Food fuels your brain to make you think clearer and get better grades. Learn super simple things you can do to get out of the crazy junk food habit that creates a junk body. This interactive presentation has videos, slides, demonstrations, and more.

What the Heck Do I Eat That's Tasty, Healthy, and FAST to Make?

Food for thought . . . and Health, Weight Loss, Energy, Anti-Aging, Vitality, and Better Moods! Just like your car may need quality fuel, your body needs food to keep you running, thinking, and feeling optimal. mall changes work miracles! This talk is about the simple, yet dramatic decisions you can make grocery shopping, which can positively change all aspects of your life! Are you eating the same food over and over again? That's like playing chopsticks on the piano every day, when there are symphonies to be played! You may be missing out on valuable nutrients. Get out of that "same-old, same-old" food rut and discover tasty, new foods that you'll love! It has been said, “You are what you eat.” Elaine says, “You are what you BUY to eat.” Elaine has surveyed hundreds of health experts on what to eat, drink, and avoid. Along with her research, she's attended many trade show and conferences to find the healthiest and tastiest products. This seminar uses the latest medical research, along with nature's wisdom, but it's made simple and easy to understand.

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Natures Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight
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